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Our team of building professionals will work with you to manage each detail of your project. Cottongim Enterprises can design a building to meet your floor plan requirements for today and for many years to come. Whether the design is simple or complex, traditional or contemporary, the end result will be an attractive and useful building designed specifically for your business or organization. A&S Building engineers are careful to take all aspects into consideration in order to meet all codes and requirements.
One of our proudest accomplishments is the Eastern High School job that is featured on the front cover of a€?Guide to Good Practicea€?, published by National Sheet Steel Association. Contact us today for additional information on how Cottongim Enterprisesa€™ can help you with your next building project.
A 22-story luxury Class A residential tower containing 72 units with retail space and condo amenities on the Plaza level overlooking the Roebling Bridge. A new 2,000,000 gallon-per-day water treatment plant, dam and spillway improvements, 2 reclamation ponds (810,000 gallons each), 11,000 sq. 5 mgd booster pump station including 3 horizontal splitcase centrifugal pumping units, overhead bridge crane, sumps and sump pumps, drainage, soda ash storage and feed equipment, standby generator system, HVAC and electrical.
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We have completed many site and piping projects for water tanks throughout Indiana and Kentucky. A The partnership we have with A&S Building Systems has produced many fine commercial structures that provide an economic benefit to the local communities. A An A&S commercial building can be built to satisfy any number of functional and budgetary goals.
A With the engineering done by a single qualified A&S engineer, you decrease the amount of valuable time wasted from dealing with several engineers on one job, reducing the design time and cost of a building.
A It received an Honorable Mention Award for a€?Reroof-of-the-Yeara€? from Metal Construction News. Consists of a new 74,600 sf school for 550 students which involved demolition of the existing structure.
It extends 75 feet below river at normal pool elevations and pumps water two miles to the processing plant. Also meter vault, paving and fencing, storm water conveyance systems and storm water controls, grinder pump station and 36a€? force main. Complete facilities include new headworks, influent pump station, oxidation ditches, clarifiers, disinfect and reclaim, sludge pumping facilities, solids handling facilities, bio-solids drying system, sludge holding tanks along with new maintenance and administration buildings. The expanded facilities include headwork building, sludge handling operations, clarifier, raswas and anoxic processes, digester jet mixing systems, ultraviolet facilities and effluent pump station.
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A Commercial buildings built by Cottongim Enterprises and A&S Building Systems are built with quality materials and designed for flexibility and future growth at minimal cost. A Future expansions can be planned for during the initial design stages and completed at a later date with minimal trouble and expense. A It has more demanding and complex requirements of interior cranes, liner panels, interior walls for offices, mezzanine and specialized design for future expansion.
This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me! A These designs will create an environment that is pleasing to your employees as well as your customers. This building was custom-engineered for specific application, crane design and floor plan operations.
Project included 8,000 lf of site and process piping, 20,000 cy of earth fill for dam improvements, 2,800 cy concrete.

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