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Portable canopies and tents, and storage sheds and playhouses, can add entire new dimensions to your backyard and property. The most important fact to remember – and, not surprisingly, among the most obvious – is that canopies and tents are not toys, and they are not playground equipment. On a more upbeat note, setting up and taking down a canopy or tent is a great way to teach children the importance of caring for their possessions and to help improve their motor skills. Canopies also make good central, outdoor meeting places during lawn-keeping projects or for times when too many trips indoors for glasses or water or sunscreen would eat up too much time. As an ongoing practice, parents should always dismantle and store the canopy away when it’s not in use.
Even though their low roofs may offer an irresistible climbing temptation, parents should keep their children from using the sheds as climbing or playground equipment. If sheds are used to store hazardous equipment – such as lawnmowers, power tools, and saw blades – the shed should be kept locked whenever not in use. Storage sheds and playhouses also present incredible opportunities to teach children about renovation, including painting and landscaping. Similar in size and scale to the storage shed, children’s playhouses represent probably the ultimate in children’s toys. Much like storage sheds, playhouses present incredible opportunities to teach children about renovation, including painting and landscaping.
In some ways, it’s tempting to think of the storage shed as any home’s “branch office.” A storage shed provides valuable sheltering space and can increase the beauty of your yard or property. With the wide variety of choices available to consumers looking to add a storage shed to their backyard landscape, it’s important to understand several areas of interest.
For many, the popular image remains that of the no-frills vinyl or metal shed propped against the back of a house or barn. The materials used to make the storage shed will determine its potential resistance to the elements.
Regardless of their weather resistance, the functions of a storage shed are limited only by the imaginations of their owners. Storage sheds, especially those that are sealed against the elements, can provide ideal shelter and display space for collections, memorabilia, and family keepsakes. Some wooden storage shed models include “real” house decoration features including wooden floors (either optional or standard) and glass windows and shutters. Standard and optional decorative features vary – often wildly – among manufacturers but also from model to model. These versatile shed models combine the horticultural advantages of greenhouses and sunrooms with the storage functionality of the basic storage shed. Similar in shape and construction to storage sheds, children’s playhouses – also called children’s cottages – offer any child a wonderful playtime destination.
Listed below are seven tips to help everyone make sure their yard and patio get through the snow, rain, and sleet with a minimum of hassle and damage. Especially for homeowners in parts of the country with a lot of snowfall, choosing the right storage shed or portable garage or shelter is an absolute must. Caring for your storage shed, no matter what its construction type, is much like performing routine maintenance on your house. Both in-ground and aboveground pool owners should cover their pools with manufacturer-recommended tarps. Take precautions to protect the pool’s pumps, pipes, and other machinery against damage from freezing.
You’ll keep a greener lawn all winter long by over-seeding it  with grass that thrives in cold weather.
A late-autumn fertilizing will help give your lawn the food it needs for a healthy hibernation. Aerating involves making small holes in your lawn, the better to let in oxygen and fertilizer nutrients.
The debris and decaying matter left behind as annuals and dying plants decompose can block sunlight, nutrients, and rainfall from reaching healthier and perennial plants.
Sealants (also called water proofers) protect your wood fences, decks, and structures from both weather and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Experts recommend sealing wooden decks once a year, ideally in the late summer and early fall when temperatures are relatively mild.
Remove all furniture or decorations, and give the wooden surface a thorough cleaning first. Don’t forget that your yard and garden equipment, tools, recreational vehicles and machinery are all subject to the cruelties of Old Man Winter. For additional protection, enclose your recreational vehicles (motorcycles, four-wheelers, bicycles, et cetera) in specially designed sleeves and slipcovers. It’s true that many lawn and garden furniture sets and pieces are engineered and treated to resist the elements. Before storing away your yard and garden tools, give them all a good cleaning and polishing with machine oil. The blazing heat may have you staying indoors and away from the backyard and patio you’ve worked hard to renovate and enjoy. Shade sail canopies combine the functionality of traditional canopies with the versatility of a portable canopy cover. Most sail shade canopies come with installation hardware included, and can be hung over patios, decks, and swimming pools in only minutes. Set one up in the middle of your backyard and give yourself a place to rest while completing yardwork, an area to sit while the kids enjoy the backyard, or just a place out of the sun to enjoy some fresh air. Canopies also come ready to take on a wide array of accessories, too, including anchor kits, weight bags, sidewalls, and headbands.
The misting systems that you’ve enjoyed at outdoor festivals, concerts and amusement parks are now readily available to the public. For additional water pressure (meaning additional refreshing power), consider buying a medium- or high-pressure misting tent or misting system. Patio enclosures keep you shaded and protected from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other flying pests while remaining easy to install and take down. Besides remaining one of the most elegant decorative elements you can give your backyard, the pergola also makes a great frame for shade sail coverings, sun-blocking (and sun-welcoming) vine and liana growth, and as a shelter for your patio furniture and fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Of course, you can give your entire backyard a gorgeous new centerpiece by installing a gazebo. When you must beat the heat, re-employ the portable or semi-permanent shelter you use to cover boats, vehicles, and other machinery as an oasis. Some modern awnings feature top-flight materials including lightweight aluminum frames and high-endurance acrylic canopy coverings. By the way, remember that protecting yourself from sunburn and other harmful effects stemming from exposure to ultraviolet rays takes more than just a beautiful backyard. Gazebos have served as centerpieces and crown jewels of some of finest private landscapes in the world. An alternative to the gazebo that’s growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, the free-standing pergola offers a backyard and patio centerpiece that makes a distinct design statement while staying versatile enough for a variety of design plans. Canopies are sturdy enough to stand in your backyard year-round, but most modern canopy models are designed to break down in minutes. Shade sail canopies offer a stylish twist on the usual canopy cover, and work well to provide cover to part or all of the pool or back patio areas. Much like the strings of holidays lights seen everywhere in December, LED light chains make warm and relaxing accents to backyard decor. Flowerbeds and gardens make great decorative additions to many of the ideas suggested above. It’s no secret that children love to express their imagination, and psychologists have spoken for decades about the importance of allowing children to express themselves in a healthy, artistic manner. But there’s more to playhouse renovation than just planting flowers and painting the walls.
Parents who have a fixed amount of money to spend on decorating the playhouse can use the opportunity to teach their kids about budgets and funding.
Save money by looking for bargains at local hardware stores and chains, especially during weekends and holiday weekends when bargains and specials are often at their best. Ideally, the walls of the playhouse should be painted first, followed by any trim such as shutters, porch railings, eaves or other decorative elements. Once those are complete, you may also wish to begin decorating the inside of the playhouse, too.
It almost goes without saying that children shouldn’t be allowed to use lawn or painting tools without careful parental supervision.
For older children, keeping them away from the work-in-progress likely won’t be an easy task.
Besides paint and flowers, accessory furniture makes a great way to personalize and brighten the playhouse interior or front porch. Once the renovations are complete, the playhouse can become a great opportunity for children to learn the value of proper care and keeping of their possessions. While children shouldn’t be held responsible for repairs that might lead them to injure themselves, they should definitely take charge of day-to-day maintenance.
In the summertime, parents and party hosts alike can follow these tips to keep their backyards, pools, decks and patios clean, safe, and healthy. Especially for people living in the outer suburbs or countryside, loose wildlife and stray pets can pose a significant health risk to yourself and your pets. For areas without fences, use an animal repellent system to discourage stray pets and local wildlife from coming on to your lawn. The undersides of railings, eaves, and elevated decks and tree houses are common areas to find wasp and hornet’s nests, and small wildlife like snakes will sometimes nest in the dark areas beneath decks and raised playhouses.
Loose trash, rocks, leaves and branches, and small holes or divots can present risks for twisted and sprained ankles, painful falls, and cuts and bruises. When mowing and trimming your lawn, keep children at least 30 feet away from the machinery, and remove all debris before cutting and trimming.
Mosquitoes and other flying insects can present not just an annoyance but also a risk of disease and other infections. Ironically, heat and humidity are the natural enemies of patio furniture, leading to mildew and rot that can spoil both good looks and comfort.

Finally, protect yourself in the backyard by using sunscreen and wearing appropriate clothing when participating in backyard activities. Choosing the right table and chairs is crucial, but additional furnishings can play a large part in giving your home the patio it deserves. The most traditional, and most common, patio table and chairs are full-sized sets that are essentially just kitchen dining tables constructed for the great outdoors.
For smaller patios and decks, an over-sized umbrella can swallow too much of the deck space beneath it. Your image of a perfect patio or deck likely includes a barbecue pit and possibly also a wet bar.
Just like with the patio table and chairs, it’s important to measure our your total floorspace and then allocate the amount you want to setting up your grill and bar.
On the other hand, if your patio or deck has an wide or expansive floor space, your challenge becomes using that space in ways that don’t make the area look sparse or indifferently furnished. A pergola (mentioned above) can help divide your patio or deck space into separate, covered and outdoor areas that can serve different purposes or roles in entertaining (underneath for food and drinks, outside for entertaining).
Smaller patios can install space-efficient chimeneas, which provide plenty of warmth without a minimum of maintenance and cleanup. Memorial Day is just a couple of weeks away, and after the long, lazy days of June comes the excitement and spectacle of Independence Day.
Just opening the doors and cracking open the ice chest was fine for the parties you threw in college. A party is the chance to transform your backyard into a celebration space that your guests won’t soon forget. Monitor weather forecasts, of course, but keep your eye on the weather around your party area. Some guests will be happy to eat in lawn chairs, so make sure there’s plenty of those available, too. H Helper yield amp preference storage section for your collection with the US Leisure Stronghold 10 ft.
In fact, children climbing on canopy frames can seriously damage the legs and support trusses and tear the canopy material. Placing children in charge of the assembly before an event, or letting them take care of the maintenance afterwards, gives them a character-building task that’s not too complex or that requires elaborate physical exertion. Just deploy the canopy in an area of the yard and use it to shelter a water cooler, towels, sun protectant, and other supplies. This will protect children from possible injury but also make sure the canopy stays in top condition for as long as possible. Suitable for dozens of purposes, storage sheds are also available in a giant array of sizes and styles. Vinyl and plastic sheds will need little more than an occasional washing and rinsing to remain in good condition. This is also true of the exteriors of playhouses, and even (perhaps especially) the frames and support beams of swing sets and play sets. Remember at the end of tasks to lock all entries to the shed, including any opening windows.
Read about the best – and most cost-effective ways – to renovate and beautify your wooden storage shed by reading our complete guide here. For additional details on adding flowerbeds to your storage shed, read our easy how-to tutorial. Large enough to become a “house” of their own, they are available in many different styles and themes, from fanciful cottage to frontier schoolroom. For a complete guide to renovating a shed or child’s playhouse a fun project for the whole family, see our guide elsewhere on this blog. It can also serve as recreation or entertainment space for parties and other backyard events. All the same, larger wood- and cedar storage sheds provide greater amounts of storage and recreation space while also offering powerful decorative potential.
This means that the shed’s walls are prepared for mounting vinyl sides across their exterior.
Many models of shelter, regardless of their materials, will list their weather resistance certifications and qualifications as a central part of their features.
Many owners simply choose to employ the storage shed as a kind of “backyard closet” that holds landscaping and lawn care equipment. Qualified electricians can rig many models for electric light, adding to their display potential. Nevertheless, when shopping for a storage shed, remember to leave “room to grow.” By buying a larger shed than you need right now, you give yourself the blessing of extra space to store equipment and other goods you acquire in the future.
Others include gable windows, eaves and shingled roofs, and fenced or semi-enclosed porches.
When deciding which storage shed to purchase, it’s important to carefully understand what comes as a basic feature to each shed and what must be ordered at additional costs. They’re available in a variety of motifs and themes: cottage, schoolhouse, country church, and many others. However, to the novice builder these instructions can appear complex and hard to understand. Learn your shed or shelter’s snow resistance level, and find out what steps you can take to augment its weather resistance. Make sure the roof and foundation are in good condition, that the windows and doors do not leak, and that the entire structure is free of pests, rodents, and termites. Such steps can include blowing water out of pipes and draining water from the filters and wrapping the pipes with insulation. The aeration process is simple and time-efficient, and the tools are available from most hardware and hardware rental stores.
Though it’s tough to know when to pull the plug, some judicious culling can help nurture your hardier plants. This keeps the sealant at its freshest – and most effective – during snowfall and hard freeze months. Storing them in a weatherproof or weather-resistant shelter will help protect them against the elements and humidity.
This will help against rusting and other elemental damage, and work to keep them like new until you need them again in springtime.
As record temperatures continue bedeviling much of the United States and the rest of the world, the cooler, refreshing temperatures of autumn seem to take longer and longer to arrive. The finished result is a beautiful, elegant canopy that can block most (if not all) of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while still providing some much needed sun blockage.
Modern portable canopies are easy to set up, block virtually all sunlight and UV rays, and assemble and break down again in minutes. There’s a huge variety of screen houses that give you all the benefits of a screened, enclosed relaxation area but remain freestanding anywhere in your yard. The rugged, handsome pergola frame will beautify any patio, porch, or deck, helping to your home’s comfort (and property value) while helping shield you from direct sunlight. Whether built from scratch or from a kit, gazebos bring undeniable ambiance all by themselves or when decorated with flower beds, LED lights, and patio furniture. Most modern outdoor canopies and portable garages are built for the long haul against sunlight and severe weather, so they’re more than capable of keeping you and your family cool. Just empty out your portable shelter for a day or afternoon, and enjoy its cooling shade all you want before replacing your machinery. By installing a retractable or fixed awning, you can block heat uptake that warms your house, while preventing harmful ultraviolet radiation from penetrating window glass and damaging furniture and carpet. But there are also dozens of chair, table, and entertainment options available for the backyard itself.
Modern gazebo kits are remarkably affordable and even come in a variety of styles and designs, the better to suit your own house’s period design. Canopies are great ways to provide shade and shelter in your backyard, patio, and pool areas, and some come with sidewall accessories to afford you extra privacy when you want it. Their durable and energy efficient construction makes them ideal for nighttime illumination, and they’re a great way to express your creativity. As you plot out your backyard renovation plans, you might want to leave room especially for the children. The right greenhouse can supply your family with plenty of incredibly fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. They make ideal parking places for lawn mowers and other equipment, and for storing seasonal decorations and other family or household items that aren’t needed year round. Raised flowerbeds are surprisingly easy to build – many can be finished in a single afternoon. Of course, you’ll want to give your child the most beautiful decorative plan you can imagine, but have you thought about including them in the decision making?
Studies show such nourishment of a child’s inner mind leads to greater self-esteem, creative thinking, and overall emotional adjustment for many years to come.
Many children love to draw and color anyway, so the planning stage makes a great time to encourage your child to brainstorm different versions of your plans.
Explaining to children that different parts of the decorative plan all come from the same amount of money will help them to understand responsible spending and saving. That’s when parents need to help their children rein in their energy and focus on one decorating task at a time. Remember that interior decor should also come from the same decorating budget you teach your child. Parents can avoid such potentially hazardous situations by compressing the total renovation time into a single day or two. Child-sized furniture works fine, of course, except that children might outgrow it in a relatively short amount of time. Explain that the playhouse’s upkeep is their responsibility, with all cleaning and watering of plants to be part of their household chores.
In that way the playhouse becomes not just a toy but also a means of learning important lifelong character lessons. The long days, mild nights and of course the holiday weekends and vacations can make the lure of the outdoors irresistible. Secure your backyard or property by checking your fence for holes or for burrows along its base. Check foundations and sunken posts to make sure the concrete is secure and that rot and mildew have not eaten into the wood.
Use an exterminator to check beneath such areas, or carefully spray them with pesticide from a safe distance. Use extra sod or loose dirt to fill any holes, and call an exterminator if the holes persistently reappear.

Even small pebbles and sticks can become dangerous projectiles when they collide with a mower’s or edger’s blades.
When spraying for pests, keep the lawn closed off from children and visitors for the recommended time found on the insecticide’s instructions.
Reduce mosquitoes’ breeding capacity by clearing your property of standing freshwater, especially within shaded areas.
If you use lawn sprinklers, cover the furniture or move it out of the spray area to prevent standing water from helping mildew spread.
Using or blower or just pushing the stray matter into the backyard only causes small bits of it to get trapped or stuck under furniture and in nooks and crannies. Choose carefully, and don’t be afraid to take your time in finding exactly the right furnishings and elements that suit both your needs and your decorative plan. They can also go in a corner or off to the center of a patio or deck area, to allow room for other decorative elements. If you’ve got the space, you can install built-in grills and bars alongside your outdoor fireplace or entertainment center.
They’re often situated at the edge of patios, sometimes at an angle that encourages placing furniture around them. Keep your patio tidy by avoiding plants  or vines that spill over onto the patio or deck floor. LED lights, light chains (not all that different from those used during the holidays) and outdoor lamps all create atmosphere and ambiance when used to light your area creatively. If you’re planning on throwing a backyard party for the holidays or just to get some friends and family over, you want the celebration to be the best you can make it. But despite what you may think, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your backyard or patio looking party-ready. But as a homeowner, you want your backyard to make the same statement about your sense of class that your house would make during an indoor fete.
Decoration schemes for Independence Day are self-explanatory: flags, banners, streamers and other patriotic gear. If you’re partying in the park, a party canopy makes a great shelter to wait out the rain.
It never hurts to have a contingency plan, including asking a group of family members or friends in advance to help you scramble the food and drinks inside when the wet weather arrives.
Patio tables and chairs will provide places for some, but for the overflow you’ll need to take special considerations.
Shop the accumulation of tinge Vinyl & Resin repositing Sheds as well as Outdoors which have been accessible for squeeze online operation inwards store.
For parents determined to provide a safe environment for their children, they also present some unique challenges. Even canopies with weight bags, ground stakes, and other anchoring systems can capsize if a child hangs from or climbs the legs. They’re constructed from vinyl and metal as well as the traditional wood, and some wooden models feature decorative elements including cupolas, window shutters, front porches, and decorative eaves.
Families can also renovate their interiors, as well, making them display spaces for collections or for holding household items and supplies (off season holiday decorations, extra linens and clothes, et cetera) that need the extra storage space. Follow all instructions in the owner’s manual, and remember to keep the interior clean and free of insects and small animals.
Wooden storage sheds, while more attractive, will often require more care and preventative treatment. Use a heavy-gauge padlock or combination lock, mounted high up on the doors, to prevent children from simply snapping the doors open.
They’re sturdy enough to last all childhood long, too, and assemble from a prefabricated kit that comes with complete instructions. Others use their shelters to store additional or surplus household supplies such as clothes and linens, or extra furniture or appliances.
Local contractors and woodworking professionals (carpenters, handymen, et cetera) may be available to complete the assembly for shed owners reluctant to risk time-consuming setup mistakes. After 2012’s record setting heat wave summer, homeowners should take extra precautions when getting their backyard, patio, and lawn ready for the cold weather months.
However, rake up any excess shredded leaves as they’ll block sunlight and encourage rodent and insect growth. Greenhouses can help store plants, but remember to keep them free of snow pileup and other weather hazards. Fences should be recoated every two to three years, as the foot traffic that wooden decks endure helps to rub off their sealants at a faster rate. Putting your tables, chairs, and other pieces away inside a storage shed or portable shelter, ideally wrapped inside weather-resistant covering, will help to keep them looking like new. They’re perfect for backyard parties, get-togethers like barbecues and garden parties  - especially wedding receptions and birthday celebrations. Sold with canopy tents or by themselves, misting systems deliver a fresh, refreshing spray of cool water, letting you recharge and relax when the sun gets too hot to handle.
They’re big enough to enclose all of your back porch or deck of just a portion of it.
They also make perfect temporary coverings for plants and other pets who need some relief from direct sunlight.
Adirondack chairs provide a touch of classic Americana, while hammocks and swings make great places to unwind on a long, lazy summer or weekend afternoon. While they function best in larger yards or property areas where they don’t overwhelm the available space, they make attractive design contributions to even medium-sized backyards and enclosed properties. A playset or playhouse will give them years of fun- and imagination-filled adventure, and give you the peace of mind of safe and dependable entertainment for your children and their friends. It’s not every backyard decorative touch that can actually make you healthier while bringing your backyard additional beauty. Including your child in all steps of the creative process is a wonderful way to nurture those creative impulses while bonding with your child amid a fantastic, permanent undertaking. Simply tell the child that there is so much money to spend, and each part of the decorations will take part of that money. Sharp tools, chemical paint, and even loose soil and dirt can pose risk of injury and illness. Ideally, this discussion should take place before the renovations begin, or before the playhouse kit arrives. Remember that loose leaf piles and other organic matter can serve as breeding grounds for insects.
Remember to wear long pants and protective shoes when conducting any lawn cleanup or repairs. Mosquito repellent systems can also reduce local insect populations when used consistently over time. Trash and debris swept into the yard will eventually finds it way back onto the patio floor. Keep a first aid kit either on the patio or nearby: for example, within the pantry of the laundry room, guest bathroom, or any room located just inside the house.
In every way that counts, the patio is really a room in your house – albeit one that has no ceiling.
For those areas, installing a conversation or chat set will still give the area a definite centerpiece but still let you keep the most free space available. Elevate your patio umbrella so that its central ring (the top of its tassels or overhang) reaches about eye level. Bars make great corner accents, but smaller and even portable models can go almost anywhere on the deck or even stand at the edge, in the backyard. Though wood-burning fireplaces are the most traditional, patio owners may find that gas- or electric-powered models save time and money on cleanup. As a rule of thumb, keep your table and chairs relatively brightly-lit (alternately, use candle light) and try different lighting schemes in the other areas. Plant flowerbeds around your storage shed, and use its front porch (if it has one) as a second place to serve drinks and food.
But you can also use light strings (just like at Christmastime), banners and streamers, and other party decorations throughout the party area.
On the patio, a sail shade canopy will keep rain off but also protect guests from the hot summer sun, too. Borrow chairs from your neighbors, or take the opportunity to invest in new patio furniture that will replace the set you already have.
Plan to use the mosquito magnet well in advance of your celebration, to give it time to work its pest-clearing magic.
But more importantly, they provide chances to teach your kids important lessons while enjoying their company.
Under no circumstances should a child sit atop the canopy cover while the canopy is deployed.
Many storage sheds include floor kits as optional extras, making the shed more like an “outdoor closet” than a separate, exterior storage container.
For example, higher snow load and wind resistance sheds and portable shelters sometimes cost more than less fortified models.
As with any construction job, an estimate of all costs should be obtained before an agreement is finalized.Shed owners should also feel free to ask for references when making their contractor selection. Their specially-constructed fabric allows rainwater to pass through without pooling atop the sail’s surface. For the ultimate in mid-lawn entertaining, go with a portable wet bar or fire pit set up out in the grass. Judge what works best by walking about fifty feet or so into your yard and taking a look back at your handiwork.
Your gazebo, canopy, storage shed, and backyard deck all make great places to string with lights, banners, and other decorations. This is largely because the materials used to make them are more expensive and harder to manipulate during production. Shed most appropriate creosote strew C Backsaw Suncast Cascade Blow made Resin Storage Shed Patio Amazon improved Sellers Rank 52 316 in Patio Lawn & Garden listen to rise 100 Results the single xxvi of twenty-six find out out how assign label storage sheds as well as resin. Wooden flow onward kits have been Sir Thomas More costly than creosote or steel shake up off kits of the allied size.

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