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Although the ooze looks white there are clearly defined cycles down the core.
The individual reports are in and the six teams are putting the final touches to their posters. Operations went very smoothly today so we have finished the coring ahead of schedule. A quick conference was called to determined the best use of this valuable time. The 44 meter long Calypso corer being lowered down the side of the ship.
In the geochemistry lab Graham takes samples for squeezing and analysis. Lapstone to Nepean River and along track to Glenbrook Gorge following Glenbrook Creek [swimming opportunities] and back via the cliffline above railway and gorge, and down to Lapstone station.
Carrington Falls--Missingham Steps through steep canyon to rainforest and river crossing with waterfall. Nth Turramurra-Merruin track-Gibberagong-Cockle Creek-Bobbin Head-estuary track to Sphinx track ascent to cars at Merruin Street. North Head Peninsula with spring wildflowers on new pathways to wetlands, with historic remnants amidst ocean and harbour views. Mt Lagoon fire trail via Bilpin to Conder Peak and Gospers Ridge with distant views overlooking Colo River and Mt Townsend. Leura--Roberts Pass to Lindeman Track--Wentworth Pass--Slack Stairs--National Pass--Valley of Waters--Lillian’s Bridge--Fairmont Resort.
Stanwell Park station to Wodi Wodi Track [Bullock Track in 1820], ascending to clifftop for scenic walk to Maddens Plains, then Sublime Point with a descent on stairs to rainforest and Austinmer station. Vaucluse House to village and clifftop walk to Watsons Bay via Macquarie Lighthouse, thence Parsley Bay with Suspension Bridge, Neilson Park and headland bush walk behind Greycliffe House.

Wentworth Falls to Edinburg Rock-Lillians Bridge-Conservation Hut-Cliff top walk to region above the Falls, then return to W. Watamolla car park, and north on the coastal track to Little Marley beach for optional swimming, then over sandhills to Marley Lagoon for lunch, returning on coastal track. Gundah Ridge or Sams Ridge via Mt Kuringai to Salt Marsh Flat and Crosslands partly on Benowie Track and G't N'th Walk, then return on estuary track. Using the long 42 meter barrel early this morning we cored 36.3 meters, a record for this expedition.
What is this ooze that now covers students and ship as if they have been white-washed? These record the ice ages when the productivity of the oceans was greater than today. They look very professional and will be printed tomorrow and displayed in the Forum for tomorrow night is national costume night.
Students will be busy all night and tomorrow finishing the processing of the long cores.
Again there are plenty of options because there are few surveys in the deep Tasman Sea.
The pretty discs only 2 micrometers in size are coccoliths, an algae made of calcium carbonate. Trigger arm with counter weight holds the weight stand till it is released 2 meters above sea floor. A challenging ascent of around 410 metres on good track, with increasingly awesome views, returning same way with optional swim on return. Coalcliff to Hoddles Track above Stanwell Park, forest cliff-top walk to Madden Plains and Sublime Point. Now … Sydney Harbour NP Manly Wharf to Shelly Beach coast track to North Head and environs, to Collins Beach on harbour, then Little Manly Cove.

A scenic walk overlooking the Hawkesbury River on track with up to 200 metre ascent, and a train journey on return to Cowan.
We walk across this wetland escarpment above Kiama mostly on track and flat terrain, to the lagoon and the awesome drop of the Falls overlooking Kangaroo Valley.
The walk in this relatively new NP established in 1991 near Tuggerah Lakes will commence near Norah Head lighthouse and be in 3 stages which include Red Gum Forest walk over the ancient sand dune dividing the lake from the ocean and, the coastal track near Batteau Bay to Crackneck Lookout. It was decided to map the base of seamounts to the north-west of us to define their extent. Some off-track coastal walking before low tide at 2 pm on rocky platforms and boulders, grade mostly medium with options for easy exit if required. My solution was to involve my watch which eats dinner alone at a second sitting at 8pm.
They are nearly 4,000 meter high and come to within 400 meters of the surface. We have been working our way through the wine cellar so I can get enough bouchons to hang from my hat for tomorrow night. They were once volcanoes above the sea and have subsided to their present depth. We know this from dredge samples and a survey of their tops by CSIRO. We are certain to reveal more diverse seafloor environments down their flanks.

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