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As you'll see in the images below, the NextBit Robin has an atypical design, and is based on Android Lollipop. But I believe the article said that the finger print scanner is in the power button on the right side, not the little dimple things at the top and bottom in the front. Think about it - we fork out big dollars for phones with top-notch hardware because we can't stand it when our OS lags.
Oh, and by the way - the premium the manufacturers charge for larger RAM capacity is artificially inflated.
What Do You Look for in Smartphone Reviews?What is Your Preferred App or Game to Kill Time?Which Phone Under $200 Would You Recommend Right Now? I've tried to google for this topic, I 've tried to delete the .odex files, used the SD Maid to clean whatever possible, moved all the apps that are possible to move to the SD card, but nothing helped.
LG is now dragging itself into the competition as earlier LG Optimus 4X HD was announced featuring Quad Core processor and now a low range phone by LG featuring IceCream Sandwich. LG Optimus L5 (E610) is low priced phone with a processor of 800 MGhz but it has good RAM of 512MB which makes the phone fast and efficient of running every applications. The phone has about 4GB of storage space out of which 2.6GB free space is available to the user. The other smartphones that come to this range are Sony Xperia Tipo which is Dual sim Android phone, Sony Xperia Miro and other phones similar to LG L5 are Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. If you are buying your first Smartphone, or are unsure of which one to choose from the lot of many, then some Smartphone buying tips would be helpful for you. A couple of days back, WhatsApp had rolled out a new feature which allows you to send PDF documents to your contacts.
Considering the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S2 looks better, at least on paper: it has a faster-clocking CPU, a bigger battery, better 1080p video recording in terms of frame-rate ( 30 fps for Galaxy S2 vs 24 fps for Optimus 2X), a higher resolution front-facing camera, and a lot more storage.
Comparing the RAM upon bootup, Samsung Galaxy S 2 wins having between 600 and 620 MB versus the 240 MB of the LG Optimus 2X.
In a nutshell, in this clash of the giants, the winner was Samsung Galay S2 but LG Optimus 2X was very close as performance. Many thanks to our friends from PocketNow for letting us know about LG Optimus 2X vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 test.
By clearing the cache that some applications use, you can reclaim quite a few megabytes, at least temporarily. To check if an application has a cache, select it in the list and it will be stated on the resulting screen. A couple of apps that may have a cache of several MB are Maps, Market, Internet and Gallery (called Photos on some devices). Do you use homescreen replacements such as LauncherPro or ADW Launcher and have no intention of going back to Sense or the vanilla launcher?
An app that automatically will list all apps that have a cache is Quick App Clean Cache ($0.76). This goes without saying, but ita€™s naturally a good idea to go through your software arsenal from time to time and uninstall apps you seldom use.
A few weeks ago we did a tutorial on how to let Android install apps to the SD by default on Froyo. If your device is running Froyo and you have told Android to install apps to the SD, make sure that all apps that can and should be moved to the memory card actually have been moved. I’ve done everything all of you have suggested and still I occasionally get the message that my Internal Storage is getting low. Is there any way to free the memory that has been used up by the “half-downloaded apps” ??
It has only been a couple of weeks since LG announced its flagship device for the year, the LG G3, and we now have a method to gain root-access on the device.

Rooting is the process of gaining administrative rights on your Android device.  Once we root our Android device, we can then make changes to it to customize it well beyond what it normally can do. Increase performance (after removing apps that are always running, the device will be less bogged down and run smoother). Tons of other customizations when you use your new found administrative rights to flash a custom ROM (again, see the end of this procedure for more info on that). I was wondering does this method delete everything like other rootings because of unlocking the boot loader?
Yeah, but we recommend you to take a back up in case there’re some important files stored on your device, just in case. I have problem with rooting my LG g3, my Phone LG g3 and after i check the prepossess shows HTC.
Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit. NextBit doesn't say if Cyanogen is involved in any way in this project, despite the fact that, last year, the two companies announced that they'd collaborate to develop a "really cool" mobile product. EU: Android Antitrust Charges in the HorizonAndroid N Preview 2 Improved Upon the Awful Recents Screen of Preview 1Two Day Battery Life? Why?Which Durability Qualities do You Look for in a Phone?What are Your Thoughts on the HTC 10? I've deleted most of the apps,that I've been using previously with ICS without problems and my storage seems to be full all the time. The phone runs on Android 4.0 that is Ice Cream Sandwich which is the plus point of the phone.
The phone also features a good camera of 5 Megapixel with LED flash which is capable of capturing good quality pictures.
The phone can be popular because of its large screen which gives it the looks of an expensive smartphone. Apart from the stylish Gionee Smartphones, Lenovo too has started making news in the world of Premium Smartphones.
Sure you can free up space by moving your photos but recently there’s a bug on WhatsApp that appears to be sucking up more storage than usual. After the initial update, a couple of iPhone users including our unit have been getting alerts that storage is running out.
Let us know if WhatsApp had bogged down your iPhone and whether it is fixed after you’ve updated the app. LG Optimus 2X was a pioneer, the start of a new smartphone era, whereas Samsung Galaxy S2 is considered by many one of the best (and hottest) phones of the year.
It has been rumored that the Sprint Samsung Within is going to be released sometime in July. One could think that the problem would be a thing of the past with Android 2.2a€™s apps2SD support, but many people running Froyo are still unable to install all the apps and games they want and need to prioritize.
I initially thought that this tweak merely would make Android install apps to the SD right away, so you wouldna€™t have to move them manually.
Apps that probably shouldna€™t be transferred to the SD are widgets, apps with bundled widgets, live wallpapers and apps that run in the background and integrate with the system. So, I followed each step that this site said and I came across a button above the clear cache button that said move to SD card. Extract files from iOroot to your desktop by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here. I guess you only need to unlock the bootloader when you want to flash a custom recovery on your device. Give Me One Full Day with No Compromises InsteadLeaving the App Drawer: The 15-Day Homescreen ExperimentMarketing and What it Says About OEMs: Who Targets it Right?

Even after uninstalling apps and clearing up photos, it didn’t take too long before the available storage space goes back to 0 bytes.
Galaxy S 2 also has 16 or 32 Gb of storage space depending on the model, a 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front facing camera.
Since private user data never is stored on an external storage, apps installed to the SD card will nonetheless take up space on the internal memory. But after a hard reset, I discovered that it actually enables some apps to be installed to the SD card which otherwise would be locked to the internal storage. There are several apps that make the moving process easier, and the best ones so far are Apps 2 SD and SDMove.
When I got my Droid Bionic in November I thought I wouldn’t have that issue especially with a 16GB external memory card. We won’t be held responsible if you end-up bricking or damaging your device in any way.
If you’ve been waiting to load root-only apps on your device, now is the perfect time to do so. Data backups are automatically made via Wi-Fi, but you can also set up backups via cellular networks. Moreover, the company's head of design, Scott Croyle, worked at HTC and supervised the development of smartphones like the HTC Evo, HTC Incredible, HTC One M7, andHTC One M8.You can already order the NextBit Robin via Kickstarter (check out the source link below). A trade name of Phone from the Supermarket BV, John’s Phone is designed by John Doe Amsterdam and manufactured in China. To clear even more space, we suggest clearing up media files from your chat history as that also builds up after a long period of time. Galaxy S2 wins by a mile the Linpack Protest scoring 47,31 MFLOPS while Optimus 2X scored just 37.193 MFLOPS.
And some software, like widgets, live wallpapers and system apps may not function properly if they are installed on the SD card. With that in mind, ita€™s highly recommended that you give this tweak a try if you want to avoid the a€?phone storage is getting lowa€? message. Early backers can buy the smartphone for $299 (limited to 1,000 units), and should get the device in January 2016. However I wasn't able to find any suitable PIT file (which would say that it's for SGS2 JellyBean and that the partitions are with this or that size).
Or maybe you’re curious about how we think that Samsung Galaxy S2 performs against Motorola Atrix 4G ( the first dual core smartphone released in US ).
But there are luckily ways to free up some precious MB of internal storage if youa€™re starting to get desperate. It forced my Gallery app to locate all my pictures again, but the associated data for Media Storage was still much smaller in size than before I cleared it.
The only downside is that you occasionally have to manually move some apps from the SD to the internal storage, such as widgets. I have all my music on Google Play so I could store everything on my external SD and supposedly not have an Internal Storage problem.
Also, is there a phone cache that needs to be emptied and what about the browser cache, cookies etc.

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