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Item# 95493Let these Unfinished Wood Reindeer Cutouts be your empty canvases of holiday craft exploration!
Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country. By redeeming your coupon you're agreeing to be added to our weekly sales and future coupon offer newsletters. Item# PCG721FThese Small Christmas Gift Box Wood Cutouts cannot wait to embellish your many Christmas craft, decorative, and entertaining projects! Plans are complete and lofted to full size, frames, stringers, transom assembly, hatches etc…includes a detailed set up plan showing heights from baseline and spacings. The Custom Barrelback 19 of the same era may also be of intrest to Chris Craft enthusiasts. This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc. Item# R3977This Natural Distressed Wood Slice could not be better for enriching your rustic-inspired displays.
Item# BS90078XMBring tidings of great joy to you and your cheerful guests with this Primitive Wood Angel Hanger! Let these precious Dollhouse Miniature Wood Toy Birds assist you in creating the perfect small-scale scene, or even bring wee sweetness to your life-sized worlds! Simple and understated this chunky wood letter "S" is perfect for a variety of do-it-yourself projects. Borrowed a trailer, borrowed a bigger truck that would pull her out, full of water, or not. Similar to the other Evacuator pumps, the EV8000 benefits from the same innovative power connection which allows for direct operation from your boat’s or car 12 volt battery, via two heavy duty battery clips. We ran a strap all the way around the boat as the borrowed trailer did not have a bow stop. Got the boat onto the trailer, out of the water, but the poor fitting trailer seems to have sprung a plank where it allowed too much weight in too small of an area. Gar Wood is known in classic boating as the man who won five straight years if powerboat Gold cup races. This model Lyman was only made for two model years, and this one is from the last year of production. This is Seabuddy’s favorite Lyman model for its balance of easy trailering, roomy cockpit, and plenty of power. This boat seems to have gloss rather than a semi-gloss white painted hull sides on its clinker built outboard.
Lyman Boats had their production peak in 1955, with over 5,000 boats produced in sizes from 13’ to 20’ in length. One of the most recognizable “wow” boats ever offered for sale is the Cobra by Chris Craft.
Ever since Chris Craft figured out how to make money in a nation-wide depression economy every year since 1936, they then wanted to be THE boat builder for every man, woman, and family in the world.
For the underwater hull shape, Chris Craft used the same naval architectural lines of one of their existing boat models as the running surface.  They had already sold 503 of those hulls. To that underwater running surface they crafted a sleek, stretched, curvy bright finished planked mahogany boat that started at the bow as high, wide, and bold and then  tapered aft to nothing.
She was a 20’, 10” boat with only one seat, so naturally they put a big, loud, and bold 200 horsepower Hemi Chrysler in most of them. Sleeper is an antique and classic planked mahogany wooden runabout that has been modified into a race boat by Harold Bauer. The boat also had her structure strengthened with extra bracing, while her chines were really widened (see seabuddy’s photo), and a cavitation plate was added for stability and control. An Aristo Craft Torpedo is a wood 13’ 9” by 5’ outboard fun dual cockpit classic ribbon grained mahogany runabout. Using the same boat building plant, the manufacturing tools were changed, the production lines were ajusted, and the boat models were completely changed. The average boat is said to take 4,000 hours to hand make and there is a year or two wait for one.

Here are a few seabuddy photos of an early Slickcraft outboard powered boat built by Leon Slikkers from the Sunnyland classic boat show. He moved his plant several times and stopped living above where the boats were being made now. Like many Greavette boats this one came from Tom Greavette’s Gravenhurst shop powered by a 4 cylinder Buchanan engine. Tom Greavette, the founder, started what was Greavette Boats, LTD in 1930 and died in 1958 pretty much still running the business.
Chris Craft made 786 of these 19 foot Capri wooden runabouts over four years in the late 1950’s.
Proper use of modern materials within the original Chris Craft mahogany wood planks and wood framing structure allow for the easy trailer, launch, and use of this classic boat.
Hey, go late enough into the spring-summer and Dave will maybe have some gas in the 20 gallon tank and you might be able to go for a final test ride with the boat owner. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. Sweet lightweight wood holiday present shapes are a classic rich red and green, with small yellow dots and voluminous bows. An iconic outdoorsy, natural timber element is charmingly imperfect in its construction, fully fumigated and formed into a thick uniquely-shaped piece, giving this decoration a shabby chic allurement. It is guaranteed to accommodate your home's charmingly antiquated style, bringing invitingness and comfort that is so inspired by the holiday season. Complete the nursery and kids rooms with their own personalized name arranged on the walls. It was bad enough that folks would comment to the owner and he began to hate to leave town with the boat in its slip for more than two days.
Borrowed the club’s “crash” pump and rigged it with an added hose from the pump (in the bilge down under the cabin floorboards) to over the transom. Also, such a strap spreads the load of a wood boat over a far bigger area than a bow eye would. His last invention that made Popular Mechanics magazine was an electric car and that car write-up was published in 1967.
A few Chris Craft Cobras topped that engine with an even more powerful 285 horsepower Cadillac Crusader from Detroit car dealer Cal Connell. She has a 1955 to 1966 racing career over which she was regional high points champion 4 times.
This Chris Craft racing runabout is not a Chris Craft Racing Runabout model, she was a standard production pleasure boat modified by her owner.
This a new boat built by Aristo Craft and powered by a new four stroke 40 horsepower Yamaha customized with a 1960 Evinrude Starflite Cowl. He makes them one at a time.  His wood Torpedo updated only where the Coast Guard rules require changes. She is a bright finished, planked mahogany runabout with about the most plush seating ever seen in a wood boat. Slikkers made boats as early as 1946, when he worked for Chris Craft as a cabin cruiser top joiner. He built sailboats to respect his non-compete.  Those sailboats were called S2 (S2 stands for Slickers second company). It is very different from other classics in the direction of planking line-ups, which is usually parallel to the keel. She is having a “no soak” trailer able bottom as old wood needed to be replaced and the owner wants to take her anywhere, drop her in for a quick spin, and without any need to soak up or swell the bottom planks on this bottom. When this boat sits in the water, ready for a quick spin around the lake, one does not see anything different than what she showed when she was first built. Stop by Dave Hannam’s boat restoration shop in Annapolis see this stylish Chris Craft Capri wooden runabout undergo its steps into a thing of beauty for yourself. These silhouettes of droopy ears, long noses, and lobed antlers, and sweet bow-tied necks make them perfect for most any Christmas-inspired craft! Built roughly around the same era as their famous barrelbacks many of the lines are very similar if not identical.
A “user boat” that was quick and easy to jump aboard for an after-work-cruise or some sunset time with my honey. A distance of some 15’ as well as a lift of 6’ from the bilge water level to over the side.

The next size up in the Lyman outboard powered line-up was the 18’ where most would choose twin 35-40 horsepower engines, which adds complication in systems, controls, and over-the-road towing weight.
Many Lyman owners prefer the gloss finish, so she should be easy to be sold if one wanted to so in the future. Each plank edge overlaps the other and they are clinched nailed to the ribs (plus, screwed to the frames) such that an edge is shown at each plank for its full length along the hull side that helps soften the ride.
This is a boat that raced against Curt Brayer and his Dancing Bear and Forest Johnson and his Prowlers in the F Service Runabout class.
Powered by a 95 horsepower straight shaft inboard by Chris Craft when she was built in 1931, she was re-powered as a racing boat Chris Craft. Wooden Boat Restoration llc is restoring the boat with some new mahogany ribs and a cedar wood chine as well as “as original” cedar wood planked bottom.
Yes, it is a not the engine this custom wood boat left the factory with in 1946, but the first owners recognized that they needed more power after just one short Canadian season of lake use. This is a double planked classic boat, so a leak can travel Changed tow cars and she went to her home driveway. His two boat building plants (the original Algonac Chris Craft plant and a bigger one that he scratch-built in Marysville, MI.) He financed his son in a start-up fiberglass boat building business after W.
Also, these are flexible boats that can twist over the waves somewhat to give a better ride than most classic boat persons would expect. The motor is a modern one fitted with a hand crafted engine cover that matches the needs of a four stroke on its inside and shows the lines of an old vee block two stroke Evinrude on its  outside (public) shell. It was a roomy family runabout, not a sportster runabout, which is what I would label the Torpedo model boat.
And with the same aluminum hardware which is cast and hand polished to match what was done in 1956.
From about 1968, the basic design and look of their boats seem to have stayed about the same. Chris Craft boat production was often plagued by strikes at this time, so Leon built his own boats when C-C was having a work stoppage.
George Hazzard likes to keep his boat restoration work as close to original as possible while still meeting a boat owner’s needs for a functional show piece. This was done with table saw rough cut wood, tapered with some hand planes, and then almost hand-carved to its finish for a perfect fit. These engines were moved aft within the hull, a Casalle V-drive installed with a jack shaft to a Borg Warner transmission, a Cary two blade propeller selected, and the two cockpits relocated into forward dual cockpits with bucket seats for both the driver and the riding mechanic, a fuel tank was located under the fore deck, and the hull was fiberglassed. Lyman boats was also known for its use of ribbon striped (sometimes called tiger striped) mahogany veneered marine-grade plywood. It is a fitting sign for your front door; alongside your welcome wreath and other wintry adornments, or inside your home where friends or family gather most.
Feel free to utilize their wire bases, or even cut and remove or shorten to adhere to your design vision!
Present on any wall space, or move its wire and simply lean it against walls on mantles, shelves, and kitchen carts, or on the backings of your buffets and chests, joined with your conifer garlands and candles.
He even takes what some would have to cut up and make an Antique and Classic Boat Society Award Winner out of it. Handcraft beautiful woodburning art, or feel free to paint and embellish in any other desired method, on its surface to display in small easels or on the wall. Even star them in festive Christmas scenes on your mantle, hearth, buffet, or coffee table, along with other thematic pieces and characters! It has the potential to be a lovely decoration for your home, or even a fun table number for your wedding receptions! Enjoy utilizing different strings, ribbons, and wires for hanging and attaching in the completion of your presentation vision! Bring enchantment your dioramas, apothecary and Mason Jar displays, and other miniature scenes, utilizing these presents to transform them into magical wonderlands!
There is an unbelievable variety of items-ones you probably couldn't have even thought of-for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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