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In 2011 long standing Clients launched a new venture and called on CREATE DESIGN ™ advertising and website design agency for consultation as regards the look and feel of their new restaurant's online brand image. The website is run on a user friendly content management system platform which allows the clients to manage all content themselves.
The website is a key dynamic element within the marketing and running of this successful garden route based restaurant, it is a primary point of communication between the owners and their clientele. CREATE DESIGN ™ web studio designed a unique home page and website theme for the new restaurants cms website.
The bespoke featured page is a useful website showcase for the unique food offered at the cafe. CREATE DESIGN ™ website development agency created unique extended website galleries as part of the cms website allowing the client to post a vast amount of visual content to the website. Hi,First post so please excuse me if I get it wrong.I have just installed Win 8 Pro and activated it no problem. I am in a similar situation, only I own the Win 8 Pro DVD loaded as the only OS on this new PC of mine.
Here are some strategies to keep in mind when you’re tweaking (or overhauling) your website to be more user-friendly. Johnson knows firsthand about creating sites that communicate a certain message to visitors. Although a fantastic-looking website can be powerful, design isn’t the first place to start when it comes to user experience, says Johnson.
To build that framework, you need to start by going back to the company’s mission statement, says Heather Davis, digital experience manager at RBA, a Wayzata-based technology consultancy. As CaringBridge has discovered, understanding the needs of a site’s users is crucial, but how do you gain that level of understanding?
Rather than pulling together only marketing and IT, she asks representatives from every department, from accounting to customer service, to discuss their views on customers. Davis notes that sites are sometimes set up in parallel with a company’s internal structure, but people don’t look for information in that way. Focusing on that type of online navigation can affect offline interactions, she adds, such as call centers or sales. Many company owners would benefit from choosing a user at random from their pool of acquaintances and then setting up a task to carry out on the site. Another tactic is to put an online survey on the site, through a free or low-cost survey creation tool like SurveyMonkey. RBA, for example, sends strategists out to a coffee shop if that’s where they believe target market customers might be. Spending time thinking about how users view your site can be beneficial for even minor tweaks or content changes.
To add a new user on your existing website profile on Google Analytics, login to your Google Analytics Dashboard. Blogs with multiple authors or companies with a large marketing team may find this option helpful for tracking and managing their websites. Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. Thanks a lot for such nice article, it really helped me a lot , i was not aware of such an option in Google Analytics. The Green Room is a product design company with a conscience store based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
The majority of the product range is sourced locally with the objective of encouraging and supporting Tanzanian vocational training groups and local plant growers to create and grow bespoke items for The Greenroom. CREATE DESIGN ™ was appointed as the branding and advertising agency to develop The Greenroom brand and corporate image. The bird illustration developed by CREATE DESIGN ™ is based on the critically endangered Long-billed Tailorbird found only in Tanzania.
Once the branding was done CREATE DESIGN ™ graphic design agency began conceptualising a series of illustrated campaigns that were to be used by the store as their stationery, advertising and marketing materials. CREATE DESIGN ™ illustrated a unique logo for The Greenroom using different elements of local fauna and flora. CREATE DESIGN ™ illustrated unique posters showcasing some of The Greenroom products as well as their promise in the form of words in tabs defining the products.
This series of posters announced the types of product one can expect to find at The Greenroom store in an adornment of unique illustrated elements that form a fantasy landscape.

The Greenroom’s illustrated corporate identity carries through all their corporate marketing materials. CREATE DESIGN ™ branding and website design agency was commissioned by a long standing client in Cape Town to design a unique look and feel for The Beautiful Store online shopping website portal. CREATE DESIGN ™ website design and development agency based in the Garden Route, structured detail online project development areas for our client to track the progress on the branding as well as website design and development. CREATE DESIGN ™ website agency developed the website to facilitate full client control through the content management system driven website (cms website). As the website is an online shopping portal and it includes full shopping cart functionality with the users following an efficient registration and check out process in order to make online purchases via the website platform.
CREATE DESIGN ™ branding agency illustrated the Moroccan style logo for The Beautiful Store. CREATE DESIGN ™ website design and development agency, designed a unique interface for the shopping portal facilitates the display of products for sale through the bespoke content management system. The site showcases and features exclusive products as well as facilitates their purchase through the payment gate way facility that has been integrated into the website.
Gateway, an educational group in the United Kingdom, appointed CREATE DESIGN ™ as the advertising and graphic design agency to develop a branding and corporate identity as well as a powerful Content Management System driven website (cms website), for their national training institute.
The Gateway logo sets the corporate colours and style for the companies’ corporate identity. Illustrated elements incorporated into the folder design have been used across all the gateway marketing materials including signage and website graphics. CREATE DESIGN ™ was initially briefed to develop and design print advertising but this soon grew into designing a broad range of marketing materials including new advert campaigns, brochures, point of sale graphics, corporate presentations, email marketing as well as website design for Caesarstone South Africa. CREATE DESIGN ™ have taken on the role of brand guardians for Caesarstone South Africa and strive to innovate by opening new channels of communication for the client.
CREATE DESIGN ™ has developed a new website for Caesarstone to showcase and support South African design talent. Elements that are found in and around the restaurant were used in the design of the website interface in order to depict the character and style unique to Meade Café. Updating the menus, adding feature dishes growing the online photo gallery and wax lyrical from their numerous good reviews. I logged on as me (LOCAL) account, searched on-line and found Win 8.1 Pro upgrade and proceeded after I had done all the prep work (Ran a File History and stored it on the 'D' drive). Potential customers and clients use sites to learn about your company, but also to get a general feeling about service and culture. He and others who focus on user experience (known as UX in the techie world) believe that when it comes to adequate sites versus great sites, the difference isn’t in design, it’s in usability.
In 1997, technology entrepreneur Sona Mehring created the site when one of her friends experienced a high-risk pregnancy. For instance, the user may be asked to find the CEO’s bio, or to evaluate an online shopping experience, and to provide commentary as they’re surfing through the site.
If you are managing lot many website profiles under your Google ID and you want to share the access to your team or client for viewing the report or administrative purposes, you may assign or add his email ID on website profiles with proper access level. At the bottom of the page page, you can see “User Manager” besides “Add Website Profiles” link. If you are the only user for this profile then only your name and access level (Administrator) will appear in the list. There are options to create custom reports in Google Analytics which may be helpful for you to create and distribute reports to new users with “report only” access.
He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area. The Greenroom's aim is to create sustainable product design for people living and visiting Dar es Salaam. We thought that this would be significant in the fact that the branding or company identity promotes an environmental consciousness and awareness. Our in-house illustrator designed and illustrated everything by hand and the drawings are a unique collection that belongs to the corporate identity of The Greenroom brand. The new project included brand design, corporate identity as well as a comprehensive online shopping facility with a full content management system as well as an ecommerce payment gateway. The website themes needed to reflect the unique and exclusive brands that would be included for sale on the website. The cms website allows the client to add and mange products, featured products, news and articles.

The brand illustration has become the pivotal part of the corporate identity of the online store.
The institute provides vocational training for people working in the construction industry throughout the United Kingdom. The powerful cms website provides a full overview of the curriculum as well as current news articles, image galleries and newsletter subscription database. This has included full news letter database set-up to allow for direct communication with clients.
When Win 8.1 Pro finished loading and setting up It appeared that the only was now to sign in was as Microsoft Account and not LOCAL (which is more private and that I do appreciate) - Well now my profile is only my Microsoft Login EH not Eric - Eric (Local) does not seem to exist, yet many file attributes for EH are the ones from Eric - but many files Recent - My documents etc. In 1997, technology entrepreneur Sona Mehring created when one of her friends experienced a high-risk pregnancy. Navigation, content and mission have to work together, or your site could just be another attractive face in the Internet crowd.
She believed that developing a central point of information would keep friends and family informed, without the type of endless phone calls usually involved in a health crisis. This is a common strategy in the UX world, and it works well for understanding how people navigate online. The shop is filled to the brim with a huge array of everyday items that are inspired by nature and sustainable design. For this reason CREATE DESIGN ™ developed a series of unique illustrations in our Garden Route based graphic design studio that have become signature to the brand identity. The flora illustrations are mostly based on the palm leaf which is scattered all over the island. Once the hand rendered drawings were complete, they were translated into a vector format in order to facilitate the ease of reproduction across all marketing and advertising materials. A logo symbol inspired by an intricate Moroccan wrought iron design element was illustrated by the CREATE DESIGN ™ in-house illustrators, and utilised to form the corporate identity for the website. CREATE DESIGN ™ developed their logo, corporate identity, corporate stationery and presentation folders as well as developing a cms website from their Garden Route based graphic design and website studio. These connections represent technology and the sense of accessing information from a virtual source.
The website also offers registered users access to learning materials, curriculum training aids and various additional user functionality tools to facilitate the efficiency of the educational programme. Now I know they hide these opt outs in out of the way blue on blue but dont think there was one for the upgrade. She believed that developing a central point of information would keep friends and family informed and avoid the usual endless phone calls. Since then, Eagan-based CaringBridge has stayed on track and all website development centers on that original mission.
The vector illustrations developed by our in-house illustrator include illustrations of Tanzanian flora and fauna that have a sleek sophisticated, international feel. The simplicity and boldness of the graphics create a striking memorable, but playful logo and it is a brand that all can associate with. All the product illustrations are based on actual products that are stocked by The Greenroom store. The branding was also used on wall paper and other marketing materials needed by the store. They also represent a mobile or easily accessible facility, representing the fact that Gateway’s educational units are based onsite instead of at fixed addresses.
The corporate DNA is made up of the logo as well as other uniquely illustrated elements such as the DNA strands made up of construction tools that are used in conjunction to set a unique corporate identity for Gateway.
I decided to keep the 2 users but am struggling to associate the log ins with the actual user folders.
Of course, User with administrator access may access and change the things in your analytics website profiles.

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