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A?116.007 bids54 watching8" x 6" (foot print closer to 9" x 7") Yard Master galvanised metal shed.
Gardeners seem to share a universal gene for outbuildings, and Bob Bowling has tapped into that on South Whidbey Island. Bob Bowling designed this trailer shed, complete with turban-like cupola and painted hubcaps, for a customer on the move. A Dutch door, whale weathervane and colorful pots in the window boxes make this octagonal shed a focal point in a seaside garden.
LIKE MUSHROOMS in damp autumn woods, Bob Bowling's sheds are popping up all over South Whidbey Island. Is it the peaked roofs, the cupolas and aged windowpanes that lend a sense of history to each tidy little footprint of a building? After his success at the past few Northwest Flower & Garden Shows, where he won "Best of Show" in the exhibitor category, Bowling is busy building custom designs. After working as a flooring contractor in Riverside, Calif., Bowling moved to Whidbey with a now ex-girlfriend, and started crafting birdhouses and benches. Now Bowling starts his days poking around the woodpile at the local construction dump and visiting Island Recycling. Despite windows, doors and siding old enough to make the buildings look weathered in place, new underlying framework assures they're structurally sound. Because Bowling builds with materials on at least their second lifetimes, each shed is unique.
While Bowling usually sticks with his square little footprint and tried-and-true proportions, he is sometimes asked to come up with new shapes and sizes. His sheds have been used as outhouses, chapels, outdoor showers, playhouses and simply as garden focal points. Choose a location that places your shed where it will be used the most so that it maintains functionality. A lean to shed is a storage structure that is usually built adjacent to another building, usually for support or aesthetics. English sheds have a history of being a place of escape for the man of the house - a place to relax and tinker.
Victorian sheds have an elaborate, ornate and colorful style representative of the Victorian era (1839-1910).
Vinyl sheds are typically wood frame construction with plywood sheeted walls that are covered with vinyl siding.

The shed is ~12 months old and has been used as temporary storage whilst we had some building work done on the main house. Erected for 2 months and found not suitable for our purpose so we took it down and has been in the garage since September last year where we need room. This garden building is supplied with styrene glazed windows, which are 100% shatterproof and a safer alternative to glass. Every shed he makes is uniquely designed and crafted from mostly recycled and repurposed materials.
The screens come nearly to the ground to help circulate air and give the birds a view to the garden. A columnist for The Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine for the last 14 years and author of four books on gardening, she lives on Whidbey Island where she loves to hike, read and garden.
Small enough to squeeze into a garden corner or side yard, yet large enough to house chickens, hold a yoga mat or tools, the sheds are drop-dead charming. Perhaps it's that Bowling has mastered the perfect proportions and garnishes to appeal to our fantasies of a sweet little destination shed. He moved on to sheds after discovering the abundant supply of recycled materials on the island. If wood or metal doesn't look sufficiently vintage, Bowling adds patina with a vinegar wash.
He built an octagonal building he describes as "Gothic" to fit into a hillside garden in Burien.
Before purchasing it is important to define the purpose you have in mind, whether it be for vegetable gardening tool storage, equipment storage, or any other functionality.
Different styles will use different building materials, so be sure that the construction of the garden shed you choose will withstand the use you require.
Indoor structures are often smaller but great for storing items like firewood, bikes, toys, household items, etc. A lean to garden shed can be enclosed or open-ended, and typically has a roof that slopes downwards from back to front. Wall space is usually important for a garden tool storage shed so the number of windows should be limited. They are typically the most economical, more durable, lighter, and require little maintenance. Roof is in 4 fibre board panels and has just been re-felted so we managed to remove it in one piece.

So please do not bid if you haven't arranged a van it is a 6 x 9 shed but fitted in a Luton box van.
Gardeners seem to share a universal gene for outbuildings, and Bowling has tapped right into that.
The windows hinge wide open, the roofs are sturdy galvanized metal with overhangs, and the chicken coops come with nesting boxes and windows low enough to give the birds a view out into the garden. He stockpiles old doors and windows, and buys bits and pieces on eBay, like the $5 metal spheres he uses as finials.
Dutch doors, weathervanes and window boxes large enough to hold a few herbs or pansies add yet more charm. For example, if you wish to store something large, like garbage bins or a lawn mower, find a design that allow you the ability to easily find other things in the shed without always having to remove the bins or mower.
Outdoor storage sheds are usually larger and designed to house things like farm equpment, gardening equipment, fuel, tools and any other items that are primarily used in the yard or on the farm.
This type of roof gives the apprearance that it is 'leaning' against the adjacent structure.
These structures are typically A-frame construction and reflect traditional English styles.
He constructs cupolas out of metal chicken feeders, funnels, stove pipes or pot lids — whatever ends up stacking in an eye-pleasing and sturdy way. Sheds can add a pleasing look to the yard, and so it is important to consider how it looks in proximity to other buildings, during different seasons, and does it blend into the natural landscape or is it a show piece. Regular inspection and maintenance will keep your wood shed in good condition for many years! If you are planning on using much of the wall space for hanging, limit the number of windows in order to free up this space. Keep in mind that large sheds may have zoning and permit requirements in your area, while a small shed may not.

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