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If you have a yard, a garden, or simply a lot of extra stuff, a shed will prove to be a functional addition for your storage needs.
Sell on Houzz - Learn MoreWhat size shed should I buy?Before making any purchases, assess exactly what you will be storing in your unit, as well as where you plan to put it. While it's above all an extra storage building, it can serve multiple functions by doubling as a workspace or an outdoor laundry room.
However, premade sheds can cost a pretty penny, especially those that come equipped with custom features. Depending on how you plan to use it, there are several modern shed styles and sizes for you to consider.
The purpose of your storage building will of course determine how large the building should be.

Some people prefer to hire professionals to maintain their properties, while others prefer to do some or all of it themselves. Make more room in your unit by including a loft, or add sunlight and fresh air with windows or skylights. Shelves will help to organize your outdoor items, while a workbench will aide in activities you plan to pursue inside the unit. What should I consider in regard to the design of the shed?Don't forget, your unit will be on the same property as your home, so try to choose a design that will be complementary. If your home is done in vinyl siding, consider finishing your building in the same material. You can even accessorize it as if it were a home with window boxes or shutters for a decorative touch. Should I build a shed or have one professionally installed?This depends on your preference, the time you wish to spend and just how handy you are. For a quick installation, choose an unit from your local home improvement store and have the pros set it up for you.

Or, if you'd prefer to save some money and build one yourself, purchase a kit with assembly instructions.
It's possible you'll need a building permit, or that there are specifications as to where you can place the unit.

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