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My top tip for how to make a fairy garden is to have a fantastically creative next door neighbour, with one of those on hand you won’t go far wrong! I stacked a tiny terracotta pot stacked a top a medium pot stacked inside a large plastic pot and then used broken rims of old pots to create the effect of extra layers. Steps were created by smashing more pot with a hammer and then moulding with potting compost to create the stairway, this is when the creative next door neighbour comes in handy. Here are the final fairy gardens in situ – mine by the front door my neighbours in her garden.

I used a broken handbag mirror and seashells for ponds and my friend used the metal base from a tea-light, a chopped up log makes the top fairy seat and plaited green buddleia branches make an arch. Both children, aged 5 and 7 helped to choose what went where and were pretty engaged in the process the full two hours as were we as the builders. For more inspiration have a look at my fairy garden Pinterest board and I’ll be back to normal sized gardening soon. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

HAWKLOK's unique set of specially engineered interlocking grids will revolutionise how a base for a garden building is laid.

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