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Using a plunge router, go around the inlay holding the router guide collar firmly against the inlay. You can change the grain direction of the inlay and your workpiece, depending on whether you want to conceal or highlight the installation. The pre-template is extra-large by the diameter of the router bit and thickness of the template guide collar. Look up product instructions, videos and articles about your favorite tools using our Learning Center.
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In the case of the back legs for this Porch Glider, it looks like the template is too straight at the top.

I've been looking at several dovetail jigs for a while now and thanks to your video, I'll be going with the MLCS jigs. If you want a precise woodworking inlay kit by Whiteside like the picture above, click Inlay Kit! Notice the extra material on each side of the template to clamp to your actual piece of wood. You can use the same technique for a variety of things, just by using different template guides and different router bits. The template material sits on scrap stock to allow the router bit to go all the way through the template material. I was useless at school at woodwork, never had the patience, nevertheless I love working with my hands.

A thin coat of glue in the recess allows the inlay piece to sit slightly above the surface.
I saw a similar jig like the one you have used in your video, sold by a company over here in London. If you have a decorative inlay, then you need the bit depth slightly more than the thickness of the inlay.

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