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What you meant to me as a child differs from today, only because I have gotten to know you and care for you, in ways others do not have the opportunity to. Sitting here in the darkened theater a chill passes by, but it is not a ghost as many fear you house, but the past mixing with the present, moving on to the future, to new friends, and new possibilities. Woodstock, Illinois was selected because, unlike Gobbler’s Knob, it has the kind of picturesque square that movies are made of.
In the movie, TV weatherman Phil Connors, played by the irascible Bill Murray, comes to Punxsutawney to report on the Groundhog Day event. On Groundhog Day weekend Woodstock has a series of events surrounding the special day including a walking tour (woodstockgroundhog.org) of key places that were featured in the movie.
The Woodstock Opera House served as the Pennsylvanian Hotel, the accommodations for Rita Hanson, the TV producer played by Andie Macdowell.
The Romanesque-style Opera House, circa 1889, has served various municipal functions in Woodstock.
A plaque also makes the house of the movie’s piano teacher, now the private home of a university professor. There’s the spot where Phil Connors meets obnoxious insurance salesman Ned “Watch out for that first step. Woodstock’s claim to fame is not limited to its role as Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in Groundhog Day. Bill Murray and Director Harold Ramis have been honorary Grand Marshalls at the Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Groundhog Day celebrations.
The Woodstock Opera House was built almost a 100 years ago, in the old, northern Illinois community of Woodstock. This old opera house can't be missed, as it is a four story theater, with a story and a half belfry on top of that.

The opera house has an in-house actress, patron and sometimes critic from the spiritual world.
2) When young actresses are in the theater to try out for a part in a production, the staircase is watched diligently, because sometimes, on occasion, a young actress has the irresistible urge to travel up the staircase to the open portals, probably under the influence of Elvira. 3) Elvira likes to move props, and untie scenery flats so they fall over, to let the living know that she is there, and needs some laughs as well. 5) Whenever a performer misses a cue, or bungles a line, a low, deep sigh is often heard, coming from seat 113.
6) In the 1940s, while Shelly Berman was working on some scenery for an upcoming production, late one evening, he heard a noise from the audience seating, which made him look in that direction. Yes, despite the denials of the current management, others say that Elvira and a few other ghostly patrons still play tricks on the living and enjoy the activities happening at the theater. Woodstock Square, with 19th century architecture and unique shops, is a center of festivals, fairs, concerts, holiday carolers, and horse-drawn carriages. He awakens each day each day, stuck in time, to hear Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe playing on the radio and relives the day over and over.
A stunt man performed Phil’s jump from the Opera House’s bell tower, doing a swan dive into an air bag. The square was also preserved in movie history in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles starring Steve Martim and John Candy. It is a local landmark, found right in the middle of Woodstock's old town square, among Victorian homes and buildings. The story is told that in the early 1900s, a distraught, young actress, in a fit of emotion, ran up the inside winding staircase, and threw herself from the belfry portal, falling 5 and a half stories to her death, after she didn't get the role in a production, that she most desperately wanted.
All the seats are spring-loaded; meaning that they stay in the upright, folded position, unless someone is sitting in them.

He saw that not only was seat 113 in the down position, but several seats in the same row as 113 as well. Orson Welles, Shelley Berman, Tom Bosley, Paul Newman performed there in their early careers and it remains a cultural and entertainment center.
The Woodstock Opera House has been used from its beginning as a classy place for theatrical shows, much enjoyed by the local community. Actors, actresses and stage hands have often seen seat 113 in the down position, as if some unseen presence was sitting in it, watching the rehearsal. Perhaps Elvira, and a few other ghostly patrons of the arts were watching his efforts on stage. The house was purchased by new owners in 2008 who have turned it into an actual bed and breakfast, the Royal Victorian Manor. In various productions, the people of Woodstock have enjoyed the performances of such stars as Geraldine Page, Paul Newman, Betsy Palmer, Shelly Berman, and Tom Bosley, to name a few. After examining the seat 113, it is always found to be working properly, staying in the upright position.
Berman ran quickly over to the seats, but by the time he got to them, all were up in the correct, upright position.

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