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Sand Key has hundreds of luxury condos directly on Clearwater Beach and also on the intercoastal. I know people love those condos, but I have to say that I miss the days when I was in college and we went skinny-dipping out there and built bonfires to roast hot dogs! Cyndee, I know that condos at the beach are the in thing and people are starting to try to bring the condo market to Birmingham. Post © 2016 Cyndee Haydon, 727-710-8035 Clearwater, Beach Short Sales Luxury Condos &Homes (Charles Rutenberg Realty). There are four Bayside Gardens condo complexes, numbered I through IV, on Clearwater Harbor, a wide portion of the Intracoastal Waterway with the beach & Gulf of Mexico across the street. The buildings are 2 stories tall and the units are either on the ground floor with a patio or 2nd floor with a balcony. This entry was posted in Real estate for sale and tagged bayside gardens, beach, clearwater beach, real estate, sand key, waterfront condos for sale by Tom & Lisa Slaughter. Located off the Gulf of Mexico at Clearwater Pass, the cities of Clearwater Beach and Clearwater are about 15 miles northwest of Saint Petersburg and 20 miles west of Tampa.
When this area was known only to the Native Americans, clear springs gurgled from the banks into the bay.
Most of Clearwater’s marinas are located on Clearwater Beach Island on the west side of the GIWW and require navigating off the main channel.

If you can clear the 14-foot fixed portion of the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge, you can access three more facilities off the Mandalay Channel, but you’ll only find fuel here (no transient slips). Three airports just minutes from the beaches make make crew changes or schedules departures easy. Man I wished around here we had an aquarium that had a summer camp , my kids would have a blast.
The two towns thrive on the water and more than a dozen marina facilities dot the shoreline in and around Clearwater Harbor. The springs, long since gone, were located along the high bluffs upon which City Hall and downtown Clearwater are now situated. The first set of marinas are located off a channel that runs parallel to the Clearwater Memorial Causeway on its southern side. Alternate access to these facilities is available around the north side of Clearwater Beach. The condos are beautiful, but it sure would be great to have an oasis or two of the way it used to be!!! More than half the units are directly facing the Intracoastal with the serene wide water view. The Shoppes on Sand Key is a strip retail center within walking distance and consisting of retail shops, a convenience store, and an assortment of dining places, ranging from fine restaurants to a donut shop.

So, take a break this summer and visit us in Clearwater - the parents can play while the kids go to Summer Camp. Ashore you will find easy access to Tampa and Saint Petersburg for shopping and entertainment, but more locally you will find a variety of attractions and provisioning opportunities that make the area a popular stop for boaters. Early settlers called it Clear Water Harbor, by which it was known until 1895 when Clearwater became one word. In the same year, the city built the first wooden bridge to Clearwater Beach, opening it up for development. There are four facilities here and two of them offer transient facilities for visiting boaters.
From 1950, with 15,000 residents, the population continued to burgeon until it reached the number of citizens here today. Plant, the son of the illustrious Henry Plant, donated and raised money for the first hospital in 1914.

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