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Currently my boards are stored outside in board bags (not a great option) but I have them on their sides on a pallet. Timothy’s background includes stints at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home and Woman’s Day.
TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It! How-To2016 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Countertop Pricing and Materials Guide An Evening in the Kitchen with Miele June Oven 6 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ceiling Surfboard rack makes use of all the wasted space above your garage floor and helps protect your surf boards from every day wear and tear found in the garage. Ceiling Surfboard Rack Base (bolt on "add-a-rack" available separately)The Ceiling Rack conveniently stores your surfboards suspended safely from the ceiling. I have just signed up as I am desperately searching for a good freestanding surfboard rack that's available on the market as I can't drill into walls because we are renting. Check out the finger grip racks mate, usually advertise in the back pages of a surf mag, or google finger grip.
I would go for a frame where you can see the decks and the boards are horizontal, rather than putting then up vertical. I have seen these, but they dont look too attractive and seem like they would weigh a tonne.. I have been searching a bit more after your feedback today and I am narrowing it down to two choices (more because I like the look than anything else) I am not handy on the tools and (being honest) want a board rack that has a bit of shape instead of just timber lengths cut and joined together as its on display in the apartment.
They both look great but to me they are highly over priced for what they do, Mate even a basic carpenter could whip up something that looks good for a quarter of the price.

Old seat belt strapping (ask a wreckers -they gave me all I could handle) one piece screwed through the ceiling into the rafters on both ends, the other screwed on on side and hooked onto a screwhook on the other.
Landlords rarely check ceilings, anyway, deny knowledge if you are too slack to no-more-gaps the holes when you leave.
The 6mm clear anodised side rail supports are specially curved by us to create elasticity for optimal grip and safety and the "hands" that grab the rails contain a special replaceable foam insert that protects your precious board.
We supply these racks to the ASP, Hurley, Quiksilver, Billabong, Surfection, Collectors, Trade Shows, Surboard Manufacturers and of course, Surfers and enthusiasts. The Solidracks system is nicely designed and has an excellent reputation within the surf industry. Freestanding: You can move this in and out of your apartment at any time (and into other low traffic areas if the kids start knocking it about) Also, no drilling into walls. Handmade from bamboo: We think this material looks great and adds to the high-end furniture finish it sounds like you are after. Quality materials: From stainless steel fasteners to the bamboo ply, our product is made to last.
Yes, it is also possible to make something similar out of cheaper materials as well and you can get some high-end marine plys or waterproof polymers. Does look good, Im going to have a crack at making my own Cactus rack on my next R&R, I'll Get a photo up once im done.
Our neat, clean Ceiling Rack design stores your surfboards in the traditional "horizontal" position. They are made by hand in our factory in Brookvale, Australia and are extremely strong, stable and sculptural. There is also a thick foam tail pad that is rebated into the rack base which has a routered channel to support, protect and immobilise the tail.

We are proud to say that we have not had a single return of any of our products in 5 years! I had already checked these out in my research and felt that the cactusrack and solidrack would fit a bit better to what I was looking for.
Our product was developed for people that are time poor and possibly do not have the access to the resources needed to construct something like this. It was a custom light weight board made by Rusty for a surf shop owner (Power House in Bicton) that i grabbed the day it was delivered to his shop. I really like that clear fin thing on the base as well and figured this would be really hard to replicate? As we have a small apartment, the boards will kind of be on display so I need something that looks a bit nicer..
To be honest i was sick of the kids hitting them into walls as well so they got moved outside about a week ago. I also like the idea of being able to add extra slots when the little groms have their own boards in a few years. Offered in our unique "modular" design, the bolt-together-assembly allows you to add additional surfboard storage capacity at any time.
The site recently close down but I was still able to grab this great photo of the board rack they built in their garage. Additionally, the support arms are lifted at the tips to hold your surfboard in place - your surfboard won't accidentally slip off the support arm.

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