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Extra Space Storage is a thirty year old company that has been involved in the self-storage industry since its inception.
Extra Space Storage is a growth-oriented company creating a new standard in the self-storage industry. It’s finally nice outside, so I decided to go on a little bicycle adventure to Staten Island.
Once you get to the Staten Island side of the water, there are lots of interesting places to explore. The historical areas of Fort Wadsworth are full of interesting stuff like tunnels and bunkers. New York is one of Americaa€™s most prized cities and holds an international influence that no other place can successfully parallel.
No one would know this better than DJ, writer, entrepreneur, sneaker connoisseur, member of the Rock Steady Crew, and above all, streetball player and advocate, Bobbito Garcia. In order to secure funding for an independent release of their film, Bobbito and Couliau aptly took it to the streets and launched a Kickstarter campaign last month. UPDATE: With the support of over 400 backers for their Kickstarter campaign (and FRANK, of course), Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau slammed home their $35,000 pledge goal.
What is it about NYC summer streetball that makes it an internationally respected movement?
So, fundamentally, it had an impact on our perception of NYC's basketball and how we played pick-up basketball. In understanding basketball's personal importance to you, how would you say lessons learned on the court translate back into everyday life? Having come so far in propagating the art of pickup and playground culture, why do you believe your film hasn't been picked up by any major distributors?
KC: As Bobbito said, you don't see many documentaries in theaters, which is strange because there are more documentaries being filmed now than ever in the film industry. What are your plans for your film if it doesn't reach its Kickstarter pledge goal by February 20th? BG: The digital download of our film will be available-for-sale directly from our site in May. FRANK151 is an independent internationally recognized media company based in New York City, with satellite offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

If you would like to contact us, advertise with us, work for us or just send us some recommendations, then click here to visit our contact page.
They are assumed to be in  the public domain and a best effort is taken not to use copyrighted material. Both customers and communities benefit from Extra Space Storage's professional approach to storage.
The Company's properties comprise approximately 550,000 units and over 59 million square feet of rentable space, offering customers a wide selection of conveniently located and secure storage solutions across the country, including boat storage, RV storage and business storage. With excellent views of Lower Manhattan and all of New York Harbor, the ferry is probably one of the best deals you can get in the city. The train yard you can see in the background of the first photo had some bright red cabooses attached to modern subway-style SIRR cars.
Look no further than the plethora of public parks in any of the citya€™s five boroughs to unearth a movement that transcends the sport that makes it possible; thata€™s the art of pickup.
Having grown up within and never straying far from the playground pickup, the street veteran recently teamed up with fellow player and professional photographer Kevin Couliau to document the history, culture, legends, and social impact of New Yorka€™s summer basketball scene through their award-winning film, Doina€™ It In The Park. With nearly $5,000 left to be raised (at the time of writing) in order for the project to reach its $35,000 goal, we decided to help spread the Doina€™ It In The Park word by reaching out to the debut directors for some fresh information regarding the filma€™s future and what we can expect from the two ballers moving forward. The whole mythology behind the tournament scene and the revolution and the creativity brought by legends like Julius Erving, Pee Wee Kirkland are obvious factors that helped New York City establish itself as the Mecca of the sport.
The golden era of branded three-on-three tournaments, a few articles in our magazines and movies like Above The Rim or Soul In The Hole built up our basketball culture. He was a mentor to me and our entire community, and at a lot of courts in NYC, there are similar figures who act as father figures.
It gives me a path to follow and teaches me how to stay focused on my personal and professionals goals. If our Kickstarter is successful, that will allow us to independently release the film in theaters, have DVDs and blu-rays made, and get it on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc. We wouldn't have won the Audience Award For Best Feature at Urbanworld Film Festival, or the Jury Award For Best Documentary at the New Jersey International Film Festival if that were the case; anyone can identify with passion. Featuring attractive, convenient and secure facilities operated by professional managers, Extra Space Storage seeks to change the association of self storage as a temporary holding place for rarely-used things to a desirable, safe, and customer-oriented facility perfectly suited for maintaining and accessing valued personal and business possessions.
The boat itself is painted a pleasant shade of industrial orange, and features its own snack bar (plus the ferry terminals sell beer).

For all non-ballers, pickup basketball takes place on public courts hosting enough players to continuously rotate teams of five. The main lesson would be to "never underestimate your passion" because it can lead to beautiful things.
When viewers see our interviews with incarcerated ballplayers in the prison yard of Rikers Island, or hearing impaired teens in Harlem, or what women go through because of gender on the court, the audience gets to understand what basketball means to the happiness of those who play it. Continuing along the Eastern shore, I arrived at Fort Wadsworth, a sprawling decommissioned military base that serves as a park. We're passionate about the subject, and we're both ballplayers first before we're filmmakers!
Having a big Hollywood company supporting our project would have been incredible, but distributing our film the a€?do-it-yourselfa€? way allows us to spread it worldwide without any restrictions.
If our Kickstarter is unsuccessful, it will be a longer road to have it available on every platform, but we made this film independently too, so we'll figure out how eventually. We opened up the curtain on an entire community, and you don't have to be a New Yorker to enjoy it, either. If you like watching tourists do their thing while feeling smugly superior, the ferry is prime viewing territory. I wanted to check out Battery Weed, a huge defensive fortification on the Narrows— an incredibly important strategic location for the defense of New York Harbor. Everyone wants to say they played at Rucker and West 4th, the world's two most revered courts. That's why it'd be so bananas if our Kickstarter is successful, because then we can really carry our positive message to so many more people across the world. In our documentary, Doina€™ It In The Park, we filmed at 180 courts throughout the five boroughs to really expose how special of a community it is.

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