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Birmingham architect Bill Ingram designed this charming stone and cedar shingle lake house on Lake Martin with enough traditional details that it looks like it could have been there for decades. Anyone else having this problem — whenever I click a link on this site, instead of taking me to the house I go to a link for some no-doubt bogus company selling gold and silver — most annoying!! Description:  Homeowners included an extensive green roof over a small addition to their home. Find the latest articles, green roof events, and green roof projects highlighting Living Roofs, Inc. The Architect: South Carolina native, architect Bruce Eason of New South Classics in Greenville, vacations on the Carolina coast. Storm proof: The Seabrook was designed to withstand the forces of water and wind in coastal areas. I love how the exterior looks smaller because it’s broken up into sections, with different materials. I need to stop coming here, I have perpetual house envy … and each house is BETTER somehow, than the last!!!!

We’ve got the plan waiting for you, along with over 1,200 others waiting to be built. Inspired by the historic homes shaded by ancient live oaks with moss-draped branches, he created the design for this Lowcountry cottage. The elevated main floor addresses issues related to flooding while providing plenty of space for automobiles, boats, and storage below. It’s a throwback to another era when outdoor rooms offered an escape from the heat of the Lowcountry.
What a compliment to have a new house look like it has been a home for many families over the years. Tall nine-over-nine casement windows with ‘Charleston green’ shutters flank the front door.
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Abundant windows traditionally allowed for interior ventilation, fabulous views, and natural light.

The only thing I really don’t like is the massive light in the kitchen, but that would be an easy fix.
If it’s that problem again, it should only do it once, then it usually cleared up and the link would work properly the second time.
These elements are carried throughout the house, providing an open, airy feel and a tie to the past. It was on the market… Are you hooked on houses?

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