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The IWK Health Centre is contacting 64 new moms who had been in the birth unit during a six-day period this month. It's possible that seven women who gave birth during a six-day period received care with the non-sterilized equipment, the IWK said in a release. The hospital is notifying all 64 women who were admitted to the birth unit during the period in question, but because of low risk of exposure, it said, no testing, treatment or immunization should be required.
It will be a couple of weeks before the hospital is able to know how the problem occurred, Vine said.
Because the legs are quite thin on this little project and the tenons are sort of long and skinny, I decide to use my brace and bit to remove the bulk of the material before turning over to my mortise chisels.
These mortises are a relatively painless and fast process using this method and I’ll do a test fit to see if I need some more fine tuning. I decide to shape the feet beginning with the long tapers from the front leg to the toe and again a shorter, quicker slope down to the heel.
My beading tool, an older model from Veritas is simple in use, easy to set up and a pleasure to work with.
Funny now thinking back to a year or two ago, the thought of re-sawing a piece of lumber by hand was so far from my mind. My rip saw makes quick work of the challenge and from there it’s a frenzy of bench hooks and hand planes.
Again, the little side server would have to wait a few more days while I put the new back saws through some tests. I made a traditional style drawer as I always do, half blind dovetails in the front with through dovetails in the back.
The top tray was pretty straight forward, the main tray with two wide ends attached by split mortise and tenons. Members of 1% for the Planet contribute 1% of annual sales directly to nonprofit environmental organizations. Probably the most common molding, baseboard forms a decorative, protective edge at a wall and floor junction.
Slowly, carefully, one piece at a time, a refuge for people with post-traumatic stress disorder is taking shape in southwestern Nova Scotia. It's called Rally Point Retreat a€” a sprawling, 6,500-square-foot ranch-style house in Sable River that is home to Bob and Johan Grundy. Bob Grundy is a military veteran with PTSD, who says the Rally Point name makes sense for what they're trying to accomplish. Grundy stresses Rally Point is not a substitute for psychologists or psychiatrists and the treatment they offer.
So far this year, 10 first responders and two military officers have committed suicide in Canada, according to the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, an organization focused on helping public safety and military personnel dealing with PTSD.
There's a large woodworking shop just inside the front door, equipped with saws, lathes and hand tools.
Grundy is training one of Rally Point's board members in woodworking so she can teach people who come to the retreat. The retreat has just received non-profit status and they hope to become a charity, which will make it easier for them to receive donations. The home is equipped with a pool table, Ping-Pong table, dartboard, home theatre, games area and a bar is taking shape at one end of the open recreation room. Grundy borrowed something else from the Cavern Club, where the names of artists who performed there are carved into the bricks.
At Rally Point, Grundy is fashioning bricks out of wooden boards in his workshop to thank the people and organizations who have helped along the way.

The lodge has two fully-equipped guest rooms, each with a private bathroom and two queen-sized beds.
Grundy can't imagine why the man wanted so much floor space on a single level, but he says it perfectly suits his vision for a retreat. One of the things that sold him on the property is the space a€” the backyard is 42 hectares of woodland. Grundy's vision is to eventually have cabins in the woods to offer even more seclusion for people who come to the retreat. While Rally Point Retreat is ready to receive guests now, Grundy is planning for an official opening of June 27 a€” which is National PTSD Awareness Day in the U.S. Meditation classes in halifax, liverpool – nova scotia, Learn how to meditate and to lead a healthy life with free sahaja yoga meditation classes and workshops in nova scotia. Halifax nova scotia golf courses – golfmax where2play, Halifax, nova scotia golf courses.
Dalhousie university ? halifax, nova scotia, canada, Read more dalhousie is the only university in atlantic canada that offers an undergraduate degree program in landscape architecture. Golf nova scotia, Nova scotia boasts memorable golfing adventures, spectacular seacoast scenery, warm hospitality and so much more. Halifax workplace approved first aid and cpr courses, The lowest prices, high quality training locations and experienced instructors has made halifax first aid the premier provider of workplace approved first aid and cpr. Nova scotia classifieds, from amherst to halifax to truro, Nova scotia classifieds, from amherst to halifax to truro to sydney and everywhere in between.
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The brace is fast and the material bores away in seconds; the ends of the mortises still need to be squared up and the depth cleaned a little. It’s rewarding to see it coming together and finally standing on the shop floor in front of me. I begin with the taper and my smoothing plane…in a minute or two I get down into the Khaya and meet my scribe lines to reveal the lines of the feet. A gentle touch to begin I slowly work my way down into the wood grain being careful not to tear as I go.
My children, 3 and 4 years of age, having the most incredible time of their young lives; through the campfire ghost stories and summer songs being sung- visiting friends and family all come to enjoy these days that we spend time in our home out there on the coast in Cape Breton.
The saws as I mentioned in an earlier post are two of the nicest I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. What I did end up doing, that I thought was kind of cool, and again another Krenov thing, was before I attached the bread board ends I rabbeted a small groove along the inside edges of them where they meet the main top surface. I really wanted to do some more on the interior of the drawer, make another little box that slides on some runners. Then remove the drawer with all of it’s nicely fitted interior components and use the tray as a work surface…a cutting board perhaps?
The 1% for the Planet network brings together like-minded leaders who share a belief that business can be a vital catayst for positive environmental change. Baseboards, crown molding, and door trim are the most noticeable examples, although finer moldings are often used for detailing on closets and bookcases, and to create panels on doors or walls.
There's a board of directors, including retired military and police officers who themselves are coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. He says turning out a wooden pen on one of the lathes will prove to guests they still have a purpose.
Grundy calls it Cavern Corner, and admits he borrowed the name from the famous club in Liverpool, England, where the Beatles got their start.

By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Until now it was only an idea, curiously being watched and studied as the form was taking place. Like a camp fire dancing across the bench top I’ll break all of the edges and decide to add a small bead detail to the mid-stretchers just under the drawer box area.
When the beading is done and the final surfacing completed I’ll go ahead and glue things up.
I rummage through some off cuts and find a great piece of Angelique just big enough for a drawer front.
My Bad Axe saws arrived around this time and I was so excited to finally get them in my hands.
Well, you’ll have to take my word for it that the drawer turned out really great-one of my best fitted drawers to date. I think this design will develop further and I’ll be building another version of it over the winter. The money will help defray the costs of running Rally Point, which right now is being financed almost exclusively through Grundy's pensions.
Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. This is one of those details that you’d only find when you really stop and take a closer look at a piece of furniture.
I leave the wood shop for the remainder of the day and this evening I’ll come back and remove the clamps, clean up any squeeze out and fine tune the joinery. I’d also discover some Poplar and fit it to size, the first step in making a traditional drawer is to get the drawer sides to fit the opening. Another week passes and suddenly we’re closing in on our vacation time, I think about the Oak door waiting back in the city.
I didn’t put a back on the box when I made it, no rabbets or dados, grooves or blocks. This saves time, but requires careful installation: mistakes are not easily covered with caulk or paint. You simply walk over to the piece and gently push out the drawer from the opening in the back; the piece is so small that this is not a problem. I simply ploughed out some deep grooves to correspond with the two top stretchers on the main frame. I decide now that it’s officially been labeled a side server to build a tray for the top. This is removable so when in use you walk up to the server, push out the drawer from the back and place it on the tray at the top. Then you simply lift off the tray, holding the drawer and can bring it along with you to the table or work area. A quick fix…I drilled a small hole in the top center of the drawer box and inserted a dowel. In my infinite wisdom though, I’ll have to tell you that the entire process of building the drawer and top removable tray I didn’t take any pictures!
This dowel is enough to keep the tray balanced and secure when it’s placed on the upper frame assembly.

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