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Maple Butcher Block"  allows us to promote a Limited lifetime Warranty on all of our Bench Tops! A few years ago my old 10 gallon Shop-Vac that I bought around 1990 tipped over, the motor revved up, and the commutator on the motor literally blew apart.
I was looking at the 8-14 gallon models that Walmart and Lowes sells, and I stumbled upon this Bucket Max model they make now.

The Bucket Max is only $22 at Lowes, and I decided to pick one up tonight to see what it was like. I tore the motor housing apart to see what they changed in the past 20 years since I bought mine. I did some research into making a portable dust collection system, and learned quite a lot about the ins and outs of vacuum cleaners and dust collectors. One general difference between motors for dust collectors vs vacuum cleaners is the relationship between air volume moved and pressure developed.
Just so no one else makes that mistake, plastic trash cans do not withstand the vacuum generated in separators.
Clear Vue used to build a better one but Oneida has a patent and threatened them with a law suit I have read.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. We have one on our sand blasting machine at work and it really extended the time between cleaning the filter. It's basically the same powerhead unit my old 10 gallon model had, with the same motor, only it mounts on top of a 5 gallon paint bucket. Since the powerhead unit is very similar to my old 10 gallon one I was hoping I could just swap out the bucket mount top mounting plate to adapt it to my old one, but the sneaky buggers changed the screw mounting positions on the motor so you can't swap it out. First thing I noticed is that they got rid of the oversized ping pong ball that stopped the motor from drawing a vacuum if the vac tipped over or was full of water, now they have a thing that looks like a paint can cap doing the same job. It's about as loud as my old one was or maybe a little quieter, but since the motor's basically the same that's not suprising.
The hose on the Bucket Max is only 4ft long, and it only has a 6ft cord, but it's only $22 so they had to cut corners somewhere.

A replacement motor for my old one was $55, and I thought I might give it a try to see of this one would fit, but they changed some things on the motor just enough so you can't swap motors. Second thing I noticed is that the actual fan that creates the vacuum hasn't really changed that much. What suprised me is that it has enough vacuum to suck in the sides of the 5 gallon bucket if you put your hand over the end of the nozzle. I found that with MDF dust the separation ration is about 10-1.That plugs the Clear Stream Hepa filter and requires blowing the filter out after 10-11 gallons of dust. Besides the short hose the one drawback it has over the regular floor model Shop-Vacs is the exhaust port is up top next to the inlet port, the floor mount ones have the exhaust port pointing towards the rear.
I keep a can of static eliminator handy and spray the hose and cyclone as well as my PVC duct work. Instead they have what looks like a sheet metal puck that's a little bigger than an airhockey puck, and it has vanes inside of it just like a disc brake rotor.
So if you're carrying the bucket by the handle and using it to vacuum something overhead the exhaust will be blasting right up at you.
They've changed the design of the motor, and it looks cheaper now, and the cooling fan on the motor used to be a cast plastic piece with curved blades, but now it's just a stamped steel piece with the blades bent at an angle. All the plastic top housing pieces are either the same as they were 20 years ago, or changed slightly.

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