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Self- storage facilities offer a much-needed service to many residents and businesses in the Rochester NY area; however, the storage facility business owner assumes many liabilities to offer this service. The Alliance Group of Western NY works with many storage facility businesses in the Rochester NY area.
We work with the Mini-Storage Association to offer our Rochester NY area storage facility clients comprehensive coverage with added benefits. In many cases, we can fold our storage facility insurance with your current policies and provide you with better coverage and a lower premium. Contact The Alliance Group of Western NY today to learn how our specialists can better protect your Rochester NY area self-storage business. We offer many of the features you would expect from a quality storage company, including top-notch security, easy access, climate control, and on-site management. Climate controlled storage insures your property is protected from drastic temperature fluctuations common in storage facilities.
The Port is well-equipped with facilities and equipments to handle all types of cargo such as bulk, break-bulk, palletised and project cargo. By having our own warehouse inside Jurong Port, our customers have enjoyed the benefits of ample storage space, packing, consolidation and distribution activities in its Free Trade Zone (FTZ).
The warehouse also serves as transshipment warehouse for cargo which are being planned for re-shipment, especially to nearby Batam Port. Among the core business of MSN, it is to provide storage space of the steel pipes that are transshipped to neighboring Asean countries and Middle east nations.

Our well trained yard operations staffs are equipped with vast experience to handle safely all shapes and sizes of pipes be it refurbishing works or transportation from one place to another within the yard. With Jurong Port, Singaporea€™s international multi-purpose port operator, located within close proximity to our yard, we are in good position to facilitate any export order effectively. Strategically located near Jurong Port ease the hassle of long distance travel or conjested roads. As a third party logistics provider, our experienced team will do whatever it takes to satisfy your storage requirement. Our secure storage units are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for personal and business storage requirements. Additionally we offer a range of courier services that are available to all of our clients. Our premises are patrolled by on-site security personnel and are equipped with CCTV surveillance and alarm systems.
In addition to standard business insurance (link to business insurance page), you are liable for the property you store and exposed to risks associated with this storage such as a hazardous or organic material.
We work closely with our clients to understand their operations and number of storage units. For a free consultation on your current policy, or to explore a new one, fill out the form on this page or call us at (585) 388-8001.
Store your computers, art work, antiques, fine furniture, pianos, photos, books, business records, and other items sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

You need climate - controlled storage and want a facility with full security and easy access.
Renowned for providing customer centric solutions for storage needs, we are having an edge over the competition because of our superior quality of service and experience as well as good pipe yard infrastructure.
The pipe yard of MSN has a portfolio mix of OCTG pipes ranging from 2a€? diameter to 36a€? diameter. We also offer lockable parking bay units which are suitable for storing cars, small trucks, boats and caravans. The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff. Our specialists even offer a review of your customer agreements to make risk management suggestions. We maintain a temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your property in a more consistent environment. We also offer a wide array of value added services like cleaning, coating, bundling, tally, etc.

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