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Waste Less, Win More, and profit each time with the best Traditional Estimating & Bidding Software. QB produces bids for multiple jobs in the same amount of time you currently spend dedicated to working on one bid.
Know Where Your Project is Going Everyday with the Best Traditional Project Management Software. On Center Software's Digital Production Control™ (DPC) focuses on bottom line profitability. Take DPC one step further with feedback from actual achieved labor production value as input for future estimates and bids.
Manage the Field in Real-Time with the Best Cloud Field Management Application for Tablets. On Center Software's Oasis FieldCenter™ solutions integrates with Oasis Takeoff to effectively manage the field. Ask yourself, how much money have you lost on project rework because the foreman wasn't notified of a change. EasyWOOD is complete and fully manages the woodworking process: from design to disposition of pieces and underpieces on the bench, 3D automatic collision detection with simulation, machining optimization and program generation. EasyWOOD, linked  to DDXNest, manages geometric shapes nesting both interactive and automatic.
Thanks to the plug-in EasyBEAM, the software machines beams, wooden structures and roofs; the plug-in EasyWALL allows to machine panels. EasyWOOD is structured into four different steps: Design, Tools and Machining Management, Table and Pieces Disposition, NC-Code Generation.
EasyWOOD manages profiled tools, tool holders and aggregates in order to provide a realistic representation of the CNC and to ensure more precision during the machinig.
Woodworking Projects For Engineers Woodworking for engineers, Nov 21 building the frame for the dresser (7-drawer dresser build part 2).

COSSERP is a great process management software for the Woodworking industry and contains with many features and modules designed specifically for the woodworking, cabinetry, and door industries. As you track multiple revisions, you will build a current set, ensuring the whole team is focused on the right documents. Using Oasis FieldCenter, a cloud-based field management solutions that integrates with OT, create real-time markups and punch list items using a tablet device. Easily share electronic plans between the office and the field while conveniently viewing your electronic plans from a laptop or tablet device. Use On Center Software's estimating and bidding solution, Quick Bid® (QB) to ensure accuracy and delivery of higher profit margins. DPC is proactive in a crew's daily production, allowing a daily scope to be assigned based on the actual estimate and budget. DPC manages daily progress of a job and communicates with a foreman in the field using a tablet.
Oasis FieldCenter allows the field to collaborate with the office in real-time by documenting the project with field notes, photos, and punch list items. Through the plan organizer in Oasis Takeoff, the whole field team is on the most current set plans at all times while using Oasis FieldCenter, reducing costly mistakes.
DesignWith EasyWOOD it is possible to design free geometrical entities and to design from predefined parametric models (libraries): vanity tops, kitchen tops, openings, tables, etc.
Table and Pieces DispositionEasyWOOD makes the woodworking process smoother and automatically position pieces and subpieces on the bench. 3D simulation of the machining process, idling included, is realistic because it shows the 3D model of the machining centre, of the table, tools, motors, sub-pieces and of the workpiece. COSS manufacturing software features a Job Scheduling Module to ensure jobs are scheduled, managed and completed on time. Additionally, pivot summary data allows you to group and organize your results using multiple work breakdown structures.

Users can arrange, on the machine table, one or more pieces and relatives sub-pieces (modules, vacuum-pods, vices, references, etc.) with 3D view. Furthermore EasyWOOD allows 3D collision detection between machinings and pieces, subpieces and tools. The COSS Configurator enables custom jobs to be quoted, laid out and integrated into production so that promises made are promises kept.
Furthermore EasyWOOD manages roughing optimization considering rough pieces obtained from previous machinings. Thanks to the customized table it is possible to control every possible interference between subpieces and machinigs. The automatic collision detection module reduces testing, ensures less material and power consumption and consequently respects the environment. COSS will manage data collection, execute job costing so that costs are managed in real time, operate the shop floor, and to keep everything running smoothly. EasyWOOD includes 3D view and photo-realistic rendering of the project and the interactive modification and elaboration of designs thanks to the function cut, extend, split, join, interpolate, copy, move, mirror, rotate, delete, etc. In the end EasyWOOD generates part programs and send them directly to the NC centre of the Customer. Our job management software allows our customers to focus on what they do best; building invaluable relationships. If you’d like more information on COSS Systems and discover how COSS Manufacturing software can help your business, please contact us.

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