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GoNest Profile is a Professional true shape nesting software package to maximize the use of panel material by generating most optimized nested layouts.
Doug_S writes: I just moved from your sister town, Altadena, back to where I grew up outside of Boston, and though I'm glad to be back home I now have two regrets about leaving southern california. Stu in Tokyo writes: Wonderful work space to be sure, I'm green with envy for all the free space you have!
GeorgeCarlson writes: This is one of the few shops I've seen that looks prepared for serious work.
Dean7 writes: Obviously a well equipped, well designed workshop, that is spacious and has a nice open feeling. Wood Clamp Hand Screw Kit Woodworking clamps at rockler: bar clamps , parallel, Quality top brand woodworking clamps at rockler. As you can see, four years has brought about dozens of changes to the main production area. If I was to point out one area that has changed the most from 2009 to the present, it may be the milling area.
Even with introducing all these machines into a previously set-up shop, we were able to make the existing dust collection work, with a few minor tweaks, and the flow of product is as good as can be done, short of gutting the shop and doing a complete re-design. The new an improved back bay has undergone many changes in just the last 3 months alone, but the real transformation began about a year ago. Lucky for us, we had this back bay, close to 2,000 square feet, sitting unused, except as storage space for my fathers 26′ 5th wheel and a catch-all for random junk.
This is a Cyclone with after filter in a woodworking application.64 Cartridge Dust Collector, 75 hp fan, Clamp duct system with spark detection and extinguishment system. It is based on a highly advanced board cutting algorithm, specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts, such as shear sheet, table saws, sheet metal cutting, panel saws, glass cutting, woodworking plans, cutting board, gas cutting and de coiling operations, in the panel metal, woodworking , furniture, glass etc industry. 1) I only met Sam Maloof once, and 2) I never got you to hire me as an assistant in that awsome shop!
For those of us who aren't selling our products this shop and its equipment is so far removed from the reality of weekend hobbyist that it isn't even a dream. Most often it's sharpening, but I also use it for drilling, holding bench hooks and shooting boards and occassionally as a chop-saw station.
Alexander, the shop was geared around the production of custom interior shutters, but as the young company grew, both in sales volume and personnelle, so did our need for new machinery and space.
Everything to the left of the picture, the specialized shutter production equipment and inventory racks, are still the same, but gone is the half wall that previously held the Safety Speed Cut panel saw.

Back in 2009 it was pretty spacious and sparse, holding the table saw, jointer, planer, and stroke sander. For cabinetry production, the sheet goods enter through the bay door behind this picture, they are unloaded onto one of the two A-frames, which are just outside of the picture to the right, cut on the sliding table saw, edgebanded not 10′ away, and directly outside this picture, is our dado table saw and line boring machine.
A whole slew of general-use small machines, employed by both companies, are located in this area. We reclaimed the space by sending the 5th wheel to a covered storage unit, and clearing out all the junk, which is still a work-in-progress to this day.
Once you build a gigantic paint booth and duct it out the roof, you don’t move it without good reason. I am most interested in the large storage table attached to the right side of your table saw, to which your fence system is attached. Real life is tripping over cords and hoses, never being able to find one of 50 pencils or tape measures in the shop, accidentally drinking linseed oil (which I recently did,someday I will switch to a real coffee cup)cutting boards one inch too short (frequently) cell phone and two other lines ringing just when you are ready to do a critical task, you know what I mean. I installed an old Columbian quick release vise on the end and I use the Festool MFT Table dogs and other accesories on it. In its place is a Grizzly sliding table saw, which is not only used to cut sheet goods, but also to size shutters to their final height. Alexander had grown so much in the past year, we really needed a dedicated area to assemble and stage cabinetry.
Behind this picture we have a huge garage door and room for the company trailer, an 8′ JLT clamp rack, a hinge boring machine on a mobile cart, our veneering bags and veneer pump, extra rolls of veneer, and installation tools.
The main change to the paint room has been the introduction an old entertainment center that we removed from a clients home.
Back in 2009 I would not have classified our shop as overly spacious, or suffering from a boundless amount of space, but, with a bit of space planning and re-shuffling of machinery, we have been able to fully integrate J. The storage and staging racks have been shifted to accept the placement of the Delta shaper, and now do double duty by holding all our sheet goods, as well as shutter louvers and assembled shutters. Along the right side, there are two horizontal boring machines, a router table, and a shaper used for machining shutter components, and tucked along the front left corner is the aforementioned Delta shaper, used for machining raised panels, and behind that, is a triple cluster of shapers, one used by J. Alexander, and yet it simultaneously serves the needs of Shutter Crafts even better than before.
Along the back walls we have squeezed in a chop saw, band saw, drill press, spindle sander, horizontal sander, dust collector, and a pocket boring machine. Prior to using this area, we were using the torsion box table, seen in the previous picture, as the assembly table.

That now sits along the back wall and holds our airless sprayer, stain samples and stain decks, and painting supplies.
But none of the changes compare to the change that is on its way sometime in the near future, the introduction of a CNC machine. It took a lot of trial and error but I am finally happy with the machine placement, kind of like a working triange in a kitchen.
Do you have a website for them or can you provide a contact or distributor for the mobile lift tables?
I have been in the HVAC business for years and through my work have seen hundreds of shops of all types. Of the machines I have purchased recently, all of the large ones have taken up residence in this area. The table in the middle right is the torsion box table I built 5 years ago when I first started J.
From the most complete high end shop imaginable owned by a group of dentists that made whirly-gigs and bookends, to a converted chicken house in Surry, Va.
The Timesaver widebelt, planer, and jointer sit where a small assembly table and the jointer use to be, the new edgebander pushed the old stroke sander out, and as you saw in the previous picture, the half wall was removed, the planer was re-positioned, and the sliding table saw was introduced. Alexander, and is the only perfectly flat assembly surface in the shop, so it sees quite a bit of use.
We also needed to acquire more space to stage the cabinetry before it was loaded for install.
An air-assisted airless, which we now use to spray all of our sealer and lacquer, and sometimes tinted lacquers and varnishes, was also added to our collection of pressure pots.
The only power tools there were an old Craftsman 4" jointer-8" table saw combo unit and a 14 " bandsaw. Along the left side, the CTD saw, facing away from the work area, is used to rough cut some shutter components and lumber prior to milling. Between that saw and the assembly tables we have a trio of work horses in our shop, the Gannomat Format 42 line boring machine, a Rockwell cabinet table saw, and an old Davis and Wells dedicated dado table saw.

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