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Smith is a multi-functional object intended to provide support for various activities in different areas of the home and office. Mapping thousands of abandoned Albanian bunkers, a pragmatic working machine by Christ & Gantenbein, contemporary Arab identity applied to design by Nada Debs, and a surprising building in the outskirts of Paris: here is this week's best. This week, Tim Parsons takes a look at The Outdoor Office, a new exhibition by Jonathan Olivares Design Research at the Art Institute of Chicago which launches an utopian, modernist idea: fifty years from now, an outdoor workspace may become something as common as a gazebo or a patio. What could possibly link Monty Python's Flying Circus with the surrender of Japan on the USS Missouri that ended World War 2 in 1945, or celebrated US television show Twin Peaks with the steps of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow? In the Summer of 2011, Polish photographer Alicja Dobrucka found herself in Albania amidst by 750,000 abandoned pillbox bunkers, a remnant of 45 years of communist dictatorship. These mushroom shaped shelters are the physical manifestation of a paranoid past and stand as reminders of the folly of totalitarianism. A climatic mechanism determined the shape of the building, with the solar templates of the project sculpting internal slopes which get to the very heart of the construction. Javascript doit etre active dans votre navigateur pour que vous puissiez utiliser les fonctionnalites de ce site internet. In 2006 he established Jonathan Olivares Design Research, an office based in Los Angeles that works in the fields of industrial, spatial and communication design. Polish photographer Alicja Dobrucka surveys the Albanian landscape, mapping the abandoned bunkers which dot the country, and we talk to Beirut-based designer and entrepreneur Nada Debs, who aims to celebrate the quality of Middle-Eastern craftsmanship and combine it with international taste.

The answer is they all produced scenes of office work or teaching being played out in the open air. Built to protect the country from enemies that never came, these concrete structures are a truly ubiquitous presence in the country's landscape, which Dobrucka was compelled to document. Now, with a recent bill passed by the Albanian government which allows for the bunkers' full destruction, the country is actively erasing its past, and Dobrucka's survey might be the last record of many of these bunkers. Two 45A° symmetrical slopes establish a triangular quadrant, relieving the whole block from the building's compactness. His designs engage a legacy of form and technology, and ask to be used rather than observed. These examples are from the research benchmarks collected for a project entitled The Outdoor Office by American studio Jonathan Olivares Design Research, being exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago until 15 July 2012.
As a result, a central void appears, where the dwellers can share a continually illuminated unique space.
In the back a€” its most sculptural side a€”, it allows the existing road to remain where it always was. She lived in the Land of the Rising Sun until her teenage years, absorbing its minimalist, linear and simple forms. As the light hits one side in the morning, the opposite side will benefit from it in the afternoon.

In the front, it organizes a parapet for the bus stop, sheltering from the rain, while silently offering its main faA§ade to shops and services.
Olivaresa€™ work has been published internationally, granted several design awardsa€”including Italya€™s Compasso d'Oroa€”and supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts through two grants. Nada then crossed the world to study interior architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, the United States, a crucial experience for her understanding and reinterpretation of the concept of form and function, she says. The designer was fascinated by the American pragmatism, which she embraced and transferred to her first designs a€” with such excellent results that she was able to escape a degree in economics imposed on her by her family.
In the intervals where the building does not fit, it consciously manipulates and presents the demands and desires of the future Liestal urbanite: as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nada packed her bags again, arrived in the United Kingdom, became a mother, and in 2000 founded both the East and East company and the brand that bears her name, before deciding to return to Beirut where she now lives and works after 40 years of absence.

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