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Hardwood timber is becoming increasingly popular due largely to its beautiful aesthetic qualities. This beautiful timber has helped shape historic buildings across Europe for centuries with its authentic appearance and impeccable resistance to oak decay. Often seen in modern settings such as offices, banks and redeveloped public buildings, this wood offers style and versatility for any interior design feature. A popular alternative to mahogany due to its aesthetic similarities, this reddish brown wood is much more cost-effective than its lookalike.
Pale yellowish brown in colour, this wood is perfect for applying a beautiful stained finish making it a versatile material for any design feature. This wood has a delicate golden brown finish and is considered to be a low-cost alternative to teak due to its similarities in appearance. This wood is considered an all-rounder due to the adaptive nature of its material properties and because it can retain sprays and finishes excellently. This timber produces an attractive and authentic appearance due to its distinctive wavy or curly grain.
Not only do we stock and supply sawn hardwoods, we also offer laminated hardwood sections in Sapele and Oak. Fresh sawn oak timber can be used for a wide variety of projects - from timber frame beams to landscape garden projects.
Our team will be happy to guide you through our range of fresh sawn oak timber, so that you're better able to choose a material that will best suit your requirements. Whatever the hardwood requirement at Alpha Timber Solutions we can offer the solution, feel free to contact us today! Our Planed All Round American White Oak is accurately machined using state of the art German technology, ensuring you receive timber that is perfectly smooth and straight, making it a pleasure to work with.
If you require set lengths of timber or non-standard sizes, please contact our Sales Office who will be happy to advise you, as there is often wastage to account for with specific cutting lists.
Our American White Oak is sourced from the Appalachian Mountains in North America and planed to order in our factory here in Yorkshire. Typical Uses Furniture and cabinetmaking, joinery, office furniture, boat building, trim, panelling, flooring, cooperage for wine and whisky, coffins, shingles, railroad ties.
I bought some American planed white oak for cabinet making purposes and was well pleased with the quality of planks provided with little wastage due to defects. All hardwood products are manufactured locally on site ensuring quality control throughout the production chain.

Wide Board NSW Spotted GumOne of the most prized of all Australian timbers Spotted Gum is a diversely rich timber with a palette that offers a broad spectrum of colours, from rich reds and browns through to light charcoal greys, producing a floor of striking appeal. Wide Board QLD Spotted GumOne of the most prized of all Australian timbers Spotted Gum is a diversely rich timber with a palette that offers a broad spectrum of colours, from rich reds and browns through to light charcoal greys, producing a floor of striking appeal. Wide Board BlackbuttThe golden browns and striking pinks of Blackbutt make it a favourite amongst designers and architects alike. White OakHaving long been prized as a floor covering in Australia Tassie Oak is making a resurgence in popularity. Pacific WalnutThe rich dark tones of walnut make it a prized timber when an extra level of class and elegance is desired.
MerbauThe unique coarse grain of Merbau combined with its rich browns and deep golden tones make this species one of the most popular choices in today’s market. KempasThe red hues of Kempas are not as dense as Blue Gum or Brazilian Cherry and the golden sapwood brings a sense of lightness to the overall aesthetics making it more diverse and modern. Blue GumFound commonly throughout the east coast of Australia, Blue Gum is a majestically rich timber and is the perfect selection when a more traditional ambience is desired.
Tasmanian OakHaving long been prized as a floor covering in Australia Tassie Oak is making a resurgence in popularity. The Forest Stewardship Council was set-up to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests in Australia and countries supplying the Australian forest products market.
Our aim at Planet Timbers is to provide customers with the quality of service they will get nowhere else, customers want unbiased advice and to be guided with care - Planet Timbers guarantees that. Historic OakHistoric Oak possesses all the character and depth of a reclaimed wood floor with realistic saw marks and nail holes, providing a one-of-a-kind rustic feel.
At Alpha Timber Solutions Ltd we stock a wide range of sawn hardwood timbers in a variety of thicknesses. It's a very durable material which is high in strength meaning it is perfect for creating furniture, interior floors and structures for any purpose. This wood is recognised as the ideal material for constructing doors, windows and floors because it works well with construction materials and has been used in the construction of book cases and cabinets for decades. This wood is also highly durable and resistant making it a popular material for flooring, furniture and high class joinery work. Recognised as a very durable piece of material which can adapt well to most construction techniques; this wood has become renowned for its versatility. It is also a low-cost material making it perfect for a number of uses such as furniture parts, mouldings and construction work.

A popular choice for worktops, walnut creates a durable surface which resists wear and tear. We keep a range of Oak profiles (skirting, architrave etc) and we also offer a rapid turnaround on machined products to any size. The heartwood can vary in colour from light tan or pale yellow-brown to dark or pale brown and can have a pinkish tint. The planed finish was of high quality with edges being sufficiently accurate to allow high quality butt jointing without further planning. The combination of light shades and structural hardness is a unique attribute of this timber and adds to its high demand. Its straw shades and soft muted pinks perfectly fit the modern vogue for timbers with a lighter appearance. Associated with wealth and luxury the use of walnut can add true prestige and distinction to a project.
The gold fleck that appears naturally through the product adds further to it unique character and appeal. Planet Timbers SA can reassure you that Autralian timber purchased from us is harvested only from plantation sources that are responsibly managed for a greener, lower carbon future. Perfect for flooring, furniture and shop fittings, it is also suitable for any type of contemporary interior design due to its wonderful finish. This wood is the ideal material for a number of uses including as furniture, flooring, interior fixtures and fittings, and laboratory surface tops. It also produces great results when used to make furniture, cabinets, flooring, and panelling, as well as interior fixtures and fittings. The tannin conent can react with ferrous metals to cause iron staining if the wood becomes wet.
With its even colouring and grain structure Tassie Oak is a must for anyone seeking a fresh contemporary appeal. It has longer rays than red oak and therefore displays more figure, which can include swirls, crotch pattern, burls and a tiger-ray flake pattern.

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