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Vermont custom furniture maker, Doug Clarner, specializes in handcrafted solid wood furniture for home decor, office and unique furniture gifts.
Clarner Woodworks produces one-of-a-kind custom furniture with a variety of high-quality wood types, from traditional choices such as maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak, and birch, to eye-catching varieties with more figure, like birdseye maple, ribbon mahogany, curly maple (also known as tiger maple), flame birch, myrtle and tap maple. Our custom made furniture makes a wonderful choice for a unique wedding or anniversary gift, or as a high-quality personalized corporate gift. Within our Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, Hanley is the only gal–a fact she downplays in an effort to turn attention toward her work. As a maker, Hanley’s hallmarks are hand-cut joinery, richly colored wood and hand-applied finishes. Her catalog on the Guild site features minimalist, modern designs, early American inspired pieces, and heavily ornamented, hand-carved pieces inspired by gothic and renaissance traditions. A cabinetmaker’s apprentice at 19, Hanley seemed to be adventurous and industrious in her professional life. Hanley exhibits her furniture in local galleries like Frog Hollow on Church Street and Edgewater in Middlebury but you can view more of her work on our website. This entry was posted in In the Studio, Member Work and tagged Burlington Vermont Artists, Custom Wood Working, Erin Hanley Fine Furniture, Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, Vermont Studio Furniture on October 24, 2013 by Kate Pace.
American Wood Source is set up perfectly to run large quantities of uniform parts for store fixture manufacturers.
Need a trim package for a hotel, a global chain of restaurants, or maybe a new housing development? Red Thumb Print, and the Wood Bot, will feature on the customer spotlight section of our July newsletter, in addition to our usual features and special offers. This entry was posted in Just Fun and tagged Red Thumb Print, wood design pieces, contemporary wood furniture on July 2, 2013 by Jo L. All hardwood products are manufactured locally on site ensuring quality control throughout the production chain.

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Our simple yet elegant designs make our solid wood furniture a versatile companion to any office or home decor, and the unique attractiveness of our custom furniture belies the fact that it has been handcrafted to be a practical and functional part of everyday living. But she’s not alone in bringing a balanced gender perspective to woodworking in Vermont.
She was an organic farmer for a decade before attending Boston’s prestigious traditional craft school—North Bennett Street—and committing to full-time, master level furniture making.
While many of our members look out toward Vermont’s rural vistas, Hanley Fine Furniture is at home in a rangy, rehabbed factory building in downtown Burlington. She schedules studio visits by appointment and you’ll find her contact info included with her member profile. We stock only the highest quality lumber for use in your projects, and have all the equipment and personnel to set up and run your project in no time. American Wood Source wants to make it easy for you to get all the material you need in one place, at a good price, and the highest quality. Our founder, Dave Thompson, knows the needs of cabinet makers first hand, as he owned and operated his own cabinet shop for over 20 years. Subscription to our online monthly newsletter couldn't be easier - just add your email address in the appropriate box on our homepage. Gesturing toward a dining table in process and moving around some mirror schematics, it’s hard not to notice Hanley’s dynamic and frank-seeming personality.
Carina Driscoll ranks high on a list of influencers as co-founder of the Vermont Woodworking School. When asked what she likes best about making furniture, Erin replied that she loves the handwork and that she makes “relationships with the people who are buying [her work].” Just as her clients find satisfaction in knowing where and how their furniture pieces are made, Erin finds fulfillment in knowing she’s created a one-of-a-kind piece that will become a family heirloom.

Our industrial surfacer and automated gang rip line make it possible to turn out moulder blanks at 20,000lf per day and our two high speed industrial moulders can produce as many lineal feet of mouldings per day. If you need to match an existing piece of trim, we can produce any profile to exact measurements. This ensures that when you buy lumber from us, you will receive lumber in which color and grain are consistent, which you know is important when buying lumber for furniture.
We also think that our custom woodworking friends deserve better quality than they can get at a big box store. Folks like Erin and Carina are inspiring the next generation of woodworkers and furniture makers.
Its fascinating, maze-like interior houses work and show space for local artists creating in metal, wood, canvas, clay. American Wood Source can supply you with any hardwood products you may require for assembling your cabinets, from custom veneered plywood to face framing material. They’re piquing the interest of young men and women who want to make things with their hands, connect with the working landscape and find a place in Vermont’s craft tradition. Whether you are working on a home improvement project, crafting custom art pieces, or building a birdhouse, we’ve got the quality mouldings, lumber, and plywood that you are looking for.

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