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As always, I've included a few articles that will revamp your skills regarding typography selection and general website building. An amazing set of mockup templates for T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies available in PSD format for branding purposes featuring smart objects for advanced customization. A stunning set of 1800 different scalable and editable vector items like facial expressions, freckles, accessories, and more, for generating cute cartoon avatars and characters available in both PSD and Ai format files.
A great collection of UI kits for mobile devices collected from all across the internet featuring several styles such as flat, material, and clean, as well as several categories like for restaurants, magazine, eCommerce, travel, and more. A neatly crafted invoice template that features regular spaced and tilted line-shaded sections for its separators and blank areas as well as a perfect combination of serif and sans-serif fonts that provides your branding with an utterly professional style. An amazing set of 4 PhotoShop text effects through text layer styles to give your texts a stunning vintage style.
A cool set that contains 16 badges delivered in PSD format and includes the fonts they were created with.
Aa amazing set of 10 minimal style fully editable and scalable circular logos and badges that come available in vector Ai, EPS, and PDF format.
An amazing text effect for Photoshop that allows you to give your texts a realistic TV noise-like distortion through smart object layers counting on 2 versions of the effect. Zoom.js is a jQuery version that simulates to detail Medium's image zoom functionality by lifting it forward in a nice transition as its overlay smoothly fades white. Create static sites taking advantage of the amazing stack in the JavaScript universe, Cory combines clean, logic-less handlebars templates and markdown files counting on a straightforward development workflow. A highly useful image gallery viewer developed in JavaScript that features several functionalities like zoom, rotate, flip, and full screen, inline, and full window overlay presentation. Calabash is a developing tool for mobile devices that allows you to execute automated acceptance tests of applications in Android in iOS consisting of libraries that enable test code to interact programmatically with native and hybrid apps. DPM is a package manager for Sketch plugins that allows you to simply keep plugins synchronized across teams and devices.
Quite a useful megamenu developed in JavaScript that features cross-browser compatibility, has no classes for dropdowns or lists, 100% responsive functionality, seamless WordPress integration, and much more. A huge set of over 5,000 mesmerizing animal icons in solid style crafted under the iPhone icons’ guidelines available in vector PSD format.
A colossal collection of 26k vector icons sorted out in 6 different styles for several mobile devices, you’ll find icons for Windows Phone (Win8 & Win10), Android (Classic & Material), iPhone and general Line & Outline styles. An amazing set of 72 icons related to home appliances and real estate items delivered in Ai, CSH, EPS, SVG, Webfont, and Sketch format files. Vorpal is a framework that allows you to build mature and immersive applications in JavaScript Language in the command-line interface featuring simple syntax, built-in tabbed autocompletion, persistent command history, and more.
MJML is a markup language design to reduce dramatically the pain of coding for responsive e-mail newsletters by featuring a highly semantic syntax that makes everything be pretty straightforward and fast. TruckJS is a framework to help you build your mobile devices web applications by using platform-specific themes featuring encapsulating models for automatic views updating, as well as mediators, templates, components, and more.
StringBean is a CSS framework based on a 16-point system, rather than the traditional Bootstrap's 12-point one featuring several breakpoint resolutions for better performance in bigger screens. GrapeJS is a free and open source web template editor that requires no code at all, allowing you to create websites completely effortlessly through simple and intuitive UI control elements and selectors.
Resizer is a Google's web tool that allows you to simultaneously check the responsivity of your website in three different screens being these a laptop, a tablet, and a phone screen. A snippet that allows you generating a CSS description overlayer through 3D rotate effect on hover event that features direction awareness for grid layouts. A nice hover effect for navigation menus that highlights each of the elements as you hover over them with a smooth transition of color change and underline sliding. A cool Material Designed First button that expands in a colossal white circle which contains nice circular social sharing buttons. A great article that gives you exceptionally valuable tips for centering email campaigns through pure HTML explaining how to do it individually for texts, containers, images, buttons, and multiple buttons or images.
A truly awesome step-by-step guide stuffed with valuable tips to make of your website an awesome one, you'll find tips for branding, typography, layouts, UI, UX, development, SEO, speed, graphic design, security, content, and social media. QUOTES is a neatly crafted template for websites of multiple purposes that features a nice clean style featuring big thumbnails and post featured images, it also includes an eCommerce section. Quite an impressive landing page template delivered in Sketch format that features nice blurred background for its minimal and clean content with professional style fonts and transparent background elements.
A creative layout template for portfolio websites that features a clean style with flat elements, regular and masonry grids, as well as the basic extra pages layouts, all of them counting on organized layers. A neatly crafted one-page template in PSD format that features a flat style for its full-width layout composed of a top navigation bar, header and community sign up, pricing tables, features, and footer sections. As always we have tried to bring you the new free stuff that will be of the most interest, and as always, we hope you have found some things here that are worthwhile for you. If you come across any tools or resources that you think are worthy of being included in next month's round-up, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.
Juan is the founder of iconshock, bypeople, designshock and wpthemegenerator and other projects, curator of digital and useful content, designer and developer.
Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. With more and more people preferring to conduct business exclusively online, a user-friendly website isn’t just desirable, it’s required if you want to be successful.  These nine tips will help you instantly make your website more user-friendly so you can get more visitors and turn your website into a sales generator.
With more than half of online searches coming from mobile devices, in order for a site to be user-friendly, it must be mobile-friendly. The more information you include, the better because it allows people to contact you in whichever way is most convenient for them. Let’s say you need branded red and white raglan tees for an upcoming company softball game. SAGE PromoSearch allows you to add any and all of the products from the SAGE database to your website automatically.
The more digitally dependent people become, the less we like having to do something as manual as making a phone call. People rarely read anything word for word, but they’re more likely to read and understand the content on your website if it’s clear and concise. Have you ever been on a company’s website and left out of frustration because you were unable to find what you were looking for?
A strong social media presence is a must for businesses who want to be successful now and in the future. Since joining SAGE in 2013, Jansen has been diligent in executing marketing plans and keeping all projects on task. SAGE is the leading provider of research and business management tools for the promotional products industry. A lot of business owners like to add bells and whistles to their website whether they add value or not.
They load up on social media feeds, videos, media coverage, testimonials and other content, thinking social proof and the use of modern technology will add to the company’s perceived credibility and trustworthiness.
Not the animation that plays automatically, not a Twitter feed, not a feature article in a major trade publication. 44 percent said the lack of thorough contact information would cause them to leave a website. It can be tempting to force visitors to use a contact form so you can gather more data from prospects. Aside from the fact that many visitors don’t like to fill out forms or pick up a phone, providing basic contact information says more about your business than you realize.
Even if someone prefers not to deal with humans, simply knowing that humans exist behind the curtain makes the user feel better about doing business with you. But contact information, typically considered an afterthought, came in second at 64 percent, far ahead of things like testimonials (27 percent) and social media icons (12 percent). Because relationships based on trust last much longer – and are much more profitable – than transactional relationships. I’ve often said that the most important characteristic of great marketing content is clarity.
I’m a copywriter, marketing consultant, lifelong New Jersey resident, husband to a beautiful wife and father to two beautiful girls.

With so many devices setting pace in the web world, optimized websites have become the need of the hour in order to make the most of the multi-device experiences. A website should have a regular design with proper navigation tools so that it is easy to operate.
It is important to give a systematic look to your content so that it is easily read by the users. I am Prince Pal, responsible for User Experience and User Interface Design at Think360 Studio. Think360 Studio is a world-class user experience design agency with more than 5years of experience crafting innovative, user-centred solutions.
The Indian Companies Act,1956 contains the provisions regarding the legal formalities for setting up of a private limited company. We all have visited certain websites that look too cluttered as they have everything in their homepage.
In this blog post, I’m sharing some easy tips that simplify your company website and make it more appealing for your potential customers. If you feel that there is something that does not have a purpose on your website, remove it.
When it comes to web design, you should focus on all the design elements in order to gain attention of the visitors. When it comes to colors, don’t blend hundreds of color for the sake of beauty and tranquility. Depending on your business, another good strategy to improve interactivity is to allow users to generate the content.
Offering a product or service for free will attract more users to download it or use your services. Keep users engaged by sending out e-newsletters, updating your blog, posting new videos, creating podcasts, or updating your products. Use them all together or pick and choose your favorites—whichever way you decide to use them, these five tips are sure to make your website more interactive and help keep your users engaged.
How can I make a particular page on my web site interactive so that customers can leave their comments or testimonials directly on that page?
This month's freebies are supercharged with amazing web resources such as a set of T-Shirt mockup templates, the second version of the cute cartoon characters generator, an artistic collection of mobile UI screens, a professional looking invoice print template,some amazing PSD templates of websites for inspiration, frameworks for CLI, mobile development, and more.
It counts on many Timbre Objects that connected together to define the graph-based routing for overall audio rendering. We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. A responsive website gives every user a flawless online experience whether they’re viewing your site from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Research shows the top left is the best place for your logo because this is where people’s eyes go first. But if there are two things your website needs, it’s your logo AND your contact information. A phone number, email address and business address will usually do the trick, but it doesn’t hurt to also include your hours of business so people know when they can reach you. This can increase your sales by allowing your web visitors to browse through products on your website. People don’t like to be limited by store hours or location and don’t want to be bothered to have to go somewhere or call someone to place an order. Some other suggestions include improving your site’s navigation and speeding up your site’s load time. She won the Rising Star award in 2013 and is referred to by her team as the Marketing Cheerleader because her positivity puts a proton to shame as she rallies them on a regular basis. SAGE provides product research tools, websites, e-commerce solutions, printed end-buyer catalogs, artwork services, payment processing, tradeshows and tradeshow services. Thorough contact information, as in a phone number, email address and physical mailing address. It can be tempting to force a visitor to call you because you think that gives you a better chance to close the sale. When asked what information they want to see on the “home” page, 86 percent of survey respondents said “products and services.” Not surprising, considering this was a B2B survey. But focus on your story if you want to make a personal connection and build relationships with website visitors. Also, I’m a big believer in the theory that says the line between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) has been blurred to the point in which we now have one category – person-to-person, or human-to-human. Simple things like contact information and a good “About” page, core website staples for 20 years, contribute to that clarity. And website visitors – our prospective clients – are the ones whose needs we should be focusing on satisfying.
I love playing with my daughters, a day at the boardwalk, sarcasm, craft beer and grilling. The websites should be compatible for view in all the mediums like smartphones and tablets so that the users can fully enjoy their online presence.
The users will find it appealing only if they can follow the layout and get the flow of direction.
Work on the aspects that are an instant favorite amongst the user and influence them a lot. Use such a combination of text and colors that the two enhance the value of each other and create a good effect. The users are not very keen to share their personal information like address and phone numbers and thus can avoid such sites. Use a font that is clear and legible so that the eyes follow a fixed direction with the text and can easily grasp whatever is written. If there are other steps or links that leads to the information and make the user work for it, forget the retaining factor. Be careful to insert paragraphs, heading and bullet points in the subheading categories to make it more time worthy. Everything seems compressed in a very small space, business information is shove into every corner of the website and there is just too much to display.
There must be attention-grabbing elements and everything on the web page must be accompaniment. Stick to three or four colors to simplify your website and make the layout more visually appealing.
Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. You may have seen on some websites that you can log in using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, or other account information. Examples of this are a forum or discussion board, question and answer board, and a comment feature on articles and posts. Some of these may be automated chat systems with a computer-generated response, but many have real representatives on the other end. When you make any updates or have news to share with your users, be sure to reach out to them.
If you don’t have your logo clearly displayed on your website, not only are you missing a prime branding opportunity, but you could also be confusing visitors who may think they’ve stumbled upon the wrong company’s website.
Without your contact information easily accessible on your website, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.
They’ll want to know the material, the available colors, the imprint size and countless more answers. PromoSearch has full e-commerce capabilities, so visitors can easily place an order directly on your site. That way, your website visitors can easily skim your website for the information they’re looking for. Adding search functionality makes it easy for visitors to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for. Your web visitors will love being able to connect with you in this less formal environment and you can keep them up to date on specials, hot new products and more via your social channels. Jansen is a native Texan who studied integrated marketing communications at Abilene Christian University.

With a database of 1 million promotional products from 4,300 promotional product suppliers, SAGE makes doing business easier. I despise beating around the bush, synchronized swimming, Toddlers & Tiaras and onions. A website that sticks to the idea and is on the nose is generally considered most suitable by the users.
Understanding the user behavior can help to build a website that is feature rich yet user friendly. The users are more comfortable with the age long usual methods and trust the websites with such patterns. Mark the areas that require attention and use techniques that will immediately bring such elements to the notice of the audience. Users tend to skip lengthy articles and generally skim and scan the major points that are highlighted and bulleted properly. White space has been an absolute favorite amongst the users and gives the website a neat and a more compact look.
There are various tools to assist you in this task which can help you judge the efficiency of the website amongst the wide audience. Having a website with all these mistakes not only makes it unappealing, it turns-off potential customers as well. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.
The more traffic you generate, the more opportunities you have to increase sales and achieve your business goals.
Adding a Facebook “like” button, or including the ability to share a site on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest is an easy way to add some basic interaction. If your site requires a log in, consider letting the user choose if they want to sign in with one of these accounts. These features allow users to post their opinions or ask questions and interact with other users.
Either way, when people hear free, they become intrigued and are more likely to come back to your site to discuss the positives and negatives. Examples of this would be providing coupons, a free eBook, or random giveaways when they make a purchase. You may have seen many sites that have a little “pop up” or link in the corner to bring up a chat window. Have a regularly scheduled newsletter that you send out to customers who wish to receive it.
People are not going to work very hard to find this, so make sure it’s in an obvious place on your website.
You could manually add all of this information and make sure you’re continuously keeping it up to date.
Most people don’t know I used to be a radio DJ and once wrote, produced and voiced a commercial for the TV show 24.
Circling around the subject rather than focusing on the center or the main theme can deter the interest from the product. For instance, the main navigation is tabbed on the top and leads the page, the users are in ease with such set up and would like see the same in other websites as well.
It shows that a company has an amateur designer who has no idea about web design standards. If certain things does not have a purpose or does not fit with the rest of the page, it needs to be eliminated immediately.
Don’t opt for fonts that are overwhelmed, instead go for the simple ones that make a clear statement. Using lighter colors for a background can highlight the company information while making it clearer. For your business website, stick to a paragraph or two that explain everything about your services, products, mission statement and vision.
Clean websites can appear more organized and increase the chances of more conversions if designed correctly.
Users are encouraged to ask for help, which shows that you care and want your customers to have the best experience possible. When you send out a newsletter with links to your site to promote new information, it sends your users back to your site and promotes interactivity. What these examples are, are facts of the value of these procedures implemented in any given website. Or you can use PromoSearch and all of the products from the SAGE database will automatically be added to your site, along with all of the product information. Just subscribe to a SAGE Maintenance Package and let one of our professional web developers know what you would like done. This will improve the quality of user interaction and provide best user experience, in other words, a high-grade UX. So, frame such kind of content that stands relative to the purpose, whilst taking in all the SEO words. Do not add complex matter which makes it difficult for the user to operate it in the first place, else, exit will follow entry. Don’t be scared of using one font in different sizes and weights, as there are many websites that are well-designed with single font. Adding a Twitter widget that shows you or your company’s tweets in real-time can be fun, too. You can still have a “Contact Us” page, which should include a simple contact form and any other contact information that you wish to share, such as your fax number, additional phone numbers, or an address. Limit menu choices to what is most essential and ensure users can find all information in three clicks or less.
You’re going to save yourself the trouble and go with one of the companies you already know that has it. One place I never want to revisit is my first apartment because my creepy landlord, Monty, freaked me out.
In fact, the web design and architecture of the website can only be effective if it can stand the test of usability. But if you feel single font design strategy is too boring, you can use two or three fonts for variation.
Being user-centric rules over accessibility and can be viewed as an excellent bait for the purpose of marketing.
Having said that, scoring high in the user friendly zone is certainly a big challenge for the web designers and developers as they have to strike out various creative options and devise a product that comes across handy.
According to web analytics firm, KissMetrics, 40 percent of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load and a one second delay in page response can result in a seven percent reduction in conversions.
After all, with usability taking the upper hand, creativity can afford to take a back seat.
If that’s not reason enough to speed things up, consider this: A slow load time can also hurt your search engine rankings. According to the latest research from Google’s mobile playbook, 57% of people won’t recommend a company with a sub-par mobile site and 40% will visit a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. Whether you design individual mobile and tablet websites or experiment with responsive web design (a newer design method that automatically expands or contracts your site to fit any screen size), ensuring this growing consumer base can easily access and use your website on the go is essential.4) Don’t Rest Until You TestThe old adage, “if something can go wrong, it will” definitely applies when it comes to building a website, which is why pre-launch testing is so important.
What does this entail? Before your website goes live, make sure it is compatible with major browsers and hardware. Check that all links are working, set up necessary 301 redirects (a method of telling web browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location), and ensure people with disabilities can access it by meeting government accessibility requirements called 508 compliance standards. To ensure users always know where they are on your site and how to find what they’re looking for, place clear headings on every page and make sure the hierarchy of those headings is easy to understand. Also, use bold or large font to make the site navigation stand out, and keep it consistent throughout the site to ensure that users can see the path they took to get where they are and easily retrace their steps. Lastly, no site is complete without a Home button and a link to a sitemap on each and every page.6) Don’t Reinvent The WheelWhen it comes to using the web, people like familiarity, which means that it’s important to follow basic website conventions.

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