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The Omerta family sells a variety of services and delights to its patrons at Gomorrah, but most visitors are there for one thing: sex. Where The Strip’s other casinos are refined, the Gomorrah is rough around the edges and coarse, as it offers sleazy sex for sale. There are four main areas that have loading screens between them: the main level, the lower level, the courtyard, and the suites level. Just inside the lobby entrance is the casino floor, with casino games in the middle and the bank to the left for changing money. The hallway behind the Zoara Club usually holds Big Sal (if he's not in his room), and sometimes Nero.
This open-air courtyard has a variety of tents where customers can presumably spend private time with the men and women (both human and ghoul) who circulate around in skimpy outfits offering dances and bedroom activities.
The Lower Brimstone stage and bar, containing more dancers and prostitutes of all kinds, including male, female, and ghoul. Clanden's secret filming room (very hard lock) in the southwest corner near Big Sal's room, containing a dead prostitute and miscellaneous evidence of Clanden's sideline in snuff films. There are Omerta thugs hanging around in most of the hallways; with judicious sneaking, however, all doors can be unlocked without much risk of detection.
After the player earns 9,000+ chips, they are permanently banned from playing games in the casino.

Confiscated weapons can be reacquired in the bank room's hidden safes, where the cashier is.
Joana and Dazzle are the only prostitutes at the Gomorrah whose "services" can be purchased by the player. The cashier, like all other Strip cashiers, does not respawn when killed, making it impossible to cash in chips or buy new ones. Cachino, a major player in the How Little We Know quest, can usually be found in the Brimstone main level during normal hours. It contains a few pool tables, another bar, and the private offices of the head of the Omertas, Nero, and his right-hand man, Big Sal. A key to this suite can be obtained from the receptionist in the lobby during the How Little We Know quest. Clanden will not mind the player barging in and talking to him, but if Nero, Big Sal, or Cachino are in their respective suites when the player enters, they will usually turn hostile (unless the player has already gotten on good terms with them during the How Little We Know quest).
They can still use its other functions, such as the restaurant and cashing out their chips, but they cannot win any more money. The door has a very hard lock; alternatively, the office key can be obtained from Big Sal or Nero, or entry can be gained during How Little We Know.
Position yourself next to the rightmost safe (not the wall safes), look behind the safe next to you, and go into third-person mode.

Along with the town Sodom, they were destroyed in fire from the sky because of their wickedness. HouseThe House Always Wins, IThe House Always Wins, IIThe House Always Wins, IIIThe House Always Wins, IVThe House Always Wins, VThe House Always Wins, VIThe House Always Wins, VIICaesar's LegionRender Unto Caesar - p.
With a Medicine skill of 35, the player can examine the corpse and determine that she was tortured for several hours before being murdered. Some parts of the building are references to that story as well, such as the fire and brimstone signs. While maintaining the same pose, go back a little and you will see the other two hidden safes for your companions. Going to the suites level requires picking a very hard lock (or obtaining a Zoara Club key).

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