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For those of you who collect shed books, here is a collection of Chris Slane’s popular series of cartoons for The Shed Magazine. Blokes, Jokes and Sheds features sheds for tinkering, sheds for escape, sheds as a second home, sheds for socialising, and sheds for inventing, and is loosely based on the topics of Shed Sweet Home, Favourite Projects, Shed Widows, DIY Disasters and Tool Talk. Sure enough, this entry is like staring in a mirror as Collinsa€™ hero, a€?dead wood, shedding bark, covered in fungus and blocking the footpathsa€™ feels himself to be literally and figuratively a€?trapped in a room full of idiotsa€™, grinding his teeth until a€?I burst a blood vessel in my eyea€™.Like me, it doesna€™t take much to set the old git in this book off - a€?coffee franchises, reality shows, banks, social networks, cyclists and funky bossesa€™. Round the back, on the side, up against a wall, but in the end we came to the conclusion that the bottom of the garden was the only place for a really good shed.a€™ Talk about a one-joke book.

Little greater than a conventional nicely-insulated home of comparable for types an rails 35mm. Capable to stand up to hefty rain in addition to wind value however in the general effectivity of the. Whether it’s a place to store the tools and lawnmower, or somewhere to park the bikes and camping gear, a garden shed will fit seamlessly into your backyard and is the perfect outdoor storage solution. Inspired by Chris Slane’s popular series of cartoons for The Shed Magazine, Blokes, Jokes and Sheds takes an affectionate and humorous look at this iconic building and uncovers what it means to Kiwi men.

Includes letters, an advice column, exercises, safety tips and an sheddie-types identification chart.

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