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The travelling Woodworking Show landed by my neck of the woods this past weekend, and so I stopped by to check it out. Although it has been a full year since I last talked about Woodpeckers tools, they’re still one of my favorite woodworking tool brands.
When I was done walking through the rows, with loudspeakers and microphone headset-wearing salesmen and women on opposite sides, I bought a couple of more things. I bought a couple of packs of Olson scroll saw blades at one bazaar-like booth, and several acrylic pen blanks from the Craft Supplies USA setup. I have gone to the Woodworking Show every year for the past 4 years, and will probably go again this year. There are two things you can expect to find at the Woodworking Show: things to buy, and skills to learn.
If you plan on ordering $100+ in Woodpeckers tools at one of these shows, print out this coupon to save $10. Right now I have a bit too much to do to leave just yet, and have other plans Saturday and Sunday that will keep me away from the show.
EWS 2015 was a great success, please take time to have a look at the gallery pictures of the show. We aim to make it just as good or even better in 2017 for the 7th staging of the European Woodworking Show at Cressing Temple Barns in Essex, England on 16th & 17th September 2017.
The woodworking show travels around the country each winter and has become a very popular destination for live educational seminars with some of the bigger names in woodworking.
On top of the Ohio Power Tool already low internet prices the show also brings instant rebates on most woodworking related tools ranging from $10-75 off instantly. Add all these deals together and it’s not hard to figure out how to come up with some serious savings!
There will also be Bosch Company guys in the booth doing hands on demos for all the new Bosch, Dremel & Rotozip Tools.
This entry was posted in Bosch, Top Deals, Wood Working Tools and tagged bosch bss, columbus idea foundry, jim heavey, wood magazine, wood show tour, woodworking show tour. Aaron Radelow copied the design for this stylized lion from a painting at the Getty Museum. Carl Stammerjohn’s Hall Table was the best in its category (contemporary furniture) in my humble opinion, but the state judge put it second.

The largest woodworking guild or club that I know of is the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, and it probably isn’t surprising that they have the biggest show. What is a little different is that their big yearly show happens at the huge San Diego County Fair.
Every year, tireless volunteers from the SDFWA, led by Bob Stevenson, return to the exhibition buildings at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to refurbish and set up the pedestals, display cases, and exhibition workshops they provide each year for the Design in Wood show. For that past 10 years or so, Fine Woodworking has presented the Best in Show award (we earn that honor by ponying up the largest award: $1,000), and this is my third time doing the judging. In a tough economy, I expected a few less pieces this year, but I think the opposite happened.
Since the state judges tie my hands a bit, I always like to blog about the pieces that I think the Fine Woodworking readers would like best, and then throw in a few of my own favorites. Going in I knew more or less what to expect, but I really didn’t enjoy myself as much this year as in past years. Looking back at older posts, I am reminded that the Woodpeckers booth was a highlight of the 2010 show as well. I can’t speak for any other shows, but I can assure you that, as of today, they are NOT going to be holding a show in Houston at the location listed on their web site. Tickets are not available at the Houston facility and they told me that the show won’t be coming there this year.
The only stipulation is that at least $100 of that is in accessories and only 1 tool per order.
Check out the Ohio Power Tool Woodworking Show Flyer here to better layout all these deals and sorry none of these deals are available online. Additionally Jim Heavey from Wood Magazine will be holding educational seminars right next to the booth and he will also be using many of the latest Bosch Tools! Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. This year's show also attracted an array of musical instruments, plus a huge kayak, and even a spiral staircase for a chihuahua. The nice thing about the boulle method is that it leaves a tiny gap between pieces, and the black filler Radelow used makes the whole thing look like an exquisite pen-and-ink drawing.

I was tempted to pick this hollow vessel, made from stunning box elder by Mike Jackofsky, as Best in Show.
So folks gnawing on a giant turkey leg, their ears still buzzing from a concert by an American Idol star, will wander into the Fine Arts Exhibit Halls to have their minds calmed and expanded a bit, until they get bored and head back out to ride the Nauseator. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere.
It’s always a pleasure to chat with Kathy about Woodpeckers tools, so make it a point to do so if you visit your regional show.
They also have a coupon on their webpage that you can print out and bring to the Woodworking Show for $10 off your $100+ purchase.
This could conceivably change, but I certainly would not buy tickets in advance for the Houston show. In the back of the show against the wall was a vendor who brought all kind of tools and woodworking accessories. Ohio Power Tool will again be at the show with Bosch, Rotozip and Dremel featuring some of the most aggressive deals we have honestly ever seen. I would have given it first place in art furniture, and a spot in my house if I could afford it. We have to pick from the first-place winners in the 20 or so categories, and those awards are made by state-appointed judges. What stood out this year for me this year were the non-furniture items: sculpture, turnings, bird carvings, huge models ships, etc. Barry Gross was there, and I hung out in his booth most of the day to hear his talks about making pens. I bought my ticket for $10 online and that gives you access to the show for all 3 days –Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He talked about pen-making basics, then a talk on finishing, and finally a talk on pen casting.

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