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College students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville find special value in our self storage rental services.
Rent for as many months as you need and rent as much space as you need to store your car, boat, or other items.
We believe this is a valuable asset to the storage customer and are happy to provide this service to them.
We are conveniently located 3 miles from I-44 near Ballwin, Eureka, Fenton, Kirkwood, Manchester, Sunset Hills and Valley Park  If you are moving from one city to another, we can arrange a drop-off location at the time of the rental to ease any concerns of where that might be. Whether you are a past, present, or future customer we hope to provide you high quality customer service with a smile. Rent a pickup truck for any of your personal or business needs, our pickup trucks are also great for local deliveries. The 10ft moving trucks are perfect for studio and apartment moves as well as 1-2 bedroom moves. The second smallest box truck rental, our 14ft moving truck rentals, are great for 1-2 bedroom house and apartment moves. Our 20ft moving trucks are ideal for 3+ bedroom moves and are equipped with new larger-capacity van-like cab. The 24ft moving truck rentals are ideal for larger bedroom apartments or 3-4 bedroom home moves. Bigger families moving both in-town and one-way generally choose 26ft moving truck rentals as they are perfect for 4+ bedroom moves. Who We AreBrian, Becky, and Ben developed the idea of self-storage in 2002, converting 13 acres of farm ground to a storage facility. What We OfferWe're proud to offer the best in self-storage, competitive prices and friendly service!
Learn more about storage ideas and storage organization, storage cabinets with these expert suggestions. You don’t need to fear about the trouble of relocating to a new house when you have a truck for relocating and storage models provided by a reliable self-storage organization.
The increased demand for additional area can be attributed to different lifestyle transitions that numerous people have been experiencing in the previous few many years. With self-storage, you are not minimal to 1 dimensions of area any longer, as some models can be small enough to accommodate a couple of boxes or large enough for most of your bulky furnishings and home equipment.
If you are relocating and pondering of renting trucks for relocating and storage units, you will be delighted to uncover that there are now numerous innovations in the mini storage business.
These providers also supply shifting truck rental solutions, which are incredibly helpful if you want to carry out the relocation oneself.

Compared to hiring professional movers, a shifting truck rental is a lot more cost-effective and enables you to be much more in handle of your relocation.
Self Storage Association in UK anticipates the market to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 10%-15% going forward. There can be many reasons private people and businesses need to store goods away to be used at a later time. Most self storage providers have systems in place that will help you decide for yourself how much space to take.
Self storage is not only a solution for your average individual but can also work extremely well for businesses of all sizes.
Self Storage London offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can fundamentally control themselves.
Self Storage Units - Self Storage Units covers several topics you need to know when it comes to protect your personal or business belongings, check different types of units, self storage rental, document storage, prices, even auctions. Storage Space London - More and more people today are finding it hard to manage their Self Storage Space, they are turning to self storage facilities as a solution to cluttered personal and business lives.
Self Storage Facilities - Self Storage Facilities lease space to individuals, usually storing household goods, or businesses, to store their inventory or archived records. Cheap Storage - When looking for Cheap Storage London services, you should, not only consider the price of the unit, but also for those extra expenses you could have regarding your moving. Boat Storage - There are different kinds of Boat Storage London, many self storage facilities offer enclosed garage unit types, and a covered self storage unit type with three walls to protect your Boat, RV or Car from the elements. Business Storage - Business Storage consists in commercial units designed to free up or to cut down on expensive office space, for use as a small-scale warehouse, distribution service or as an archive.
Document Storage London - There are storage companies that bring you Archive Storage, this consists in having your important files been stored by creating images of each page of your documents and have them stored electronically. Storage Auctions - Self Storage Auctions are auctions offered by self storage companies over the items of a tenant who fails to pay them montlhy rent.
Lower Rates - Our partners are known for offering storage container rentals at great prices, and we make it easy to compare rates from multiple companies so it's easy to choose the best rate. Better Customer Service - We screen local companies so that customers can rent from reliable companies who have a history of providing excellent customer service. Rental rates start at around $90 a month for 10 ft storage container rentals, around $150 per month for 20' shipping container rentals, and around $200-$225 a month for 40' cargo container rentals. You can place the container anywhere you want as long as it is on a relatively level, smooth, and firm surface.
You will need about 50 to 100 feet of runway, about a 10-12 feet width and about 16-20 ft overhead clearance for your container to be placed at your property.

College students and their parents enjoy that we are only 8 blocks from UW-Platteville campus. Pickup truck rentals are commonly used for home improvement projects, self-deliveries and other small loads. The 14ft truck rentals have cab seating for three, and have low loading decks which make loading 50 percent easier. Rent a moving truck with U-Haul today and get the lowest price for a moving truck rental available online! The 20ft rental trucks are becoming increasingly popular with expanding families and one way long-distance moves.
Many families lean toward bigger box trucks and our 24ft trucks are very popular among growing families; they are also equipped with a towing package to tow your vehicle with ease. Self-storage expanded into outside storage when their neighbors needed a place to store their boats, and within a few years, we are proud to say we became the largest boat, trailer, and RV storage facility in the state! Many providers offer these specifically for these who desire to self-transfer or store their possessions in a handy, risk-totally free, and cost-effective space. Elements this kind of as unemployment, divorce, and marriage could be some of the reasons why numerous individuals and family members have determined to relocate to a distinct state or a much more urbanized area.
Some businesses even have environment-managed areas for your temperature-vulnerable products or inside parking for your cars and recreational vehicles. There are also different kinds of Vehicle Storage, RV, Motorhome, or Caravan storage has emerged as a facility differentiator in crowded markets.. If the container will be placed off the road be sure to mention it before renting as some companies won't deliver off of a paved road. Since many move-ins and move-outs require a rental truck, we are able to accommodate them all in one location. If you call the office we can explain rates, insurance, rules, and coordinate a time and date for the rental to take place. Now that much more Americans are choosing self-storage areas to shop their belongings, numerous businesses have started to offer far better services and solutions. We research local companies that offer storage container rentals to make sure that customers receive great prices, high quality container rentals, and customer service that they can depend on.

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