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A built-in cedar closet, often created from a portion of a current closet, is an elegant way to keep your woolens safe from moths.
Window seats and built-in book shelves create a private nook while providing an orderly place for books, toys or linens.
Built-in refrigerators save space in a small kitchen and streamline the appearance of kitchens of any size. A separate pantry, which holds many items within easy reach, is another valuable storage space.
Slide-in cutting boards, pot racks, even an extra sink can be built in to make a significant difference.
While the standard height for most sinks is 30 to 32 inches, most adults can use a basin more comfortably at 34 to 38 inches high.
With a little creativity, your home could have twice as much storage space as you’re now using. Did you put the benches and baskets, cabinets of varying depths and a tidy, ordered wardrobe in you “small bedroom” but elegant, look this? With quiet sliding doors and lighting that shines directly on the wardrobe, your partner can get dressed easily and you can keep sleeping. If you don’t have room for bedside tables, you can just as easily slide a bench behind the bed.
Storage units above the bed can give lots of room for all that stuff you need but don’t use very often. It helps to organize a storage room with labels from the very beginning, but it shouldn’t take you long to identify and clearly mark boxes the next time you visit your storage unit if you haven’t already done this.
After labeling your items, be sure to place all the boxes of a particular theme in the same part of the storage unit. After you’ve evaluated your existing storage unit and removed anything you no longer want, it’s a great idea to take note of how much space is left for new boxes or items you want to keep outside of your home.
Look around your home, particularly in areas where you have storage space—the basement, garage, and attic, for example.
Remember, when you go to take your new items to the storage unit, follow suit with the tips above to label and store your things accordingly. When you need a little more space, self storage units can save the day, giving you a clean, safe place to keep the items you don’t want to lose or discard.
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Interior design comes with its share of clever ideas and innovative thinking, but when I discovered storage space under stairs, I felt like I had somehow really missed the boat on an important design element. Most of us have stairs in the home that eat up a fair amount of space, so if we can make use of it and create storage space under stairs for things like shoes, winter clothes, or even extra linens, then I say go for it!
Depending on your stairs and where they are located in the home, you can opt to create deep storage space or simple small drawers that are used for storing odds and ends. It is essentially up to you when it comes to what you want to do with the space, so tell us about your creative ideas and transform your home into the perfect space with just enough storage space. Rosy Saadeh is a Social Media Manager and Marketer and spends her time scouring the net trying to make new friends, help clients and post interesting stories about real estate and the like in Canada. See MoreFact of the DayBefore buying a home that needs to be renovated, evaluate the cost of renovations in order to prevent unwelcome surprises.
Monthly NewsletterSign up for our free monthly newsletter, which offers information about real estate in your area, newly-listed homes for sale, open houses, and tips and advice on real estate in Canada. The Mophie Space Pack, which is only available for iPhone 5 and 5s, starts shipping March 14. Since iPhones don’t have microSD card slots for extra storage space, one might think that the Mophie Space Pack would be a long overdue product.
Make no mistake, these packs definitely add what I call junk to the trunk of your iPhone 5 or 5s.
For as many things as the Mophie Space Pack does, there are just as many things that it doesn’t do.
After syncing my photos and videos to the Space Pack, I still had to go back and manually delete some photos and videos in order to free up space on my phone (as you would on a thumb drive, or if you copied the files to a cloud app). While you can select and move mobile photos to the Space app, you can’t do the same with music files. Perhaps one of the niftiest features of the pack is that you can shoot photos and videos from within the Mophie Space app and save them directly onto the pack. The Mophie Space Pack is still better for battery-charging then it is for providing a totally useful storage pack. This entry was posted in General, Mobile, Reviews and tagged battery, charging, iphone 5, iPhone 5S, Mophie, music, pack, photos, space, storage, Mophie. The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, best phone, home entertainment systems, gadgets and more, Tech new online is Online shopping paradise. Displayed on the right part of each application will be data, files (including media files) and other archival materials.

Delete apps One of the simplest solutions and fastest way to regain storage space for iOS devices that remove applications no longer used.
Delete documents and data applications Some applications usually come with multiple documents and data (document & data). For example, when you press select the Videos app, you will find a detailed list of video files to the storage details of each file occupies storage space of the machine. While the Music app just shows the amount of music files are memory occupancy of the machine, so if you decide to delete the music file, you can simply delete all music files on your computer.
Photos & Camera app will also let you know how much storage space has been used on the device. Delete browsing data When you visit the Safari application, the Usage screen displays detailed data types are accounted for using the device's memory in this browser. If you use Google Chrome, you can clear your cache by activating Chrome Chrome applications to access to the Settings> Privacy and click Cleal All to delete all browsing data. Also, can delete the messages containing attachments in iMessage app, sync photos, music, video and other data to iCloud and then delete all the data on the go.
This tutorial will show you how to create a new pool and storage space in Windows 8 to be able to save files to two or more connected drives so that your files remain safe, even when a drive fails. None - This simple layout stores one copy of your data, and doesn't protect you from drive failures.
Two-way mirror - This layout stores two copies of your data, protecting you from a single drive failure. Three-way mirror - This layout stores three copies of your data, protecting you from two simultaneous drive failures.
Parity - This layout stores your data with parity information, protecting you from a single drive failures.
NOTE: You can click on the View files link of a listed drive to help see what is on the drive to make sure that you have the correct one. Thanks for the help I wasnt able to recover the data but I would like to be able to recover the disc. You might see if you may be able to format the hard drive with the free MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition. Storage Spaces (Storage Pool) Experience?Has anyone tried the new Storage Spaces feature in Windows 8? This will show how to create or download a shortcut that will open directly to Storage Spaces in Windows 8. Titus Built has found that owners of even the smallest homes can double their storage space with some simple but creative modifications. The extra height also allows for more storage – an extra shelf in the area below the basin and additional drawers on the sides. You’ll be undisturbed by bright light or noise and he’ll be able to relax and take his time. Put narrower cabinets lower down so you have plenty of space when you get into or out of bed. It also creates a space underneath where you can put baskets or boxes and store heavy things, like tall stacks of magazines, close to the floor.
Whether it’s holiday decorations, things you’ve inherited from family members, or items you’ve simply saved for a rainy day (or didn’t have the heart to throw away), your unit gives you more storage space for things you want to keep but just don’t need or use on a daily basis. The New Year is the perfect time to tackle your organizing goals, particularly with items that need to be sorted, stored, trashed, or donated.
Labeling helps you to find what you need at a moment’s notice and also makes it easy to add like items to the correct boxes or section of your storage unit.
For example, if you decorate for the holidays and have several different bins of decorations in your unit, make sure the labeled boxes are neatly stacked and set in the same storage area.
You may find items that should be packed away in your storage unit instead, with the rest of their kind, or totally new items you need to store.
The main secret to organizing a storage unit is making up a process for organization and sticking to it! Your personal storage area offers many great possibilities, especially in helping you to reduce or eliminate clutter in your own home all year long. Keep in mind that you need to respect the structure of the stairs and they need to be able to hold the load placed inside them. Some clever designers created libraries and others even forgo the entire “storage” idea and opt to create an extra place to sleep or an makeshift office in the space.
This one, called the Mophie Space Pack, includes up to 32 gigabytes of extra storage space in addition to the standard battery pack. You’re eschewing the sleek, slim design of the smartphone for extra battery life when you slip this bulky pack on. In my experience, the pack usually got my phone back up to around 80 percent before the pack would stop charging, saving the rest of the battery power for the storage portion.
You have to plug the Mophie Space pack into your computer using the supplied USB cable, and move your iTunes files over on the desktop.

It seems like every fifth time I go to take a photo with my iPhone, I’m told I don’t have enough space to do so, so I definitely appreciated this feature.
The pack does have a two-hour grace period, so after the pack stops charging your phone battery, you will still be able to get two hours of use out of the storage portion. You will need to charge up the Mophie again before you can use the storage portion of the pack. Also on this screen, and for each application knows exactly how many are occupied by equipment capacity.
If you want to know what data is application of computer memory occupancy, click the name selected in any application. Instead, the need to delete and reinstall the app or you can delete the temporary data from within the application. Press select Website Data> Remove All Website Data to clear the cache and browser cookies. This is just to ensure your data is not deleted while ensuring maximum freeing storage space for your equipment.
You can use them like any other drive, so it?s easy to work with files on them.You can create large storage spaces and add more drives to them when you run low on pool capacity.
All you need is one or more extra drives in addition to the drive on which Windows 8 is installed on. Check the drives that you want to add and create a storage pool with, and click on the Create pool button.
Type in a name, select a drive letter, resiliency type, and size you want for the storage space, and click on the Create storage space button. In a listed previously created storage pool (ex: My Storage Pool) that you wanted to create a new storage space in, click on the Create a storage space link.
After the holidays, why not turn your attention to places in your home where extra space may be hiding in plain sight.
And with wider cabinets on top you get optimal storage and the room stays visually balanced too. You are never faced with having to throw away things with sentimental value for the sake of storage space.
Take some time to review what you have stored so far and determine if all items will continue in storage or if you have some other need for them (or no need at all). You might also consider making a diagram that shows what types of items are stored where in your unit.
Keeping tabs on the current capacity of your unit helps you to stay organized as you work to declutter your home without causing total disorder in your storage unit as a result. If you save your children’s clothes or toys as they grow out of them, it’s a great idea to make a habit of boxing them up at the same time they start moving into new ones.
Through a proprietary Mophie app, you can sync and allocate certain files, like photos and music, to the Mophie pack, instead of taking up space on your iPhone.
This is significantly more than the company’s top-of-the-line battery pack, the Mophie Air, as well as the slightly less powerful Mophie Helium pack. Also, the case fully covers the sides and top of the iPhone, so pressing on the power buttons or volume buttons on the phone will require a little more oomph (one of the reasons why I liked last year’s Helium over the Air pack). But I was also still running apps and sometimes talking on the phone while the pack was working its battery-charging magic. There’s also a settings tab in the app, where you can activate auto-sync for all of your photos. Also, you can send the photos stored on the Mophie pack via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Twitter and Facebook, but you can’t back them up to iCloud.
If you have two or more drives in the storage pool, you can create storage spaces that won't be affected by a drive failure?or even the failure of two drives, if you create a three-way mirror storage space.You will be able to connect the added drives of a storage space to another Windows 8 computer or new installation of Windows 8 to have that Windows 8 see and use the storage space in it's storage pool as well.
You might see if you may be able to use this to recover any data on the drive, but since it's been formatted, it will reduce the chance.
Storage units give you peace of mind that your items are safely stowed and secure even when they’re out of sight, out of mind.
Organizing a storage room tends to be much more successful when all the items in your storage unit definitely belong there. Tip: Print out a copy for the storage unit and keep the digital file in the cloud for easy updating. If you find items you no longer want or need, the New Year is a great time to put together a few bags or boxes for Goodwill, Purple Heart, or another similar charity. Taking this kind of inventory at least once per year can help to keep your home’s clutter under control in the long run.

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