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SM Garden Sheds are extremely grateful to our web promotion partners SJP Building Services, Wigan, for this opportunity to inform visitors to their website about what we do. While customer reviews of products and services are certainly helpful, they cannot be totally relied upon. There is always a great deal of excitement amongst the team at SM Garden Sheds, when we discover a range of garden storage that we know our customers will love.
These best selling sheds are manufactured using high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel, and have been the subject of prolonged research and development, by the experts in outdoor buildings.
We also have an extensive selection of plastic outdoor storage sheds and other garden buildings, along with garden furniture, bike stores and log stores. These heavy duty plastic sheds have a ten year guarantee, and come with a skylight, front and rear screened vents, a 1.8. At SM Garden Sheds, we supply every outdoor storage need, from large metal and plastic buildings, to small solutions. For a heavy duty UPVC storage box, try the Lifetime 300 or 500 litre choice, in double walled polyethylene and affording a storage solution for every need including outdoor toys, gardening equipment, cushions, garden lights, tools and anything that requires a clean and dry environment. We are extremely grateful to our web promotion partners Allied Build for allowing us to place this information page on their website. The SM Garden Sheds range of plastic garden storage sheds, includes the excellent Lifetime selection of heavy duty sheds. Innovative design and cutting edge technology make Lifetime plastic sheds the perfect choice for people who want superior products at competitive prices.
When it comes to outdoor storage boxes, which are ideal for caravans and holiday homes, Lifetime leave the competition standing. At SM Garden Sheds, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers by supplying exactly what they want at the right price. Lotus metal sheds represent a revolutionary development within the garden storage industry, and have emerged from two years research and study. Lotus outdoor storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds, are the highest specification metal sheds on the market, they are composed of 0.3mm steel and include heavy gauge galvanised steel parts and fixings. Customer feedback indicates frequent surprise and delight at the ease with which their sheds are built.
Smaller models such as the 4×6 Woodside with its apex roof are ideal for tight corners of the garden or outdoor area. A foundation kit is included with this shed, along with a 15 year manufacturers non-perforation warranty. We are grateful to our web partners Allied Self Drive Hire, for inviting us to place this guest page on their website. SM Garden Sheds offer a wide range of carefully chosen garden storage solutions for the discerning customer. In addition to garden storage buildings SM Garden Sheds can provide a selection of garden furniture including swing seats, gazebos, garden seating and pet housing.
Hot dipped galvanised steel is used in the manufacture of metal garden storage products from SM Garden Sheds. Metal garages like the Olympian range come with the tallest walls available within the metal garage market. Plastic sheds, garages, carports and storage buildings are long lasting, functional and need very little maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. Buildings like the Duramax VDM Apex Roof Garage are attractively designed, supported by a hot dipped galvanised frame, never need painting and include a 15 year manufacturers warranty. SM Garden Sheds are confident we have the products you need whether it is for home, caravan, local authority or industrial storage.
Storage boxes from SM Garden Sheds are useful for storing just about any smaller item that you want to keep clean and dry. Garden Furniture from SM Garden Sheds ranges from relaxing and luxurious swing seats, stunning arbours, arches, log storage and compost bins, to pet housing and smart wheelie bin stores.
Car, Van, Minibus & Truck Hire serving Billericay, Romford, Brentwood, Wickford, Basildon, Chelmsford, Ingatestone, South Benfleet, Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Leigh, Southend, Canvey Island, Grays, Laindon, South Woodham, Harold Wood, Harold Hill. With the internet becoming a firm part of everyday life for most people, we have begun to change the way we do things. Most reputable companies offering outdoor storage these days have a website displaying a comprehensive range of the products they supply.
Our Lotus range of sheds and outdoor buildings are the highest specification light clad sheds on the market, available from us as apex or pent roof in a variety of sizes. Lifetime plastic sheds are also in a league of their own, designed with features which excel like double skinned cladding, powder coated steel reinforcement and integral anti slip floor.
It is common knowledge how influential the internet is in our daily lives, especially where purchasing is concerned.
Although the good news is that unsuitable products can usually be returned in their original state, for a small postage fee.
This is the case with products like the Lotus collection of garden storage, which have broken the mould when it comes to light clad steel sheds. Perfect for applications such as caravan sites and holiday homes in coastal areas, as they will not rust or corrode, are non combustible and have a smart appearance with their smooth cream and mist green colours.
One star of the show is our Lifetime range of top quality UPVC sheds and outdoor buildings.
Weatherproof, garden storage comes in the form of steel roller shutter boxes like the Biohort Storemax 160 and 190. These outdoor storage boxes can also double as seating and their lockable lids have a 90 degree opening for ease of access and a controlled spring for added safety, preventing the lid from slamming shut on small fingers. At SM Garden Sheds, we are committed to 100% quality and customer service when supplying our garden storage buildings.

Highly attractive garden additions, these sheds are composed of steel reinforced polyethylene wall and roof panels. These storage boxes are designed and built using the same expertise as their larger cousins. We have a finger on the pulse awareness of developments within the garden storage market, and are always quick to act on opportunities to improve on our products and services. Lotus join our other reputable brands like Canberra and Emerald which have steadily grown in popularity.
They are endlessly stronger, longer lasting and simpler to assemble than many of their counterparts. Condensation can be a risk with inferior metal sheds, but with the Lotus range this risk is reduced by integral ventilated gables. In the event that anybody does experience difficulty with their shed assembly, we are always on hand to advise. Added shelves and racks will maximise the storage capabilities of these clever, highly functional garden sheds.
All parts are pre- cut, drilled and numbered for a fast and smooth assembly process, and a helpline is available in case of any difficulty or queries about these products. We supply sheds, workshops, garages, carports and other storage products from names like Canberra, Biohort, Duramate & Woodbridge at great value for money prices. With vents to stop moisture retention resulting in mould, plastic storage solutions from SM Garden Sheds are flame proof and resistant to insect and rodent infestation. Relatively easy to assemble using a clear instruction manualthese buildings are pre cut, drilled and numbered. This is particularly noticeable within the retail world, where there is now a sort of collective growing awareness amongst the population. We can sit at home with a coffee, or browse online stores via our mobiles while travelling to work. They have exceptional qualities of strength and durability with hot dipped galvanised 0.3mm steel construction, ventilated gables and tall walls. These UPVC garden storage buildings come in a huge choice of sizes and specifications to suit every storage need.
When looking for garden storage items for instance, it is a simple process to type what you want into a search engine or comparison site, and the work is done for you. We at SM Garden Sheds, are delighted that this is a rare occurrence for us, due to the quality of the metal and plastic garden sheds we supply.
Comprising of innovative design and high performance components, these sheds ensure a long lasting and durable outdoor storage solution.
With tall wall heights, ventilated gables and strong and efficient door glide action, the Lotus range has been designed to provide the least hassle during assembly. Double skinned, steel reinforced plastic storage products from Lifetime, feature high density polyethylene [HDPE], and incorporate additions such as steeply pitched roofs for water drainage, and integral stain resistant floors for robust sturdiness. Strong hinged double doors are pad-lockable and have button catch mechanism handles and internal bolts for versatile door use.
These tough products are perfect for keeping your treasured motorbike or cycle clean, dry and rust free.
The plastic, metal and timber storage sheds we offer, are carefully selected and sourced internationally from reputable manufacturers, providing our customers with a high performance, long lasting garden storage solution. UV protection means that these sheds are resistant to weather or temperature induced cracking or peeling. With a quality polyethylene double walled construction, they bring unrivalled protection from damp and mould growth. We are proud to be able to offer the largest range of high quality metal sheds in the UK, and are happy to increase our range in order to satisfy our domestic or commercial customers. Metal garden storage buildings from Lotus, are manufactured with excellence in mind and break the mould when it comes to light clad metal storage buildings. Produced using great attention to detail, these apex roof metal sheds feature hot dipped galvanised steel construction throughout. At SM Gardens Sheds we like to ensure a hassle free experience when assembling our sheds and outdoor buildings and all of our Lotus products are supplied with user friendly instruction manuals along with a demonstration video on request. Duramax are constantly updating and improving their selection of sheds and outdoor storage, although it would be difficult to improve upon aspects like their inner construction of a hot dipped galvanised steel frame and contrasting outer colouring.
SM Garden Sheds have 20 years of experience within the garden storage business and have built a solid reputation for reliability and customer service.
Canberra metal sheds have a choice of roof including apex, pent or flat roof and come with a 20 year manufacturers non perforation warranty. This carport incorporates a flat roof and has pressure impregnated timber for years of great performance. If DIY is not your forte or you simply don't have time, our friendly team can arrange for your product to be professionally installed.
Peace of mind comes from knowing there will be no accidents caused by items left lying about. The buying public no longer have to trawl through the phone book and ring around a number of shops or travel some distance to enquire about products. We can look at images, check specifications, compare price, read general information, look at delivery, contact the company and purchase. These sheds come in three attractive colours being mist green, heritage green and slate grey presenting an elegant look in any garden. A common mistake often made is to concentrate on the price aspect of products like garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings. SM Garden Sheds are committed to delivering high specification garden storage at impressively low prices, along with excellent customer service.

UV protection also means no cracking or fading when exposed to sunlight over time, so you wont have to replace your shed any time soon. A combination of coated aluminium and hot dipped galvanised polyamide coated steel plate work together to bring a smooth action, effective storage building. Our prices are exceptionally competitive, and our knowledge of shed manufacture and specification means that we are able to assist and advise customers on the best product for their needs.
The fact that Lifetime sheds are also rot and rodent free, non combustible and impervious to rust and corrosion explains their popularity with caravan and holiday home owners, especially in coastal locations. They can be adapted to accommodate particular domestic or commercial storage needs, with extension kits, so your shed can grow as required. The secure lid can be locked, has a 90% opening capacity and spring controlled anti-slam lid for functionality and safety.
We supply a large choice of heavy duty metal sheds including tried and tested names like Biohort, Easy Kit and Asgard metal sheds and outdoor buildings. Attributes include large door openings, ventilated gables, colour coded door handles and uniquely balanced door glides.
They are a firm favourite with people who enjoy caravans and holiday homes, particularly on the coast, as they are impervious to rust and corrosion caused by salt sea air. UPVC Sheds in the Woodside range share many superior features such as, fixed windows, hinged doors and integral floors. A premium storage area with lockable double doors, perfect for storing bikes, lawnmowers, electric tools, outdoor toys, garden furniture, the list is endless. A selection of accessories is also available allowing extra window or skylight features, and other storage facilities such as tool holders and bicycle racks. Bicycles, garden furniture, power tools, lawnmowers and machinery, can all be stored securely, giving you a hassle free storage solution. In the case of garden sheds, choice at one time was extremely limited, and a visit to any group of shops when looking for a shed or outdoor building often ended in frustration and tired legs! There is a big difference between cheap inferior sheds, and competitively priced superior quality sheds. The Biohort Storemax is ideal in any setting with its winning looks, and security is assured by a twist handle cylinder locking system with spare key. Our customers range from the domestic sector to garden centres, online stores and retailers. Practical accessories are also available such as shelves and hangers for an utterly versatile garden storage solution.
They can be utilised as sturdy garden seating and are attractive, weather resistant and built to last. There are also easy to access top rails for convenience where glider adjustments are required. This can be a major issue with many metal sheds, and recently purchased sheds have been known to quickly turn a rust brown colour in coastal areas. These models also incorporate an extremely popular slate effect roof for an individual appeal.
Storage like the new Cambridge Apex Roof building, which features a strong, convenient entry and exit ramp across the door width is always a popular choice.
It was also difficult to get an idea of the complete range offered, and all in all, before the birth of online shopping, purchasing a shed required time and money. Customers can also search the internet for customer reviews either about the product or the company. But all to frequently the lowest possible price is the main consideration, and clever advertising and glossy pictures will prevail over common sense. Similarly, the Biohort Leisure Time storage box produced from hand pressed steel has invisible, integrated ventilation and a gas assisted operating spring. Lifetime UPVC sheds, are maintenance free and offer superb water drainage due to their steeply pitched roofs.
SM Garden Sheds outdoor storage options include heavy duty plastic sheds from Lifetime, Duramax and Keter. The Avon 6x4 Apex Roof metal shed is compact but can hold an amazing amount of items and comes in smart shades of cream and green.
All of these factors has had a positive influence on many businesses, who have had to up their game.
This robustly constructed box in a choice of three colours, can be used as seating for a practical edge and has a 20 year manufacturers warranty. Duramax Woodside models have an extra wall height of 183cm, which is a welcome advantage to many people who do not enjoy having to stoop when entering their sheds. Increasing competition amongst suppliers of things like garden sheds has produced a more discerning group of customers in the UK, many of whom are not fooled by unbelievably low prices and empty promises. Air vents, a robust door catch and fully lockable doors provide a secure garden storage solution. They are able to quickly source high quality products at discount prices, from reputable companies.
While this is bad news for some shed suppliers, it is extremely good news for us at SM Garden Sheds, where excellent quality is teamed with competitive prices.

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