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Stockholm, Sweden-based architecture firm WRB designed this easy, breezy summer cabin on the archipelago of Trosa with a stunning seaside view. Martin Baker approached us while we wandered through their display area and very soon had identified the type of garden room that would suit our situation. Later that day Martin carried out a survey of our garden to asses the proposed site and confirm that we did not need planning permission. At the end of the day we had decided what we wanted, thanks to Martin's advice and the flexibility of their design options and we placed our order the following day.
Construction was quick and very professionally carried out over a period of three days with the electrics being completed a couple of days later. The garden room together with an area of decking was fully completed to a very high standard in just over a week and is now being used at every opportunity and gives us exactly what we wanted, a stylish comfortable versatile room catching the sun from sunrise to sunset, and therefore we now have no reason to move. Mr and Mrs Blackstock, were thinking of moving as their garden was north facing and never saw the sun.
The site survey revealed that if we positioned the building strategically then we would capture the sun nearly all day. The building was then installed keeping under the 2.5 m planning rule, and included the MDF Richmond moulding internal painted walls. I’ve taken the pretty traditional approach of putting a fern on my hearth for the summer.
How about covering up the firebox with something totally different like this wicker screen? A little table tucks right into the firebox and gives you a place to create a summery display. You could tuck them in a basket inside the fireplace or leave the pretty pots out on the hearth and close up the fireplace behind them.
I have a tiered candleholder from Southern Living at Home, and I just put candles of various heights and sizes and burn the candles, even in the summer. Summer House With Shabby Chic Furniture And Sea Touches - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
The addition to this black A-frame small house in the woods of Brecht, Belgium has been a real challenge for dmvA Architecten. The frame of the extension seems empty on this side of the house, due to the transparency of the uninterrupted glass surface. The office space has a full height book-case in the background and is basically occupied by a big Tense table by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga and Flow chairs by Jean Marie Massaud, both by MDF Italia.

The living room is made cozy with a mustard yellow Tufty-Time sofa by Patricia Urquiola by B&B Italia and a wood-burning stove by StA┬╗v.
The inclined studs of the existing triangular building where kept and matched by the lines of the new addition. The recipient of the Swedish Wood Award in 2000, this timber home design features exterior walls with slats, which allow residents to experience the great outdoors while plenty of natural light permeates every inch of the home. Friends recommended that we visit Bakers as they had a wide range of garden buildings and that we might find something suitable and rather than move give us a room to enjoy the sun all your round . He was very professional and gave us lots of options to consider and eventually we narrowed down our preference which was a mix of the styles and fittings they had in their display. We were recommended to them, so they visited our showground and really took a liking to the Kite contemporary garden room. Along with the steel and timber frame base, we extended this to include a decking area to the front of the building. If you don’t have a raised hearth, you could put a bench or chair directly in front of the fireplace for extra seating during the summer. On the spur of the moment one afternoon we looked up their website and decided to have a look. We also installed electrics including lighting to the outside, heating sockets and a TV cable connection. I cleared away the fireplace tools and the basket that usually holds wood and stashed them in the basement until fall.
Every since I saw Eddie Ross and he was creating a room with a fake fireplace and I thought well dang who needs a real one you can just add a fake one and use different things to fill it up.
We had a fake brick 70′s style fireplace and disgusting dark oak built-ins and then we tore all that ugliness out. Fireplaces are lovely even when they’re bare, but a big, ugly wood-stove in the middle of the room is an eyesore, especially during the warmer months. First, this hut was built as a holiday place; therefore it was not conceived for permanent living. The main living areas are well insulated and heated during the winter months for a cozy and comfortable socializing space, while an adjoining veranda and hallway are glass walled, and heated only by the sun to provide an al fresco environment during the warmer months of the year. And don’t forget that a little white spray paint can make do wonders to an ugly thrift store find! Unfortunately I can’t get rid of it because it’s the only source of heat in my historical house!

Rattan and natural wood furniture in shabby chic style look like art objects in this white interior. Second, the new owner not only wanted to live in it, but she also to work from it, so an office space was needed as well. 155 7432 02.Covering Brighton, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Croydon, London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and throughout southeast England and the UK. Maybe someone with loads of creativity could do a linky party?… Thanks for the inspiration! And third, and maybe the most constraining, the building regulations in the area are very strict, so only 290 feet more were allowed to be built. Turquoise, blue and aqua touches and sea-inspired decorative items remind of sea, seaside and relaxation.
The architects had to completely rethink and remodel the house in order to meet the needs of the new owner. The outdoor area is minimalist, with a big pool and exquisite shabby chic red lounge chairs. The result after many sketches was a straightforward geometric box structure to be added to the pyramidal shape of the existing house.
This extension is home to the owner's office, and the only walled-in space contains the bathroom. The ground floor is occupied now by the kitchen, living room, office and bathroom, whereas the small tunnel-line space upstairs has been transformed into a bedroom. The structural framework of the original building is a series of sloping studs, and the architects used them and matched the vertical studs of the new extension. They created a frame with uninterrupted glass surfaces, which give a dramatic and spacious feel to this otherwise very small space.
The outdoor deck gives extra room to the house, where the owner can relax, eat and even cook in the Cor-Ten steel pizza oven.

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