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Lancaster Wines is located in Western Australiaa€™s beautiful Swan Valley just 20 minutes from the centre of Perth. Come and take a spot at the bar of Lancastera€™s famous outdoor tasting shed and enjoy premium wines and a gourmet selection of local cheeses with friendly service in a casual relaxed atmosphere with a great vibe.
Open 7 days from 10am to 5pm, located directly opposite the Chocolate Factory on West Swan Rd. Sounding like a Vic Reeves’ Shooting Stars comedic expletive is not normally a criterion by which I evaluate whether to buy a wine, but somehow this just grabbed my attention on a recent visit to Majestic, Leeds. South Africa is a bit of a blind spot in my wine rack and I occasionally have to remind myself that good wine comes from English speaking zones, as well and French and Spanish. Eranu or Uvavu?  Ugaba Stellenbosch 2006 is ?11.99 at Majestic and this represents good value.  ERANU!
That having been said, the single greatest strength of the iPhone is that is has learnt, ironically from Microsoft, that to create a successful platform you have to create a community and allow them to expand your platform by building applications.  This happens much faster than you could ever build applications yourself so the usage of your platform spreads like wildfire.

Witness Steve Jobs who, a billion application downloads later, must be wondering if he will catch up Bill Gates in the software wealth stakes before the decade is out. In honour, I was hoping to bring you a wine that tastes of apple, but this one is pure lemon.
As if it wasn’t hard enough already (no pun intended), blokes everywhere are giving up hope of ever getting another blowjob. Glam: There's nothing on the inside of this colourful diner to suggests it's really a shed. Richard Pim, 73, from Pembridge, Herefordshire, created a stunning grotto from 5,000 wine bottles. Paul Ruddiford, from Sheffield, turned his shed into a retro fair for his three children's birthday parties. Father David Lifton, 45, built the ultimate bolt hole for his 12-year-old son Rhys a€“ a Doctor Who time machine.David used an online blueprint to build the 8ft tall box out of plywood in his back garden in Little Bentley, Essex.

Green: Londoner Joel Bird, 39, has created a solar-powered eco shed which doubles up as a roof allotment.
Home › HumourNew Humour Posters and PrintsHumour posters, spoofs, jokes, funny quotes, adult humour plus lots more! Lancaster boast's some of the oldest vines in the Swan Valley and produces its own outstanding wines. If you are organising a private tour our friendly staff will be delighted to help organise your booking.
Beautiful vineyard platters can be organised for your tour and will be served to your table set amongst our very precious old shiraz vines.

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