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Spring Valley Storage was very friendly and helpful during our storage needs.Would recommend to all. Metro Self Storage in Sandy Springs on Dunwoody Place, which also serves Dunwoody and Atlanta, is a newly renovated climate controlled self storage facility and offers many different storage options. Beauty is only skin deep and that's certainly a lovely sentiment with regard to most things. Our meticulously landscaped grounds and light-filled office speak volumes about how hard we work to make our facility the best for you. Speaking of our grounds, we think you'll love all the benefits that our indoor, climate controlled facility provides. Holds a chest of drawers, office file boxes, a chair, clothing, tall items like lamps and coat racks. Try our space estimator to assist you in choosing the right storage size for your belongings. Clean Carpets & Upholstery: Fabrics trap smells and colors, so washing them after a winter of snow and dust will give them new life and keep them looking new. Clean Ceiling Fixtures: To help keep dust at bay, be sure to clean ceiling fans and air ducts first.
Be Careful In The Attic: If you have to move things around in an unfinished attic, make sure to wear shoes, avoid touching insulation, and don’t try to carry everything down the ladder in one trip. Change Smoke Detector Batteries: These should be changed every six months to ensure they are working. Make Room: If you are changing out a lot of decorations, fabrics, furniture, or clothing for the warmer seasons, box everything in large plastic containers with mothballs to keep them dust and odor-free.
Lastly, if your home is cluttered and you need to scale down your decorations or furniture, remember, renting a climate-controlled storage space can be a great short- or long-term solution for your extra possessions.

Springtime is synonymous with fresh starts and new beginnings; it's an excellent time to take stock of your home with the intention of cleaning and organizing. West Side Storage & Truck Rental provides safe and secure storage solutions to residents of the Cincinnati, OH, area. Moving is a great way to start a new chapter in your life, but it also makes you realize just how much stuff you own. As the holidays comes to a close and winter descends, many of us spend more and more time indoors, meaning that you may have to create a little extra space in your home. I had forgotten that we have a 5 day grace period and was surprised that I didn't owe a late fee. Have been involved with storage facilities 3 times in the past year for relatives and friends. However, when it comes to selecting a self storage facility in Sandy Springs, we here at Metro Self Storage think it's okay to be a little bit shallow. And, it's not just the supply of boxes in the office that's neat and orderly, that level of cleanliness and care extends throughout our grounds.
Naturally, you'll stay out of the weather while working in your unit, but were you aware of all the benefits for your stored items? We've taken great strides to ensure the safety of your items and you'll find that we have security cameras throughout the facility. It also means it’s time to clean out the house, plus the garage and shed, to get rid of all the dirt and mess of winter. If you are running out of space or want to be better organized, check out your local self-storage businesses to make it easier to manage your possessions. If you change them at daylight savings time, it will help you remember to do it when the clocks change again.

If you plan to buy new things soon, this is another great time to see if opening a self-storage unit would benefit your home. We feel that the way to a facility looks on the surface is a deeper reflection of how a company feels about their customers. We're out on the grounds at least once a day tidying things up and making note of any potential maintenance issues so that they can be resolved promptly. Not only will your items be protected from temperature fluctuations they won't be exposed to dust and humidity. Your unique security code is required at every entry point and it will only allow access to your floor. Whether you have too much stuff and want to move some of it into self-storage or you just want to make the house sparkle, Cincinnati’s very own West Side Storage & Truck Rental is the company to turn to. This is another area to check for space, and determine if some of your items can go into a self-storage unit. And, as you can see from these photos of our impeccably maintained facility, we think the world of our valued customers. And, we have a spacious loading area, wide hallways and plenty of elevators to make loading your unit a breeze.
And, for your personal safety our facility is well lit and features emergency lights, fire alarms and fire extinguishers throughout.
I would have been fine with coming back the next day, but they were so kind and helped me immediately!

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