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In the 1990s I worked for a US employer and there, uttering the word fine in response to a ‘HEY! If anyone reading this has found any words in the Macmillan Dictionary that have slipped or slunk from one meaning in common usage to another, please feel free to add such comments below – it’s FINE with me!
Oh, fine post Beth (in the African American sense!) Loved it, and the Hooray and Boo words link was much appreciated too.
Oh the number of times I have corrected one of my students when they have said their sports team “versed” another! I think, what is most interesting about many of these words, is that to achieve certain meanings, the tone of your voice must be adjusted.
Real Vocabulary Quiz, Question 6: is it acceptable to use “decimate” to mean “kill or destroy in large numbers”? In this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners.
These below are Facebook status ideas related with I'm (not) fine you may want to post them on your wall, or how your feeling about that.

Sometimes I really am fine, but when I'm not and say I am, it's because it's too hard to explain why.
The easiest thing to say when you're crying is 'I'm Fine' the hardest thing is to tell the truth. It sucks when, even though they can tell something is wrong, you still have to fake a smile and say you're fine.
Philip Kerr’s recent series on Hooray and Boo words in MED Magazine seems to sum it up for me.
Think it has connotations of coersion, or being anti-American and it had me doung double takes all through the recent health care debate. I tell my students and my teen daughter, it isn’t what you say, it’s how your say it! Browse our great collection of i am fine pictures and choose your favourite to send to a friend. However, check out also more interesting status updates ideas with many topics which you can click here, or you can use "Search Box" and type your keywords there, enjoy!

This is the concept that certain words produce a very definitely positive or negative response in a reader or listener. Share an image on Facebook by clicking the button below the graphic, or copying and pasting the link. Vicki Hollett talked about the difference between British and American meanings of certain words last week.
Everything has to be big and extreme and elicit an ecstatic response – otherwise we are not truly engaged, not truly alive. I think these chaps have the right idea and that we should follow suit and make fine FINE once again. I just wonder what made fine slip to the bottom of the acceptably-positive league table all of a sudden?

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