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If you already have an aluminum extrusion or want to purchase your own, you can just buy the T-Square by itself.
The central piece of our Universal T-Square Table Saw Fence System is the patent pending T-Square design which features a solid steel mounting block.
Linear fence adjustments refers to the placement of the fence in relationship to the table saw top depending on the operation that you are performing. This tig welded steel T-Square unit with cam locking mechanism, UHMW bearing guides, and measuring pointer accepts most aluminum extrusions with t-slotted channels as long they are at least 1.5 inches (or 40mm) wide. The most powerful aspect of having the aluminum extrusion as your fence is the ability to connect jigs, stops, clamps and accessories with ease and at infinite connection point. The beauty of our T-Square design is that not only can you quickly attach an aluminum extrusion as a fence, but the mounting block will also allow you to bolt a variety of other fence materials and shapes for custom applications. This fence interchangeability opens up a whole new world of design and fabrication possibilities for the table saw. I attached the bearings to the fence and slid the rails into the bearings so they would balance when I sat them on the saw. I marked and drilled the saw for the holes to mount the rails flat against the face of the saw.
By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. Yes, it was quite a bit less expensive and I’ll add a fence rule to the top of the rail.
I just bought a new saw and since it didn’t come with a fence I was searching on line when I came across your project. In any event I had thought of using rack and pinions to provide micro adjustment of the fence. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
I’m literally starting over and am glad I have found this site to be able to share my progress with and entertain your comments and suggestions along the way.
My skills are rusty as is the craigslist find of a saw (we all gotta have one) I picked up for twenty bucks.
I had to partially disassemble the saw where I got it just to get it in the trunk of the car, because my guy with the truck had some trouble so I was on my own. You can see that the original milling marks are quite prominent and I batted around a few thoughts in my head about taking it to a machine shop,as my father was in front of a machine for forty years and I know what he’d say. Stefang, I found another model with pulleys for $75 in about the same condition but she didn’t respond favorably when I ran it by her. Hi scubastine, what a good job getting the rust off that cast iron top, can you tell me a little bit the type of products and the steps that you took to get this done, i got a couple of things that i need to clean up but i havent been successful at all, i noticed that how clean and looked like a brand new top congrats good job.
I can tell you that I experimented with several methods from several suggestions from a web search.
I had some pitting in a few areas and used a brass wire wheel to really get at them, and with a very light touch went over the entire top.

Note that i did try and smooth down the milling marks with a rectangular box shaped diamond hone and physically paid for it. I drilled and tapped the base for a couple of button head screws that will hold down the 8020 and one more for the clamp screw. I added a rail along the back of the table and cut a piece of plastic to keep the fence sitting a little above the tabletop so it doesn't scrape the surface. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual.
Hi Here it is : 8020 T Slot Aluminum Single Flange Linear Bearing 10 Series 6715I never used these before but it locks very tight. Hi allJust had an interesting project that tested the accuracy  nof my new festool chop saw. The sky is the limit when it comes to all the possible jigs, stops and setups you can create using the t-channel slots. We designed the mounting block to accept 4 t-nuts so that aluminum extrusions can be quickly and easily attached for use a table saw fences. There is nothing on the market that is as strong, flat, straight, square, lightweight and affordable as aluminum extrusions.  The sophisticated extrusion process makes all of this possible. The t-nuts and bolts allow you to have flush mounted accessories attached directly to your fence without bulky clamps that are always in the way. I believe that someone is selling the Wixley digital sliding scale on sale with the Wixley angle tools as being free. My intent was to run a shaft from the from to the back through the center hole (which mine had) of the fence extrusion. This is my first post so I want to give a little more primary information about me and my shop.
Her only caveat to me was frugality!!!As you can see, I started working on it before I started the photo shoot. Maybe an hour of equal passes then a second hour of the same, then I talked myself into a brass brush and the paste wax. This is ultimately going to be set up in a mobile workcenter with a router table on the right, but I am caught in the chicken and the egg conundrum, as I need the saw to manufacture that.The steel wings were badly rusted so I did what I could for them and coated them with wax, and will re-install them for current use.
I dont know how bad your rust accumulation is, but if it is just surface stuff, two things worked equally. You did a great job on the surface and bringing this saw back to life, call me crazy but when you restore an old tool it is almost a zen like feeling. Its made with Baltic birch, 8020 aluminum extrusions and a stop block which is a 8020 accessory. At a moment’s notice I can change setups from a tenoning jig to a tall fence for vertical pieces. We think the aluminum extrusion makes the perfect table saw fence because of the t-slotted channels, but we also realize that there may be specific custom applications where other fence material could just as easily be bolted to our t-square.
This is valuable for many reasons, but the primary reason is that so you can leave complicated table saw fence set ups in place and still be able attach another fence for other table saw operations.

The VerySuperCool fence was inspired by the Biesemeyer design and works flawlessly with any 2×3 guide rail. I had come up with a design similar to yours a few years ago, but never built it because I didn’t have a decent saw. I did listen to him occaisionally, and have some time at a few machines when I was paying for college. I think I am going to splurge a little for a solid cast iron wing for the left so I can have a true surface for sanding and jig assembly.
There are people here that just let them go sit and get rusty and never use them.Shame on them.
I still have to secure the aluminum extrusions and make a pivoting stop for the left extrusion.
Our T-Square fence system takes a proven and tested design to a whole new level of versatility and performance.
I had bought a couple of 4 foot pieces of a similar extrusions at a surplus place and ended up using them to build a bridge and trolley arrangement on which I mounted a Dremel tool. A few more hours of staring at the space should reveal a layout solution for this and a workbench plus.One set of plans is from plansnow and the other is the one you refered to D. Not the best hone i’ve ever seen but for flattening planes and knocking the tops off the grooves on my saw it is not bad. I rinsed it with water(sponge wrung out repeatedly made less mess) then dressed it with a soft bristle brass brush dampened in vinegar, then wiped all clean with alcohol then immediately with johnsons paste wax for floors, not cars. The 10 series is their smallest size and seems just fine for thisapplication.BarryThanX Barry, I get lost in the 8020 catalog trying to figure out what goes with what . Fences with complex jigs and stops attached can be set aside and another fence can be attached to quickly get on with your work and not have your table saw held hostage. It’s how I found this site to begin with, looking for and stumbling across the DIY fence blog.
I asked if she was running a union shop and she went away for a little bit, then called her family. I have a Delta chop right now but I'll build the station so that I can easily swap out the Delta for when I get a Kapex . I want to build a long one like your's she's a Beauty !
When I did the mantel job I had a hard time getting the crown moulding to follow parallel with the top edge or horizontalsurface. Rest of the parts are on the way, and I’m going to wait to install it after the final dimension for the workcenter are established.

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