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It got set back to factory settings, so there are no apps on the table Welcome to the forums.
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A couple of days back, WhatsApp had rolled out a new feature which allows you to send PDF documents to your contacts.
Also, it is possible that you will see this error despite having more than 1GB of available internal memory. I am aware that you’ve deleted everything you possibly can, and you have reached here as a last resort. By Ghost files and corpses, I mean unnecessary files and folders that are left behind on your phone when you uninstall apps or delete files. Using this app, you would have cleaned up any existing ghost files of previous attempts at installing WhatsApp too. Use the SD Maid app to clean up any dead data folder that may have been caused by the unsuccessful attempt. Either by taking a picture with another phone or a screenshot (typically power and volume down at the same time).

The internal storage (minimal) is for apps and the phone storage is for your files and app data.
In this article, we take a deep look at how storage in Android works and how we can optimize the storage space in our phone memory so you can install those new fancy apps with a breeze.
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Sure you can free up space by moving your photos but recently there’s a bug on WhatsApp that appears to be sucking up more storage than usual. After the initial update, a couple of iPhone users including our unit have been getting alerts that storage is running out. Let us know if WhatsApp had bogged down your iPhone and whether it is fixed after you’ve updated the app.
It is possible that if you only have about 40 MB of free internal storage, you will see this error. So I won’t ask you to delete photos and videos that might have otherwise been stored in your internal memory. For instance, every image and video file on your phone has a thumbnail image that is not necessarily deleted when you delete the actual file.

Once installed and activated, WhatsApp will connect with your previous WhatsApp database so that all your previous messages are retrieved. The second picture,to me, says you still have 5 GB of space free but the system is saying you are out of space. Even after uninstalling apps and clearing up photos, it didn’t take too long before the available storage space goes back to 0 bytes. This is because your Android system too requires a bit of internal storage space to function properly. To clear even more space, we suggest clearing up media files from your chat history as that also builds up after a long period of time. If you only keep apps which can't be moved unless rooted to internal you will have more space..

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