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As we are living in a digital era, so most of us can feel the utmost benefits of digital evolution legacy carried forward by Microsoft, always surprising users with new launch of Window operating system version.
Here, I am sharing some of the tested result oriented techniques that can effectively free up the space. Deactivate Hibernation- this will add up to the free space.Do you know that hibernation consumes disk space by saving the content of your RAM to hard disk?Saving the content of computer’s memory to the hard disk is a kind of hibernation process making the system to start faster and free up the space on your System Drive. Run disk clean up as the Windows Disk Cleanup utility removes temporary files that clean up the Recycle Bin, and removes system files and other items that you no more required. The NTFS file system used by Windows has an effective data compression feature known as NTFS compression.
Fragmentation is a computer process in which storage space is used inefficiently that makes your hard disk do extra work reducing capacity and hampering process that can slow down your computer.
You can turn off System Restore that will free up a few gigabytes of your disk space.System restore process creates backup of your most important system files, so that in case of any system malfunctioning you can fix the issue by restoring the system to a point back in time.
Recycle Bin always offers a good option to permanently remove files from your computer and reclaim occupied hard disk space they were using, all you need to dois to delete the files from the Recycle Bin.
The new PC settings app allows you to easily set a removable drive as your default save location for pictures, music, and videos. Confusingly, Microsoft has hidden the libraries by default in Windows 8.1, even though they’re required by Windows 8-style apps and now work properly with SD cards. To modify your libraries — for example, perhaps you want to use the SD card as your default save location for documents — right-click a library and select Properties.
Unlike on Windows 8 and previous versions of Windows, you can easily add folders from a removable drive to your libraries without using third-party programs for managing your libraries. Whenever a program downloads something to your downloads folder, it will be stored in the Downloads folder on your SD card instead.
In the final version of Windows 8.1, your SkyDrive folder can also be stored on an SD card.
This entire process demonstrates the evolution of Windows from a desktop operating system to one designed with mobile devices in mind.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. What happens if I remove the SD card to use a temporary SD card and then put the storage SD card back? I am using a faster method to use the SD card for storing the user personal files (libraries). I cant seem to download movies from my HP Stream 11 onto my SD card even though i have followed all your steps.
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We have previously covered all the ways you can use and customize Windows libraries out of the box. Windows 8.1 includes deep SkyDrive integration, far beyond the simple SkyDrive Modern app included with Windows 8.

Communication is key to a successful family, and technology is great at helping us communicate.
We are on either Windows7 or 8 when most of the time we are tuned with our computer systems, doing official based work or computer related unofficial (personal) task.
All you have to do is disable Hibernation and delete Hiberfil.sys fie, that is a hidden file on the root directory of your system drive.
All you have to do is to Locate Disk Cleanup from Start Menu or Start Screen of your system and run it. Temporary files are created either when a Windows Session is terminated in an abrupt way or when you turn off your system without closing your files. With this loss less compression algorithm, you can reduce the size of a file, making them take up less space on your hard drive. As we are exploring more convenient options to free space, defragging or defragmenting your hard drive is another way of speeding up your system. Windows keeps backups of lots of system files every time some new driver is installed or some software installations, etctakesplace and after a while this can add up to a lots of space.System restore creates restore points for Windows and you can use these to restore your computer to an earlier state in case Windows stops working correctly.
SEO Consultant, Web Analyst and part time blogger who loves writing and sharing the information on various topics like wordpress, technology, SEO, business, Latest News, Reviews Software & many more. You couldn’t easily access them from Windows 8-style apps without going through some obscure tricks on the desktop. Be sure to get one that your device supports, as some devices may only support smaller micro-SD cards and not the larger SD cards. This is the easiest way to set up an SD card as the main location for your media files, but it’s limited.
Select PC & Devices, select Devices, and then scroll down until you see the Default save locations section.
Windows then adds these folders to your Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries and sets them as the default save location.
You’ll have to do that manually, if you want to — check the next section for more information. For example, a music app gets its music from the Music library, while a photo-editing application accesses its images from the Pictures library. To access libraries, open the File Explorer on the desktop, click the View tab on the ribbon, select Navigation pane, and select Show libraries. If you made an SD Card your default save location earlier, you’ll see a folder on the SD card and a folder on your computer.
You’ll be able to add and remove folders from the library, in addition to choosing which folder is your default save location.
To do this, simply right-click the Downloads folder in the File Explorer window and select Properties.
SkyDrive uses “smart files” to save space, but it can still use quite a bit of space if you choose to download files for offline use. Just right-click the SkyDrive folder in the File Explorer window, select Properties, select the Location tab, and choose a new location for it.

I definitely have a storage management issue with my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet running Windows 8.1. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
If you cursing your USB storage device such as flash drives and USB pen drives for slow data transfer speed then you might need to think again as this could be because of the default settings of Windows 7.
Microsoft always does its best to introduce latest powerful feature in new operating system that use to lag in the previous versions but still the age old problem of windows slow performance troubles the users. Make sure you are in regular practice to run Windows Disk Cleanup utility every once in a while to increase disk space. By defragmenting you can improve the speed of your system as the Disk Defragmenter realigns fragmented data so that your disks and drives can work more efficiently. This has changed with the Windows 8.1 upgrade, which offers much improved support for SD and micro-SD cards. Click the Setup button and select the removable drive you want to use as your default save location. Your default save locations are used both from Windows 8-style apps and when saving a file to a library from a desktop application.
To manage where Windows stores such files used by Windows 8-style apps, you’ll have to manage your libraries. Windows 8.1 offers improved support for SD cards with an option in the PC settings app, but many other settings still require drilling down to the desktop — even if you’re using a small, 8-inch Windows tablet. Yes, today Microsoft has revealed that default configuration of Windows 7 might constraint maximum transfer speed that you can achieve on USB storage device.In order to help the users to boost data transfer speed of USB storage devices Microsoft has released an update, kb2581464.
And the users do know about this usual malfunctioning in Windows that is related tounavailablefree space in hard drive. By deleting those unnecessary temporary files, you can up the performance of your system by increasing disk space. You cannot delete an individual restore point, but you can either delete all restore points or all but the most recent restore point. The SD card will likely be slower than your device’s built-in storage, but it’s a great way to store music, videos, pictures, and other files. Read our overview of the Windows libraries feature for more information about how they work. The update is meant to add new feature that enables you to update the maximum transfer size of USB storage devices in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2.
Our Windows system is running sort of free space that is affected by multiple applications running on the system.
Click on start menu or press Windows + r keyboard key& enter regedit and start registry editor2.

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