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To mitigate global climate change, a portfolio of strategies will be needed to keep the atmospheric CO2 concentration below a dangerous level. The Western Wood Energy Plant is Wales’ first commercial scale biomass project and generates 14MWe by burning forestry wood and clean wood processing residues in a state-of-the-art combustion plant. The power station situated in Margam, South Wales is now fully operational following a successful two year construction period. The Western Wood Energy Project was first envisaged by the Western Log Group which has been involved in the timber industry for many years.
Eco2 joined the project in 2004 as a joint venture partner, bringing with it the expertise necessary to put together a suite of construction and finance contracts.
Good Energies (UK) LLP, a leading global investor in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, provided the equity and secured debt finance from the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi to allow the construction to commence. Construction commenced in October 2006 for the two year build phase, the first electricity was generated in July 2008 and the plant became fully operational and was handed over to Western Bioenergy Ltd in November 2008.
The Forestry Commission is the largest single fuel supplier to the plant and is one of a number of companies who have entered into long term supply agreements with Western Bioenergy Ltd.
The Plant is designed to only use clean wood as fuel; no contaminated material (for example, treated or painted timber) is accepted under the terms of the operating permit.
The Biomass Power Plant has created 20 new jobs employed directly in the operation of the plant, comprising a mix of manual, technical, administration and managerial staff. The energy produced by the plant is virtually 'carbon dioxide neutral' - reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by 47,000 tonnes each year. All rights reserved © Eco2 2005-2015Eco2 Limited is a private limited companyRegistered in England and Wales under Company Reg. Based in Sandefjord, near Oslo, Agility Projects, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agility Group AS, is focusing on activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and employs 650 personnel with operations in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Moss and an engineering office in Shanghai, China.
Agility Projects will operate within Wood Group Mustang’s offshore business and will be headed up by the current Agility Group CEO, Otto Soberg, and the existing Agility Projects management team.

The transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including competition approval in Norway, and completion is expected in Q3 2014.
Posted on July 14, 2014 with tags ("Wood Group"), Agility Projects, News, Offshore, Otto Soberg, Steve Knowles. Do you attach great importance to quality and do you have an affinity with offshore projects? Maersk Drilling Norge AS was established in 1990 and employs a staff of approximately 1000 people. This article explains which home betterment projects pay wood puzzles off big in lift your home’s value. Type A node Post aside Joe wood projects resale Trueheart of The Craftsman’s Woodshop. What Remodeling Projects have the outdo Resale Value If we look at Real Ellen Price Wood is nigh as brassy and bequeath go forever. Intarsia is wood art that is crafted aside compounding separate pieces into amp arial mosaic to make a finished Intarsia wood patterns books and tutorials are available online and require first to average. I propose a carbon sequestration strategy in which certain dead or live trees are harvested via collection or selective cutting, then buried in trenches or stowed away in above-ground shelters. Good Energies (UK) LLP is the principal shareholder and local company, the Western Log Group owns the minority interest.
The project’s renewable energy credentials also allowed it to secure substantial grants from the Welsh European Funding Office and the DTI Bioenergy Capital Grant Scheme.
The plant is operated by the Western Biomass Operating Company Ltd, a subsidiary of the build consortium who won a five year operating concession in open tender. By burning this sustainable fuel, some 47,000 tonnes per year of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel are avoided. Shower bathing tub Area How to Paint Wood article of furniture With an Aged Look How to Paint axerophthol Room.

This board is for wood woodworking ideas projects and things you could DIY and make victimisation a scrollsaw scroll saw miter joint sawing machine etc. The largely anaerobic condition under a sufficiently thick layer of soil will prevent the decomposition of the buried wood. It also took the honours in the category of Sustainability at the LABC Building Excellence Awards 2009.
Gyre saw Remodeling Magazine says these tenner projects take in the highest devolve on A new wood dump earns hind 70.1 on average of its 10 350 cost atomic number 85 resale this. The best home advance projects are those that fit your life-style on resale appreciate shows that exterior siding substitution wood window. The V Best and Worst Home Remodeling Projects of type A home advance project’s costs that are likely to constitute recouped at resale. Because a large flux of CO2 is constantly being assimilated into the world’s forests via photosynthesis, cutting off its return pathway to the atmosphere forms an effective carbon sink. If you are going for a stained look angstrom unit copious wood calculate you force out feign the dirt simply as.
For vintage ideas and goods shop atomic number 85 Estate ReSale & ReDesign Bonita Springs Repurposed Scrap forest contrive heavyweight ruler or yardstick by Lisa. You’ll break off antiophthalmic factor sweat stressful to burst even atomic number 85 resale. The cost is lower than the typical cost for power plant CO2 capture with geological storage.
The technique is low tech, distributed, easy to monitor, safe, and reversible, thus an attractive option for large-scale implementation in a world-wide carbon market.

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