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Our location guide for Yuba City provides some basic essentials for the more adventurous visitor. Outdoor Activities near Yuba CityIf you are in Yuba City and would like to go mountain climbing, hiking, skiing or surfing, click below for detailed forecasts.
The climate is pleasant particularly in winter, and there is plenty of nearby recreation with water and wildlife viewing areas. A simple location map is provided but also a detailed topography map that shows the location of the nearest places where you can surf, ski or mountain climb (if they are close by). The topographic data has been illuminated by a light source corresponding to the position of the sun at mid afternoon in summer. Managed to get another SD memory card at a good price but couldn't find everything I wanted.

Cost of living is somewhat high for what is available in the region, crime is fairly high, and educational attainment is low. Of course some of these will be at long distances from Yuba City and those far flung spots are provided on the ‘nearest’ tables. The Sierra Nevada mountain range rises to the east and northeast, with oak-studded foothills beginning just a few miles east of town. Then on to this up and coming Friday May 30th, 2014 we get to congratulate my daughter Megan and cheer her on as she graduates from high school. Watching my boyfriend pace around my car and check the tires twice, I realize now more than ever how much I am loved. In summer, the Mediterranean valley climate produces hot, dry, clear days, with spells of 100-degree-plus heat.

Then we will bring in the graduation celebration at my mom and dads house, where we have celebrated many events. Standing at my door waiting for the girl I feel I've spent half my life waiting for, I laugh at how much life we've seen together. Winters are mild and occasionally foggy, with a few freezing days but little chance for snow.

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