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Our team believes that finding a short term solution should be a hassle-free, easy process.
You can store your goods with confidence knowing that they are being stored in a purpose built facility that has been architecturally designed for storage. Each and every unit is vacuum cleaned and treated with a long term pesticide regardless of the length of time the unit is required. Short-term self-storage can come in handy during life changes like marriage, divorce, moving, graduation, and retirement.
When two people get married they sometimes end up with lots of presents from friends and family, and these new belongings can overfill a small home.
When relationships don’t work out, former partners might need a place to keep some of their possessions until they can adjust their circumstances and rearrange their living situations. Many high school graduates go on to college or training programs, while others find a job and move out of their parent’s home right away. Every year, millions of Americans move, and this often creates the need for a little extra room to store things. Changing life circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, graduation, children moving out, health problems, and other major events.
Safety, security, convenience, and world-class customer service: here at Handy Space, that’s what we’re all about. You may find one day that your need for our services will go on longer than you originally planned.
Self-Storage in Pretoria East offering safe, clean, dust-free container storage options to the public for storing, house-hold goods, cars, boats or whatever your needs. No problem, we can provide a storage solution that will suit your needs no matter how small or large. Large roadways, insulation, concrete ceilings and even some fan cooled sections are the reason that our facility is one of the best purpose built storage facilities in Brisbane.
Everton Self Storage is easily the best solution for short term storage, so pick up the phone and give the team a call today to discuss your needs!

Short-term self-storage can solve this problem until the newlyweds find a bigger place or can give away items they had prior to their wedding. A storage unit is a great place to keep a son or daughter’s old bed, dresser, desk, and other childhood possessions until they are wanted again or can be sold or donated. The new residence might be smaller than the old one, or the family might have to live in a small rental apartment until a permanent home is finished being built. Often, those progressing into their golden years need to downsize to a smaller residence or move into a nursing home, and a self-store unit is a handy place to keep extra items during these times until a use can be found for them.
If you could benefit from some extra room for you possessions, come by Handy Space soon and let us show you how safe, secure, and affordable our self-store options are. Each of these can leave us with items that we have no current need for but don’t want to get rid of, and when this occurs, a Handy Space unit can be the perfect place to store those extra belongings until you’re ready to use them again.
Some items are only used for part of the year, and the rest of the time they create clutter around the home. Self-employed individuals often find themselves in need of a place to keep work-related tools or equipment, extra inventory, office furniture, or other items until they’re needed. Home remodeling projects or add-ons can mean losing access to entire sections of the family dwelling for a time, and a storage unit is the perfect place to keep a room’s contents safe from possible construction-related damage until renovations are completed.
We offer space for RVs, campers, motorcycles, fishing or speedboats, or extra automobiles, and you can choose either a covered storage area with open sides or a large, fully enclosed unit that can easily house most cars or trucks. It refers to the fact that most people use our units for a year or less, to help them through transitory periods in their lives.
People often relocate to a new residence that has less space than their last one, and they put many of their possessions in storage as a result.
Every fall, millions of recent high school graduates leave home to pursue higher education with the intention of returning for several months when the weather turns warm again, but things don’t always work out this way. This frequently happens in cases where business owners rent units to store extra supplies, equipment, or merchandise. For example, imagine a renter named Joe who has some old furniture he inherited from a distant relative.

Examples include lawnmowers, weed trimmers, patio furniture, seasonal clothing, hand tools, sporting goods, camping equipment, and holiday decorations. They may fully intend to move to a larger place within a few months, only to find that they’re quite comfortable where they are currently. College students get summer jobs in their new location, make friends in the area, or take on internships or social service projects that keep them away from home. They intend to use the building for just a short period of time until their storage needs decrease or they make room in their garage or warehouse. He doesn’t know what to do with it, so he puts it in storage until he can donate it or have a yard sale. Putting these items into one of our secure, weather-tight units can free up a lot of house space for other purposes. When the unexpected occurs, then what was intended to be short term storage turns into long term warehousing of one’s belongings. They quickly realize, however, that the small monthly rental fee is well worth paying in exchange for having a secure, weatherproof, convenient place to keep items until they’re needed. Then, one day, he’s watching one of those antique shows on TV and realizes that his “old furniture” is actually worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Check the other posts on this blog for specific recommendations about prepping items for long-term storage. When this happens, then a short term self storage arrangement becomes a long-term business relationship with Handy Space. Joe decides to cancel the yard sale and old onto the furniture, letting it continue to grow in value over time until he’s ready to retire.

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