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In the big drawer above, I put my few weeding tools, a new pair of gloves and my work shoes. The next cabinet has all the little nails and screws, furniture movers, and Joey’s rockets. I am going to keep paring down what we have and moving more in our garage into these cabinets. By Involving Home 15 CommentsYou know how when you are working on a house project, and you have to build in that extra time because nothing ever works out perfectly? In my 2014 goals post, I mentioned that I wanted to clean up our garage and hang up our old kitchen cabinets that we took out.
The base cabinets are going to be used as a workbench, so once we got the cabinets installed, we went on the hunt for an inexpensive, decent looking, durable counter.
We decided on laminate, and as it turns out, stock laminate counters were a little more expensive than I originally thought.
We are fortunate to have two Ikea stores nearby within about a 45 minute drive, but I avoid going out there without a purpose since the gas alone is like $7 to get there and back. We had planned to take a quick glance at the As-Is section just in case they had laminate counters, then walk around the store for a bit to check out the new products and displays. We had some major counter karma going on that day, because as Marty and I walked into the As Is section, it was like a little ray of sunshine shone down on that perfect, 8′ black laminate counter that we wanted. Since there was only one of these, and anybody could walk over and take it at anytime (I mean, who wouldn’t want this amazing deal if they were in the market for a counter) we loaded it up on a cart and passed on browsing the rest of the store like we initially planned. In case you are ever in the same position of wanting to share one of these, yes you can cut a cinnamon bun in half if you stab it enough times with a spork, the utensil of choice at the Ikea concession stand. Through a stroke of luck, the upper cabinets we kept to hang in here were almost exactly the right length for the space, which was just about 8′. We didn’t have enough base cabinets left over to fill the whole length, so we left a space over by the wall that can be used for additional storage.

To keep the counter from tipping if we lean on that hollow area on the left, I just put a couple of wood screws in the studs under the counter. I’m hoping to reuse our kitchen cabinets in our garage too when we get around to doing our kitchen. In the top drawer, we have a few grill items, a blade for a tree limb cutter, and his headset for yard work.
When I had quickly looked online before, I thought I had seen 8′ laminate counters for around $50, but it turns out I was looking at laminate sheets which are completely different from the actual counter.
I like to factor in the cost of driving places, and it’s not just the gas but the miles on the car too. While we were there, we returned some toe kicks from our kitchen renovation a few years ago that I forgot we had, and they actually took them since they still sell the exact same thing. I’ve got a fun project planned for organizing all of my tools on the wall between the cabinets. We didn’t keep our old counters because the way our kitchen was configured, there were cutouts for the stove and sink that got in the way of the long stretches, and it is a U shaped kitchen, so there are also two corners. We are still finishing up our Ikea kitchen remodel (we started last March and did it in three phases, and the last phase, trim, flooring, paint and lighting is dragging on forever) and when I ordered our kitchen last year they were out of the birch countertops I had planned on.
Maybe your kitchen is looking a bit tired and needs a change of cabinets to brighten it a bit for the summer.
Having this 10 foot drop zone in our garage really helps keep the inside of our house clean! We still don’t clean the cars at home, but as soon as I get rid of all of it… hubby will ask! Corner kitchen cabinets are great ways to make use of these spaces, they look great, and add extra storage space. Score! Our store credit from the toe kicks we had just returned was about the same amount, so while I don’t want to say it was like the counter was free, it sort of felt like it since we had paid for those toe kicks years ago.

I literally picked out the Pragel black mineral effect in about two minutes, and I have been perfectly satisfied with them.
In order to get an 8 ft long counter out of these, we would have had to cut it up into many pieces and try and attach them back together. I love your kitchen countertops but the fabrication time would have been a real burden for us so I’m glad we went with something dear husband could install in three hours. No, I never did get new chairs for the dining room office.I was having some neck and back issues, and these chairs actually really seem to help which is a good argument for me to keep them. I may still get a new chair (or chairs) in there someday, but I’m having a really hard time justifying the cost with myself!
This will look great, will be much more convenient and easy to use, and you can use the space underneath your stove to store your pots and pans for easier access. You can add glass doors for these cabinets and go for accent lighting to illuminate them in a nice display.
You can use these for anything, from displaying plates and dishes to turning it into an open pantry.
You can add as many racks and you need along both walls, which will fully utilize the space and give you lots of storage that has a nice quaint feel.These are by no means the only ways to use your corner kitchen cabinets.
If you’d rather not have a cabinet there, you can always add interesting lighting, a corner stove or sink, some large two wall windows or corner drawers.

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