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Deoghar district, like neighboring Godda & Dumka, figures in the ‘Most Backward 100 districts’ list, published by India Today few years ago.
Without sounding hopelessly romantic or impractical, I must say I came away reasonably convinced that Pradan’s Gandhian-style economic model, juxtaposed with the western-style market economy, can actually be a recipe for inclusive growth. Although most families in Jharkhand own 1-2 acres of land, but they are constrained by the uneven terrain, quality of land, and lack of irrigation. In Titariya village (Banka district, Bihar), Pradan’s Pranjal Saikia (a veterinary scientist from Assam) introduced us to the Village Watershed Committee (VWC).
As these changes take place, it is amazing to see how villagers’ perceptions and attitudes change completely.
The real take-away for me is that Gandhian-style economic development, customized to local needs, and juxtaposed with the market economy, can actually be a scaleable model for India. Raleigh City Councilors are slowly moving toward approving a commercial project in the Falls Lake watershed, but want more information on the downstream impacts before making a final decision. Engineers and representatives for Lifetime Fitness will meet with city stormwater staff to analyze the downstream impacts of the North Raleigh project. Lifetime Fitness wants to build a new gym on a 26-acre property, which sits just south of Interstate 540 on Falls of Neuse Road.
As a matter of city policy, commercial development isn’t allowed in the watershed because it often has large areas of impervious surface and stormwater can wash pollutants into nearby streams. Representatives from Lifetime Fitness say that stormwater will be managed in such a way that it would be like the development isn’t there. A similar stormwater project is the North Raleigh Whole Foods shopping center on Six Forks Road.
If approved by council members, the project would set a precedent for other developers and municipalities that are looking at the watershed as a development opportunity. At the previous meeting, Councilor Randy Stagner asked that engineers look at other ways stormwater could be routed off site, further downstream, rather than into Falls Lake, Raleigh’s primary drinking water source. Stormwater could either be pumped and routed through a residential neighborhood or along Interstate 540 or it could be held onsite and used for additional irrigation. Stormwater Utility Manager Danny Bowden said he thinks that pumping the water will cause a greater downstream impact because the water will be flowing for a longer period of time and increase the chance of erosion. Successful watershed development (WD) projects have demonstrated the capacity to regenerate entire communities, socially and economically. A watershed (or catchment) is a geographic area that drains to a common point, which makes it an attractive planning unit for technical efforts to conserve soil and maximize the utilization of surface and subsurface water for crop production.
Excess surface runoff water is harvested in irrigation or percolation tanks while subsurface drainage recharges groundwater aquifers, so conservation measures in the upper watershed have a positive impact on productivity in the lower watershed.
To improve the economic and social conditions of the poor and disadvantaged sections of the watershed community, appropriate sources of income-generating options will be identified through participatory method and feasibility based on the existing local resources available in the area.
Such greening activities will permit the growth of biomass energy plantations, which is a secondary goal. ADA Software's professional staff is well conversant with the traditional Structured Analysis and Design methods and structured programming concepts and methodology, as well as the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Techniques and Object Oriented Programming concepts and methodology.
A watershed, or catchment area, is the areaof land where all the water that drains off itor flows beneath it drains into a single pointor body of water. In a key innovation, Antrix Corporation, part ofthe Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO),developed a unique approach for monitoringand evaluation that fused remote sensing, GISmapping and Management Information System (MIS) with conventional ground-based monitoringtechniques to provide state of the art informationto track progress and assess impacts. With some 600,000 villages in India, there is hugepotential to scale up these innovations across the country. This webpage contains general information for improving local watershed function and health.
WATERSHEDSThroughout California and other parts of the country, watersheds are recognized as ecologically, socially, and hydrologically integrated systems that warrant local management and planning activities.
Simply stated, a “Watershed” is the area of land where all water that is under it or drains off of it goes into a common waterbody, like a storm drain, a creek, or the San Francisco Bay.
In the City of Berkeley, the interconnections between natural resources and the shared urban setting present many management challenges. Seemingly harmless choices, such as littering, allowing automobile fluid leakage, and using or over-using toxic pesticides degrade watershed health. Public awareness is critical because the everyday choices and activities of Berkeley residents impacts watershed health.
Keep your car leak free and in tune. Take your car to a carwash plumbed to the sanitary sewer instead of washing it in your driveway or on the street.

Reduce pesticide pollution by using “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) techniques, which encourage non-toxic methods of pest and vegetation control.
Adopt-A-Storm Drain inlet (or two) to assist the City in removing blockages and potential contaminants in front of stormdrain inlets. The majority of open creeks in the City remain on private property in the Berkeley Hills areas. A significant portion of creeks was placed into culverts, underground pipes along the historic path of the creek, during the early 1900’s by developers. Berkeley is home to an ethic of restoration and protection of natural resources in urban settings. The groundbreaking Strawberry Creek Restoration Project at Strawberry Creek Park in 1983 is considered to be the first "daylighting” (the removal of a culvert to restore creek functions) project in the country.
In 1989, the City enacted its Preservation and Restoration of Natural Watercourses Ordinance, BMC 17.08, also known as the Creek Protection Ordinance. Macaya National Park (MNP) is one of Haiti’s greatest natural resources, and also contains one of the few protected forestlands on the island. The (IDB) has donated funds to the Haiti Reconstruction Fund in the sum of a $9 million dollar grant to be used for MNP’s land management project, an on-going effort to improve the park’s infrastructure. Part of the grant money will go towards forest rangers to monitor the activities of the project. We are a network of websites, highly popular among Haitians all over the world, combining their efforts to bring you a comprehensive and Holistic approach to Advertising and Marketing to better serve the Haitian community.
Hard to believe, but this could actually be the winning strategy in the war against rural poverty. My friends at Pradan (Delhi-headquartered NGO, active in seven states) had been nice enough to help me plan this trip. I got a glimpse of how Pradan has organized 100,000 families into 5300 Self-Help Groups (SHGs), to enhance their livelihood options, and escape poverty. In such a situation, Pradan identifies and develops enterprises suitable for local needs, provides resource persons, and creates linkages with government and financing agencies.
He has been working with the VWC to bring in a set of revolutionary innovations that are transforming waste land. Pradan facilitated a grant of two cows and a shed from the Tribal Welfare Council, and linkages with the state dairy council for milk collection. They become receptive, and actively seek additional livelihood options like Tasar cultivation or yarn production, as the next story will show.
The land is located in the Falls Lake watershed and is zoned only for single family homes on large lots.
During the World Bank project executed by Sankalpa Trust, it was shown that watershed development is a crucial component of biomass growth strategies, which leads to ecofriendly technogies for the generation of electrical power for the masses in the rural areas. Reducing erosion in the upper reaches of the watershed also helps to reduce sedimentation of irrigation tanks in the lower reaches. Depending on the demand, feasibility of other mechanical means - such as use of 'Gully Plugs' - for achieving these objectives will be made.
Improved water harvesting techniques, including soil manipulation devices aimed at concentrating rainwater to better benefit planted seedlings, make plantation efforts in dry environments less uncertain.
Satellite images taken at regular intervalsfrom a height of 900 kms provided accuratethematic data - such as land use and land cover,groundwater prospects, soil characteristics etc.
Thisrigorous method of monitoring performance onan ongoing basis enabled planners to maintaintransparency, enforce accountability, and applymid-course corrections where necessary, leadingto the projecta€™s ultimate success in achieving thedesired impact on the ground.
Many of the projecta€™s approacheshave already been incorporated into Indiaa€™snew national watershed policy guidelines. It also provides links to other websites regarding Urban Stormwater Run-off Management. This page will periodically be updated and expanded. A watershed can be thought of as a large bathtub: When a drop of water hits anywhere in that bathtub, it eventually finds its way to the drain (the lowest point).
Often people consider stormwater to be a waste product that must be disposed of as quickly as possible. Creeks and riparian habitat are indicators of a watershed’s health. Berkeley has many creeks due to its unique topography, geology, and hydrology. Codornices Creek and Strawberry Creek are two creeks that are most publicly accessible as they run through public parks.
Since then, the City has participated in several other local creek restoration projects including: Blackberry Creek at Thousand Oaks School (1995) and multiple projects on Codornices Creek between the railroad tracks and 9th Street.
The ordinance was revised in 2006 after a lengthy public process, led by the Council-established Creeks Task Force. But it is threatened by the violent seasonal storms, which pound the land and cause landslides, soil erosion, and consequent overflowing watersheds, hazardous to farmlands.

The MNP grant will supplement another grant awarded by the Global Environment Facility for watershed protection in the upper reaches of the Tiburon Peninsula.
So you have Tasar plantations, poultry, dairy, horticulture, and vegetable farming becoming available as options. Whether upland, mid-land, or low-lands, these districts have a lot of land rendered waste due to their inability to retain water for cultivation. As in any typical dryland region, rainfall in our area is low, highly erratic and characterized by long dry spells between rainy days. After the analysis and meeting are complete, members of the Comprehensive Planning Committee will make a final decision. WD Projects are therefore high on the priority of ARTS for generating sustainable livelihoods.
The watershed approach enables planners to internalize such externalities and other linkages among agricultural and related activities by accounting for all types of land uses in all locations and seasons. Watershed management isthe integrated use of land, vegetation, and waterresources that harmonizes actions betweenupstream and downstream areas to raiseagricultural productivity, increase rural incomes,and rejuvenate the natural resource base.
Grade-II in the Ministerial category for the office of Divisional Watershed Development Office Kullu.
One of our goals is to shift this understanding to treat water as a resource, opening up a range of design possibilities both on public and private property that take advantage of the benefits of water for beautification, irrigation, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat, and other uses. The Water Environment Research Foundation has created Basic Principles of Sustainable Stormwater Best Management Practices as an introductory resource for anyone considering drainage improvements on their property. All waterways, including creeks and creek culverts, eventually discharge into San Francisco Bay, which connects to the Pacific Ocean. This connection allows Steelhead Salmon to continue to migrate up into the Codornices Creek Watershed, and hopefully others in the future. Planning for additional restoration work on Lower Codornices Creek (west of San Pablo Ave) is underway. The affect of the ordinance is to regulate and minimize further structural encroachments into sensitive riparian zones, which can support a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Land management specialists will construct retainer structures to divert run-off and lessen the effects of soil erosion. Also, through better ‘watershed development’, farmers can improve the yield from their land holdings. In such a situation, innovations like ‘5% Method’, ’30 ft by 40 ft’, ‘Staggered trench’, and ‘Drip Dams’ now enable farmers to prevent soil erosion and retain water.
Water harvesting structures help farmers tide over this crisis by providing crucial “life-saving”, protective irrigation.
This systems-based approach is what distinguishes watershed management from earlier plot-based approaches to soil and water management. On land, a watershed boundary is determined by topography—ridgelines or high elevation points—rather than by political jurisdictions. Another proactive use of the funding will be to involve local government and the farming community in learning land management.
We see the watershed programme as vital public investment to incentivize private investments by even the poorest farmers on their own lands.
While the Integrated Missionfor Sustainable Development, initiated by theDepartment of Space in 1992, had pioneeredthe use of satellite remote sensing and GISmapping to develop locale-specific action plansfor watershed development in 175 districtsof the country, Sujala was the first project todeploy this technology effectively over a largearea. There are 10 watersheds (or drainage basins) in the City of Berkeley, some are shared by other municipalities (link to map). This includes using green farming best practices to avoid trees being cut down for charcoal. The yield of kharif (mostly rainfed) crops has shown a rise in the range of 10-20% and that of rabi (mostly irrigated) crops has shown a rise of 60-70%. It also expanded its use to map resources,prioritize areas for treatment, carry out on-goingmonitoring and evaluation, and assess impacts.This was also the first time that high-resolutionsatellite images were placed before grassrootscommunities to help them plan interventions.
An 80% reduction in distress migration has been observed during the years of ongoing watershed implementation.
With significant expansion in irrigated area and crop productivity, high labour absorption in agriculture is visible even after the watershed programme closes. Hundreds of tribal farmers who have grown a single rainfed crop all their lives are new cultivating 2-3 crops.

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