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As previously mentioned I have an insanely small working area, so certainly don't have room for lots of power tools, also I would quite like to say that something was made entirely by hand.
I make jewelry not furniture, but if I had 10x15' of space, i'd feel like I was in the White House!! There must be a certain economy of movement that can be achieved with such a small space, if it is well organized. To make those really useful slats on the wall, take a piece of 1x4(or larger) hardwood and rip a 45 degree angle down the middle (length-wise). Along the far side of the shop is a row of cabinets that hold an old Dewalt 10” radial arm saw, a 10 inch mitre saw and a benchtop drill press. Since storage space is at a minmimum I have a potrable router table and spindle sander hanging on the wall.

Wherever I have room I have clamps hanging from the walls, hang up my chair, step ladder etc. American woodworker – american woodworker , American woodworker is the best resource for you and your shop.
The slat system on the walls allows me to move tools out of the way when not being used or to a more convinient position when needed. Search topics that have helped me learn more than I ever intended to are: how to cut dovetails by hand, hand plane essentials, the woodwright shop, christopher schwarz, rob cosman. Most often it's sharpening, but I also use it for drilling, holding bench hooks and shooting boards and occassionally as a chop-saw station. It would be far easier for you to find a copy of that mag than for me to describe it in detail. Underneath is more storage, that includes a place for my planer and compressor which pull out on full length drawer glides.

Since these tools are often limited by being on the wall (even if they can be moved) I made a plywood base for the tool separate from the table which hooks to the slats. They are indexed together with short stub dowels in the tool base that fit into holes in the table. This dowel indexing matches the holes in a craftsman folding work table so I can place the tool on the table in the middle of the room. SOme would consider my space too small - but I am never more than 3 steps from any of my tools! The vacuum is wired through a relay which can be turned on from a switch at each of the blast gates.

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