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The catch on Monday sparked my interest in coyote trapping so I put out several snares on Tuesday. My wood stove is way over kill and I need to find a way to regulate it so I can dry furs instead of taking them to the basement after boarding. You can get a better lay of your land, you can see where the deer were most recently moving, and shed hunting is a great way to introduce hunting to a youngster.But for many hunters there is just not always enough time to get in the woods and hunt sheds.
All you need to do is find some small trees placed close together, this can be two trees or a patch of three or four if they are very close.Texas Bow HunterThen, wrap the chicken wire around the trees, connecting it to itself. Surprisingly, I caught another female coyote yesterday just a few days after placing the snare there. That’s the beauty of being an outdoor enthusiast in the heartland, outdoor activities change with the change of seasons.
The male deer in the heard will have to shed his antlers off against the wire to obtain the food. The crockpot is full of chili and warming for a pregame supper. The outdoor winter activities are winding down. Soon the snow will be gone, sun and warmth will bring green grass, baseball, mushrooms and gobbling turkeys. That way, you can still get the antlers without having to search the whole forest for them. After this is finished just pour some corn, or whatever attractant works best in your area, at the bottom of the wire trap on the ground.Texas Bow HunterAs the bucks work to get the corn below the wire, their antlers will get caught in the wire and fall off.

Deer and trapping seasons over, bucks are slowly shedding antlers but now covered with ten inches of fresh snow. I hope days like this will be limited the rest of the winter.
They will prey on various small game animals but won’t pass on a chance to catch a bigger meal. It extends my time in the outdoors which helps me observe deer behavoir and sign that will help next season. No need to search the whole forest, just go replace the corn in your antler trap, pick up the discarded sheds and get crafty.You can also use bungee cords in place of chicken wire. Too many days of this during remaining winter months of February and March can bring on cabin fever. From my trapping experience, which is only two years, snares sets seem to get better and make successful catches with time. The concept is the same but bungee cords can give and even break if the antlers are not ready to shed, making wire even safer for the deer.Texas Bow HunterPlease remember not to bait your antler trap all year long. During late winter months I hope to spend time outdoors performing habitat work with a chainsaw, do trail camera surveys to inventory deer after season,  predator call and shed antler hunt. I caught one or two coyotes there last year and one in November of this year.  Coyotes are like other animals and humans, they will take the path of least resistence.
I went shed hunting on Monday and found myself looking at trapping sign and oppurtunity more so than looking for antlers.
If the deer are not ready to shed their antlers, the trap will not work and can cause the buck to become trapped and potentially die.

A trapper can find these spots by walking fences, looking for obvious spots where the coyotes can duck under the fence in stride.
While setting traps on Tuesday evening, six deer remained in a clover food plot as I drove past them.
As I rode a fenceline between two food plots, I noticed an enlarged hole in the center of a woven wire fence.
While setting traps, I try to reduce placing human scent around the trap area to a minimum.
Over time, precipitation and changes in temperaurures and weather will wash away the human scent. Also, you might even be the lucky finder of a shed antler as I was yesterday. From my few short years of trapping experience, the snare trapping of coyotes gets better with inclimate weather or in January. I hung a snare and felt confident it would catch a coyote before the end of the season on January 31st.
The cold and snowy winter has them stressed and hungry. They are disconcerned about danger of human presence.
Hopefully reducing coyote populations will help other wildlife populations on the properties I hunt and trap.

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