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Lovers of The Dharma Door will know all too well how amazing their storage solutions are, and if you’re yet to get your hands on some, today is your moment to make it happen. Founder of The Dharma Door, Shannon Sheedy, actually visited Bangladesh recently to connect with her makers. The best way to create a well designed storage area that saves floor space, enhances worker productivity, and controls inventory is to use automated industrial storage towers.Reasons to use Automatic Storage Towers for your Industrial Parts Storeroom Storage towers save up to 80% of your floor space compared to other storage shelving methods Parts are easy to find because they are delivered to an ergonomic workstation counter Inventory management software does all the work finding, tracking, and managing parts Storage towers use overhead airspace, which removes the need for building expansions and offsite storage facilities Parts are locked up and secure from pilferage and dust Storage towers centralize your inventory in one vertical area that saves floor space.

I’m having kittens over the blue and white geometric pattern (I am currently obsessed with anything geometric), but there are colour options to suit both the daring and the more subdued among you. The blog will feature all of the usual decorating hints, tips and news you know and love, with some extra kitchen-themed posts thrown in for good measure.
Storage tower parts trays come in sizes up to 10' wide by 24' deep giving picking operators access to view more parts to select from which improves their productivity and morale.Different Types of Automatic Parts Storage Machine Providing Ergonomic and Secure Storage Vertical storage lift modules (web page) Automatic Parts Storage Shuttles (video) Automatic Stacker Systems (photos) Vertical Storage Carousels (video) Horizontal Carousels (video) Call Us Today 512-336-1328 to Make the Change to Automatic Storage Towers For Your StoreroomSouthwest Solutions Group is located in Austin, Texas to serve your automated storage needs.

For more information send us a message and we will connect you with your local representative.

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