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I'm a nurse who married a farmer and I'm mom to Braden and Ethan and we're expecting 1 more baby in May 2016. I love blogging about family life, agriculture, recipes and embracing my role as farm wife and mom. I'm knee-deep in tractors, trains and trucks and I'm often seen with my camera in my hands catching life's moments.
Mama of two; married to 'the one' - living a somewhat simple life in beautiful British Columbia.

BUT, something that really helped me through was changing the audio settings right on the DVD so I didn’t have to listen to repetitive Jillian anymore! Don’t take a break, just push through, somehow keeping on exercising makes your muscles feel better. Take a Rest Day: Not everyone who does the Shred takes a rest day, some push right through for 30 days straight.
Play your own music and just keep your eyes on the screen so you know when the exercise is done.

I’ve gotten so many wonderful comments and emails saying that I have encouraged you to try the 30 Day Shred!

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