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Ever wish you just had one more area such as a two story building that would be good for additional living space on your property? Upgrading the Everest shed as a two story storage building with stairs will save you thousands in comparison to adding onto your home. The Everest storage shed is the perfect addition to your home when it comes to having guests. For your convenience, our two story storage buildings can be installed right in your backyard. The Everest is the perfect addition to let that extra person live nearby, while still maintaining some happy boundaries for the whole family. To go with the man cave idea, our garage sized shed is also a great addition for that manly man, who loves cars. The average sized shed is great for the average uses, but our two story storage buildings give you room to grow and are easily customizable. With a little outside the box thinking, you can convert a shed like this one into just about anything you want! Obviously the main ingredients for a great Super Bowl Party are the television and the food. From Allrecipes, seven layer dips, beer cheese dip, wings (can’t have a Superbowl part without wings!), and bacon appetizers. Hang some artwork and add your favorite toys like video games, game tables, a refrigerator (or better yet, a kegerator), something to relax in, like a hammock, bean bags  or a recliner. Available in a 16×20 and 16×24 size, the Everest is a stylish gambrel building with tons of space for storage and a second story of stairs!
Obviously a man cave is subject to personal taste, but the average man cave generally has a few basic rules. Turning your shed into a man cave in time for Superbowl Sunday is just the incentive you need to get this done. Visit the Sheds Unlimited website today and you will find two story shed deals in their "Fantastic Clearance Sale. To boost their two story buildings development in 2012, Sheds Unlimited invested in a crane truck that would enable them to to ship two story one car modular garages and two story sheds as modular units.

When the Lumberton Youth Football League in New Jersey was looking for a sports announcers booth, they turned Sheds Unlimited and had a custom two story garage manufactured and delivered to their field for nearly half the cost of a commercially produced sports announcers booth and press box. One of the most popular features is the wide open spaces these two story Dream Detached Garages and sheds offer on all levels. Sheds Unlimited offers free garage pricing estimates that are customized with a customer's specific needs. Any and all unauthorized use of copyrighted images, with out prior approval from Mega Storage Sheds is considered plagiarism. Mega Storage Sheds is a privately owned and operated company, we have no affiliation nor any type of relationship with any other storage shed company. Mega Storage Sheds is a full service custom builder of sheds, gables, barns, cabins, garage porches and decks in the greater Houston and Harris County areas of Texas.
At 16 X 24, with an option to upgrade to a two story storage building, the Everest barn style shed is the perfect solution for your spacious needs. If the wife is getting you down with complaints about your projects taking up space, the Everest is perfect for your man cave. If you enjoy long-term stays with family and friends, consider installing the Everest to make their stays more comfortable for everyone.
Getting a big screen TV into your shed can be simple as long as you have electrical wiring in your shed.
And just think, you’ll have all year to make your man cave even better for next year’s game! The two story sheds and garage featured there are discounted greatly and have been at the heart of their move to building bigger and better sheds and garages in both stationary and modular units. These amazingly designed two story detached garages and sheds can be assembled in their manufacturing facility in Lancaster, PA and shipped in two units to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Two story buildings from Sheds Unlimited have been delivered from PA for quickly built houses, home art studios, garages with apartment space and much more. On the first floor an engineered I-Joist offers a wide open area with no posts to impose on the garage or living space.
A new price estimating tool is under development that will make custom two story garage pricing a breeze.

Perfect for a Man-Cave, Mother-in-Law Suite, Living Quarters, Lake House, Bungaloo, Campground, etc To see some of our Barn Cabins, See our Barn Cabins Gallery below. We have had many complaints of such issues and would like to recommend that you please verify the company with whom you are going to do business with. Rather than putting folks up on the couch or running into them at the bathroom, having your own guest house makes it like having a hotel in your backyard.
The Everest storage shed can be the perfect storage unit for car storage while you fix them up, or just to keep classic cars in tip top shape.
Folks who are thinking outside the box when it comes to storage uses for sheds are the ones who need our Everest, garage sized shed. If you need to get a simple wiring job in before the game, here is a great video to help you figure out everything you need. The wide range of uses just continues to grow as people discover the wide open spaces that these two story buildings offer.
In addition, the second floor of these buildings can have a dormer added to open up the spaces for a garage with living space, a man cave, home workshop area and much more.
Visit the two story garage ideas galleries and you will see why so many are choosing a two story detached garage from Sheds Unlimited. All images are copyright, owned and verified by both previous customer and Mega Storage Sheds. If you wish to give your man cave all the added comforts of the perfect getaway, add a second story and set up your entertainment area. It should be able to be knocked over, spilled on, and generally abused with little consequences. Regardless of what style you choose, either building would make the perfect guest cottage with little customization.
Who needs to go out to the bar when you can just invite your friends over to your man cave?

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