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Thanks Larry it was a lorry driver ask if I could put there dog in between them, so I said no problem send a photo to my phone. Free PDF plans for scroll saw segmentation fish woodworking project (no cost) and easy free woodworking projects.
I wanted to make an ornamental item for a shelf and came up with this painted fish woodworking project.
These free, rolling kitchen cabinet plans were designed for the beginner woodworker who needs the versatility of a cabinet on wheels. The materials needed for these free, rolling kitchen cabinet plans, depends on your budget.
The wheels must be able to hold the weight of the cabinet, as well as the weight of the items you intend to put in or on these rolling kitchen cabinet plans. I used my Kreg pocket hole system to securely join all pieces except the back panel, in these rolling kitchen cabinet plans.
If you are not totally comfortable that you have your Kreg Jig set up correctly, I encourage you to review the set-up procedures for the Kreg K4. Some of the first photos for these rolling kitchen cabinet plans show the set-up of a plywood cutting jig, and use of the circular saw cutting jig.
Before you cut your plywood pieces, you want to think through what direction the grain is going to go. Once your pieces for these rolling kitchen cabinet plans are cut, you are almost ready to drill your pocket holes.
When you flip your 3 pieces over, they should look like the photo at the beginning of the drilling section.
Now that you have the base attached, you just have a few more steps until your rolling kitchen cabinet plans completed. To attach the back securely, you need to make a "frame" inside the back of your cabinet to nail the back to. Because we made this cabinet out of plywood, we needed to finish the exposed edges of the plywood.
Align the strip of veneer along the edge of the plywood, and run the iron along the strip to activate the adhesive on the down side of the veneer. Once the veneer is firmly in place you can use the hand held blade especially designed to trim the veneer edges. Installing the doors correctly is much easier if you have another set of hands to hold the door in place. Once you have measured where the hinges go on the cabinet, hold them in place with double-stick tape.
Your rolling, kitchen cabinet is now complete, except for adding the door pulls of your choice.
Click on the photo to go to the pdf, created in Google SketchUp, for these free, rolling cabinet plans.

Go from 'Rolling Kitchen Cabinet Plans' to a review of all of the pocket hole joinery plans we have created. If you have experience with either a jig saw or a circular saw, this step will not be difficult.
It is difficult to cut the peg board with a jig saw because the blade wants to fall into the holes. Now that all of your pieces of wood for these onion cupboard plans have been cut and prepared, you are ready to start assembling it.Click on the photo, or on this link, to go to Page 2 for the process of assembly.On that page, we also recommend you build a simple assembly jig to make the process easier, faster and more accurate! Click on the photo to go to the pdf containing the  Sketchup diagrams of these easy free woodworking plans. The Kreg Cabinet Making DVD Will Give You The Confidence to Design & Build Your Own Cabinets. With Free Woodworking Plans highly recommends this Kreg Tools dvd for anyone considering building their own cabinets. Not only do we have the onion cupboard plans, but there are other cabinet plans that may work for you.Click on the photo of the Kreg cabinet, or on this link, to find the right one for you.
If you would like to see more examples of potato and onion cupboard plans, click on this link at Pinterest. DIFFICULTY RATING: BEGINNERThese free sofa table plans began with table legs Ben found in Grandpa's wood shop.
The free download of the woodworking PDF for these sofa table plans is available at a link at the bottom of this page. Because these free sofa table plans were designed for the woodworking beginner, there are only a minimal amount of tools needed. The woodworking power tools used to make these pocket hole jig plans for a sofa table are: circular saw or jig saw, and a drill.
The total project cost for these sofa table plans, when made out of pine, and using 2x2s for legs, is approximately $45-50. Click here or on the Sketchup diagram for the free downloadof the woodworking PDF for theseKreg table plans!When you print this free download, you should have all the information you need to take to the shop or garage to build these free wood project plans. DIFFICULTY RATING: Beginner These free mission furniture plans will show you how to build a bedside table or small plant stand. The link to the pdf version of these beginner woodworking projects plans is at the bottom of this page.
WOODWORKING TOOLS NEEDED: Because these free mission furniture plans were designed for the beginner, there are only a minimal amount of tools needed. The woodworking power tools used to make these free mission furniture plans are: circular saw or jig saw, and a drill. POCKET HOLE JOINERY USED: The Kreg pocket hole jig is designed for any woodworker, but it works exceptionally well on beginner woodworking projects. WOODWORKING PROJECT COSTS: The total project cost for these free mission furniture plans is approximately $35 - $40.

Print out the pdf on the bottom of this page to see where you will use your pocket jig to drill the holes in each piece. As you can see in the photos, the face frame clamp from the Kreg tool company is used extensively. With the 2 side pieces assembled and sanded, you are ready to start adding the other pieces of these free mission furniture plans. Your #1 Source for the Largest Variety of SCROLL SAW PATTERNS, BLADES, BOOKS, HOW-TO DVDS, WOOD & SUPPLIES! Discover thousands of images about scroll saw segmentation fish woodworking project (no cost).
We also have the set-up procedures for the Kreg K5.Right angle joints and edge joining are the two types of pocket hole joinery I used in this rolling cabinet.
With the step-by-step instructions, numerous photos, and a pdf to take into the shop, you will have all the information you need to successfully build this mission style table.
The pocket holes are constructed to make a very strong joint, and in most projects, the pocket holes are in unseen places.
We changed these Kreg plans after the photos were taken, so follow the pdf plans, instead of the photos. We used an electric sander, but wrapping sand paper around a block of wood, combined with some elbow grease, will also get the job done.
The best way to begin your hobby or small business in building furniture, woodworking and scroll saw segmentation fish woodworking project (no cost). In the construction process of this table, we decided we wanted to revise it from our original plan so that all of the pocket jig holes will be completely hidden. The first step in assembly is to make the two "face frames", which are actually the sides of your table.
If you have any questions about how to set up your pocket screw jig, go to ourKreg K4 Set-Up page. We do not use the face frame assembly jig any longer, but if you are new to pocket hole joints, we highly recommend it!Click here to see how to use the Assembly Jig.
You want to offset these pocket holes on both sides of center, so that you are not trying to drive pocket hole screws from the apron into the pocket hole screws already used to join the table top. The second type of pocket hole joint was right angle joining for attaching the table top, shelf, and aprons. Kreg K5 Set-Up page.That will take you through each step with many photos, so that you will be confident your pocket jig is set up correctly.

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