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This Online Auction includes: 2002 Yamaha Zuma Scooters, Tools, Tooling, Appliances, Automotive, Building Supplies, Electronics, Electrical, Furniture, Gardening, Hardware, Household Items, Machinery, Ladder, Lighting, Measuring Tools, Plumbing, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Safety Supplies, Work Shoes, Paint, Storage, Tape and Much More. UR Vehcile Management Solutions (UR VMS) has fostered strong PARTNERSHIPS with over 20% of the top 50 municipalities throughout the United States. 100+ years of experience and created a wealth of knowledge that we can integrate with prospective state and city agencies. Roll your cursor over the city markers below to see the services that UR VMS successfully provides for each city.

If you’re someone who has learned how to make a LOT of money buying at auction, and paying pennies on the dollar - you’re at the right place! SDWS has launched a series of Winemaker tastings in its two facilities, as well as events sponsored by major wine auction houses such as Hart Davis Hart and Spectrum Wine Auctions.
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It took a while but we finally finished our renovation of the San Diego reception area, transforming it from individual offices to a spacious, comfortable area to entertain our members and guests.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). We celebrated with an opening on Saturday, February 14th where customers checked out the new digs with a selection of fine wine and cheeses.

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