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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Build this take-down table saw table to make the perfect work station for a DIYer with limited garage space.
This DIY table saw table is the perfect solution for cutting long boards or big sheets of plywood. Students in the BASTLI lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich had been stuck using underpowered and unreliable saws for quite some time. Along with fellow student [Lukas Schrittwieser] he built a test rig to see how powerful the motor really was, and satisfied with the results, the pair set off to build their own table saw. As you can see in the video below the saw chews through most things with the greatest of ease, but the students added a “boost button” to the saw just in case they need to run it at full tilt. While we can’t exactly overlook the lack of finger and eye protection in their demonstration, it does look like a great little tool to have around. A cool feature could be to add a tach (maybe back-emf monitoring) and a controller so the saw could be maintained at an ideal (or settable) RPM. The saw cool, the idea cool, the cuts cool, not even a hint of safety equipment, stupid as a bag of hammers. The bright side of this is, when they do cut their fingers off, the doctor will be able to put the fingers back on if they get to him in time. No goggles (hey, just lean back a bit!), no guard, no riving knife, no emergency stop, no kickback protection, fence not used, no pushstick, no t-slot for a sled, no sled etc. I would always use safety glasses but other than that not being an idiot is the best way to avoid getting hurt.
As for the safety comments, yes- crappy safety features have maimed and killed far more folks than gear lacking any pretensions of safety concerns. Now, some brushless systems reputedly CAN do that formerly mythical, non-destructive ~4Krpm>0rpm in milliseconds but the required power densities use numbers akin to federal debt math.

I have to wonder if the reason they were having so much trouble with their original saw is because they were using the wrong kind of blade (HSS instead of carbide) and improper technique. Adding more power when you haven’t got the basics downpat may help you finish the job short-term, but it may also lead to a bigger accident long-term. The comments about safety here also really belie a great deal of ignorance of woodworking tools. I’d say the most dangerous thing here is the operator in the video and not the saw itself. Funny how he thinks that leaning back andsquinting protects his eyes seriously iI question your ability to process right from wrong this was WRONG!!! While it’s true that many carpenters take the various safety guards off a table saw first thing, most are smart enough to use a push stick on any cuts that would put their fingers within an inch or two of the blade.
On a another note, it’s better to have a double nut for locking the saw blade, as with one it will screw itself when the saw cut at highest power, making removal a pain (and stainless is prone to seizing, making things worse).
The reasons I would NOT do a hack like this are the effort and cost required, plus the availability of ready made and safe alternatives.
All you need is for him to be leaning over the blade to grab the bits he just cut, and be bumped by the people behind him. White Trash Repairs posts funny photos and funny videos daily that consist of terrible repair jobs, rednecks, redneck contraptions, redneck cars and other redneck ideas.
That would dispense with the boost button and probably increase safety (although I’d love to scream YOU’VE GOT BOOST POWER!
That prize definitely goes to the radial arm saw, or more affectionately known as a radical harm saw.
Damned little I know of in safety bits will protect an operator from brain non-function for long. Figuring out the energy in the rotating mass and calculating the inverse energy+ losses required to *STOP* that rotating mass will show some cold equations about stopping a saw.

Paying attention to what you’re doing is ALWAYS the #1 way to avoid an accident but I would think part of that would be to consider just how close your hand is coming to that blade and to consider using an easily replaceable jig to prevent a rather permanent accident. They’ve got metal filings, glass shavings, and god knows what else flying back into their face. And maybe use a metal clamp specially designed to push objects across to avoid loosing a finger.
Come on, if, at the end of a cut, there’s only millimeters of material left to hold both pieces together, nothing will stop them from closing in on each other but a riving knife. When finished, a DIYer can quickly dismantle the table saw table and store it flat against a wall, saving valuable garage space. Other members of the Three Ring Blogs Network are People of Walmart, Girls In Yoga Pants, Forever Alone, Daily Viral Stuff, Wedding Unveils, Neighbor Shame, Full of Your Selfies, Damn That Looks Good, Jaw Drops, Freaks of Fast Food, the Proud Parents and more.
When group member [Mario Mauerer] came across a big and powerful brushless motor in his basement, he decided it was time to upgrade the lab’s cutting tools. I will gladly use other types of standard power equipment with no safety guards (aside from the obligatory glasses) but I wont go near a radical harm saw. All in all a nice saw, but the lack of eye protection in a school setting is a bit surprising. Not much of a closing is needed for kickback, just a hair, touch the blade and off it goes. My prescription eyeglasses have protected my eyes so many time, I couldn’t think about going without eye protection.

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